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Foyao Gold Mini Cooper SE with JCW trim

●The newly redesigned Mini Cooper SE can also choose the JCW package, which adds extra points to its handsomeness index.

●Equipped with an electric motor with 218 horsepower/33.6 kilograms, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 6.7 seconds.

●Battery capacity is 54.2 kWh, and the cruising range is 402 kilometers under WLTP test standards.

●Not only does it have an extremely sporty exterior package, but the interior is also full of JCW performance and competition elements.

The newly unveiled Mini Cooper has a completely new facelift, which not only has a more novel appearance, but also has innovative power specifications. Among them, the SE pure electric model that attracts the most attention and is the most suitable for the needs of the new generation has also been unveiled simultaneously. . Although there are already a large number of performance electric vehicles, when it comes to Mini's performance representative, it must be JCW with its rich history and outstanding achievements. Now this new and heavily modified Mini Cooper SE can also wear the clothes of JCW, completely It explains what it means that people need clothes and Buddha needs gold.


The appearance of the new generation of Mini Cooper is quite different from that of the old model. The body parts look much more angular, especially the front hood, water tank guard, etc. The lines are sharper, perhaps less sharp than before. A little cute, but a little more handsome. As for the protagonist Mini Cooper SE with JCW trim this time, it is a lot of good materials from all JCW models, transplanted to this pure electric Mini. We can even use this car to figure out the unannounced fuel Edition Mini JCW.

Like every JCW launched, the car's factory emblem will be replaced with a blackened version. The Mini Cooper SE with JCW trim also follows the same pattern. At the same time, the new octagonal radiator guard is also blackened to the bottom. The JCW department even divided this decorative water tank guard into two parts, and pulled out a clear chin under the front bumper. Together with the fixed wind wings and air intake dams on both sides, it is indeed very fascinating. In addition, the car also has a newly unveiled JCW logo on the front bumper, using the black and white checkered flag representing the event, with the complete pinyin of the English letters John Cooper Works, and Works is also in bright red, and The previous design had a completely different style but was more recognizable.

The entire car is equipped with JCW kits. Just by looking at the appearance, you would think that this is a genuine JCW electric car.
High-gloss black front and rear bumpers set the tone of the car, while new matrix taillights add the finishing touch.

In addition, racing stripes can be said to be Mini's signature feature, and the Mini Cooper SE with JCW trim naturally has to continue this fine tradition. What breaks away from tradition is that the racing stripes on this car are not just solid lines, but on the lines. The end is decorated with blur, making it visually more novel and more designed. In terms of wheels, JCW is naturally equipped with 18-inch Lap Spoke two-color wheels. Each wheel has ten spokes and is equipped with eye-catching JCW exclusive brake calipers.

The racing stripes are not just lines, but have gradients that give the car a more design feel.
18-inch aluminum wheels are standard equipment on this car, and the ten-radiometer is also in line with JCW tradition.

At the rear of the car, the Mini Cooper SE JCW trim is equipped with an eye-catching rear splitter. Although the lack of the classic dual exhaust pipes is a bit disappointing, it still fully demonstrates the sporty atmosphere, and it is paired with a new matrix meter. The LED taillights with the word flag make the overall visual experience of the rear of the car wider, and this taillight is also an unmistakable mark of the new generation Mini Cooper. Since it is a JCW, why is it missing the iconic rear wing? The rear wing equipped with this car is also eye-catching. In addition to its large size, the sharp lines and the shape of two shark fins are very consistent with JCW’s competitive genes.

The spoiler at the rear of the car is quite eye-catching, and the JCW logo is also a new design.

Return to nature

The interior of the new generation Mini Cooper can be said to have gone back to the old way, but I have to say that compared to the version with a dashboard, the author personally prefers Mini's original design of central control combined with instruments, and the new car has a HUD head-up display, which is more This greatly improves safety and intuitiveness. As for the JCW package, it is replaced with sports car seats, and a mix of knitted and leather is used. The central control panel adopts a gradient dot design like the new racing stripes, allowing the inside and outside of the car to echo each other.

The interior returns to the most classic Mini shape, and with a HUD it can be said to be both design and practical.
The design of the steering wheel is also very ingenious, and the stitching in different colors adds to the youthful feel.
The dual-material sports car seats are quite interesting, and the new checkered flag is the symbol of the new generation of JCW.

It is also worth mentioning that this car has added a Go-Kart mode exclusive to JCW models. Not only will the screen and atmosphere lights turn into a combat-like red, but it also has a new exclusive Go-Kart sound effect, along with an accelerator pedal. The reaction will be different, and this may be one of the few Mini's insistence.

In terms of the power system, the Mini Cooper SE has not been changed due to the JCW package. Instead, it maintains the same 218 horsepower/33.6 kg meter single motor configuration and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The battery uses a 54.2 kWh lithium battery with a cruising range of 402 kilometers (WLTP standard). The maximum charging power can reach 95kW. Using fast charging, 10~80% charging can be completed in half an hour.

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