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Four-wheel drive, dual electric motor setupSubaru Solterra officially launched on 7/27

● e-Subaru Global Platform pure electric vehicle platform build

●Standard 7-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch central touch screen

Equipped with SAWD four-wheel drive system, X-MODE escape technology

●72.8kWh lithium battery pack with front/rear electric motor

● Domestic pre-sale monochrome models: 1.798 million yuan

Two-color model (glacier white/black roof): 1.818 million yuan

In order to prevent the Toyota bZ4X from being exclusively beautiful before, Subaru Solterra, a twin car, also under the planning of the general agent Taiwan Yimei Automobile, quickly officially opened pre-sale in mid-May at a price of 1.798 million yuan, and immediately In the domestic electric vehicle market, a wave of discussion heat and volume has been set off. In order to create a higher topicality, the general agent has held a Solterra preview meeting at the exhibition center in Taiwan since the beginning of June, so that consumers can first witness the charming style of this pure electric SUV.

Four-wheel drive, front and rear dual motor configuration

Solterra, which has been confirmed to be officially released in China on July 27, is Subaru's key masterpiece to move towards a new generation of pure electric vehicles. It is also the brand's first electric SUV model. Even though it is a twin model with Toyota bZ4X, it has Different exterior design, as well as Subaru's unique SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive and X-MODE escape technology, etc., and has a ground clearance of 21cm, which emphasizes off-road performance more than bZ4X. In addition, the specifications of the domestic model introduced this time are also very different from the bZ4X. It is equipped with a 72.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is slightly larger than the front-drive version of the bZ4X (71.4kWh). It is 218hp (160kW) and 34.4kgm. As for the maximum cruising range, the general agent has not yet announced the data, but you can refer to the Japanese standard WLTC test standard of 487km, and the US standard EPA test standard of about 357~366km.

Equipped with an integrated electric drive system that integrates a motor generator, a joint drive and a frequency converter, with a 71.4kWh lithium battery module, it can provide 218hp, 34.4kgm maximum horsepower and torque output. 218hp (160kW), 34.4kgm

Avant-garde, dynamic look

The imported Solterra, in addition to the different settings from the bZ4X in the power and transmission systems, also differs in appearance. Solterra adopts the new generation of "Bolder" design vocabulary, with a family-oriented hexagonal water tank cover design, and the logo of the factory emblem is also embedded in it; in addition, there are also circular fog lamp groups on the left and right sides of the air intake dam of the lower bumper, and The LED headlight group with rich technological imagery, the internal LED daytime running light bar arrangement is also different from the bZ4X; in addition, the rear of the car is a left and right separated ㄈ-shaped design instead of the bZ4X's transverse method, and then matched with the bZ4X. The dynamic duck-tail rear spoiler on the upper edge of the rear of the car and the rather dazzling 20-inch five-spoke two-color aluminum ring, etc., show a strong sports atmosphere. In addition, the original factory also offers a variety of car color painting options, including cloud blue, glacier white, precious gold gray, galaxy blue, agate red and basalt black, six monochrome body paints, as well as the very eye-catching glacier. The body-in-white is matched with the black roof two-color painting, allowing car owners to choose their favorite personalized pure electric cars.

The front of the car adopts the new generation of "Bolder" design vocabulary, with a family-oriented hexagonal water tank guard design, and inlaid with the factory emblem Logo, which is the biggest difference in appearance from the bZ4X.
The shape of the four-eye rectangular LED headlight is also different from that of the bZ4X, and the LED daytime running light strip integrated inside adopts the ㄈ-shaped design that Subaru is used to.
It is equipped with a rather dazzling 20-inch five-spoke two-tone aluminum rim and 235/50R20 Bridgestone tires.
The outline and shape of the side and rear panels are the same as those of the bZ4X, but the taillights are designed in a left and right separated ㄈ shape instead of the bZ4X's transverse method.

Equipped with richer advanced settings

The cabin layout of Solterra is the same as that of the bZ4X. It also comes standard with a 7-inch digital instrument, a 12.3-inch central touch screen, a transmission-by-wire gear shift system, and a multi-function leather steering wheel, but the imported ones are higher-end ones. In addition to the four-wheel drive and dual electric motor settings, we can also see from the shooting model that there are more electric passenger seat adjustment seats, electronic digital rearview mirrors, Drive Mode , intelligent parking assist system, brake kinetic energy recovery paddles, panoramic electric sunroof and X-MODE escape mode and other devices, so it is understandable that the pre-sale price of Solterra will be as much as 200,000 higher than the official price of bZ4X.

The layout of the cabin is also the same as that of the bZ4X, but it is a high-level setting in terms of equipment level, so it has a richer and more complete equipment list.
The same as the bZ4X, it adopts the transmission-by-wire knob-type gear shift design, but there are more control buttons such as Drive Mode, intelligent parking assistance system and X-MODE escape mode.
The 12.3-inch central touch screen host integrates system functions such as voice control, air conditioning and satellite navigation, and supports Apple CarPlay & Android auto mobile phone connection functions.
The 7-inch overhead instrument is designed in a position similar to the head-up display, so that the driver's line of sight does not need to be wandered excessively.
The standard interior electronic rearview mirror is what the bZ4X lacks.
In addition to offering two-tone interior options, the high-profile Solterra also comes standard with dual front-seat power-adjustable seats and a panoramic power sunroof.
The rear seat with a fairly flat floor has a very spacious and comfortable riding space, and it also provides rear seat air outlets and dual Type C charging jacks.

Pure Electric Platform + X-Mode Relief Technology

Solterra is built using the e-Subaru Global Platform pure electric vehicle exclusive modular platform. At the same time, it is equipped with a flat battery and an independent electric dual motor design at the front and rear of the body, so that this car has the advantage of a low center of gravity. / The design of the rear suspension can greatly improve the overall handling performance. In addition, in order to emphasize off-road performance, its full-time four-wheel drive system also incorporates the signature X-Mode escape technology, providing two modes to choose from, such as snow/sand, deep snow/mud, and integrates the steep hill descent control system and The 210mm chassis is high off the ground, giving the Solterra great off-road capability. In addition, the imported Solterra is determined to use the same charging specifications as the bZ4X, the AC AC is J1772, and the DC DC is the CCS1 specification.

The charging hole is located on the left side of the fender. The AC AC slow charging specification is J1772, and the DC DC fast charging is CCS1, both of which are common domestic specifications.

According to the latest news, Solterra has received more than 200 pre-orders at present, and it is expected to start delivery in August this year. However, it is also known from the information flowing from the dealer that the first wave of Solterra imported into China has its quota number. Not many, maybe less than 100 (or even only 50), so from the current number of orders, it may not be digested until at least next year.


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