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Fruit acid, A acid to treat acne? Use the wrong method to become a distiller's lees allergy!

Allergic skin from distiller's grains caused by long-term use of fruit acid products. Photo/Courtesy of Fu Lin Clinic.

"A few days ago"Social LabCommunity Lab" through "OnViewCommunity Word-of-Mouth Database", which tracks the online voice performance of the topic of "skin trouble" in the past three months, of which the first "acne" problem topped the list. This is a skin problem that almost everyone is likely to encounter in their lifetime. This time, I invited Dr. Fu Yuliang, director of the Fu Lin Clinic (director of the Republic of China Association of Aesthetic Medicine), to talk about this annoying situation with everyone.

Physician Fu Yuliang, director of the Fu Lin Clinic, said that acne is not only an external skin problem, it is not only the body's first line of defense against the external environment, but it may also reflect internal health problems. It is caused by inflammation of the body or bad habits, so acne is not blindly treated, laser, or taking medicine, but to really check the problem and find out the cause of chronic inflammation and acne in the body. With a healthy body, natural There is ruddy, healthy and smooth skin.

1. What are the most common causes of acne?

There are quite a few reasons for acne, but most of them are related to drugs (contraceptive pills, ovulation pills, menstrual adjustment drugs), diet (sugar-sweetened beverages, eating out, high-fat explosives), work and rest (day and night upside down, staying up late), hormones Changes (pregnancy, cycles) go hand in hand!

The medicine contains traditional Chinese medicine and cystic acne caused by lesions of the female reproductive system. Photo/Courtesy of Fu Lin Clinic.

2. In addition to physiological (such as puberty, etc.), what are the reasons for the occurrence of modern acne?

If the acne develops on the underside of the cheeks near the edge of the neck, this type of cystic or nodular acne is usually caused by hormonal changes caused by medication or diet. For complete treatment, the medication must be discontinued to cure the problem. Type acne.

Stress-type acne caused by staying up late and stress. Photo/Courtesy of Fu Lin Clinic.

3. Continuing the above question, what should be paid attention to in diet? The acne problem caused by external force, if it is serious, what are the common skin conditions derived from it? How to deal with it?

It is quite convenient to eat out in Taiwan. Sugar, additives (flavors, preservatives, color enhancers), bad oils and even residual pesticides in food can cause chronic inflammation in the body. This type of acne is not only on the face. , it will also grow on the front chest and back, of course, it is also prone to the phenomenon of keratinization of hair follicles on both arms. To completely remove this type of acne, you must first develop a good eating habit. Most acne will heal without medication!

If you are stressed and stay up late, acne will appear on your forehead and nose. I believe this is the common experience of many people. Of course, if you want to avoid stress acne, you must adjust your schedule. This type of acne uses containsA

Ointment treatment of acid, salicylic acid and fruit acid,You can see the effect. It should be noted that the acid acne ointment will destroy and accelerate the metabolism of keratin after use. At this time, the skin will be very dry. Be sure to use a stable quality, high moisturizing lotion to protect dry skin and New keratin, otherwise it is easy to block pores, form more small acne, and may even become allergic skin or rosacea-type skin!

Sudden hormonal changes (adolescence, pregnancy, gynecological tumors) can also cause large inflamed cystic acne on the face. If this type of acne is squeezed improperly, it will cause infection in the dermis and eventually form deep pits. Cystic acne must be diagnosed by a specialist and given appropriate inspection recommendations. Do not go to a beauty salon to squeeze it vigorously, and delay the treatment time. The author has quite a few cases because it is recommended for patients to treat acne before treatment. Go to the gynecological examination and find out uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer, chocolate cysts and other gynecological problems!

Abnormal keratin metabolism acne caused by sweets and sweet drinks. Photo/Courtesy of Fu Lin Clinic.
  1. It is rumored on the Internet that wearing a mask for a long time is likely to cause acne problems due to the epidemic. Is this part true?

As for the phenomenon of facial skin allergy or increased acne caused by wearing a mask, clinically it is not as serious and serious as reported in the report. In fact, it is mainly seen in long-term wearingN95Medical staff who use masks, the general public actually only needs to replace surgical masks regularly, and try to maintain ventilation and proper cleaning and maintenance when wearing masks not necessary. The chance and number of acne occurrences will not be too high. When wearing a mask to protect the safety of the respiratory tract, the loss and harm caused by the least

Inflammatory nodular acne in the body caused by long-term eating out. Photo/Courtesy of Fu Lin Clinic.

As Dr. Fu Yuliang said, acne is not only an external skin problem. In addition to being the body's first line of defense against the external environment, it may also reflect the internal health problems of the body. A considerable number of acne are caused by inflammation of the body. Or caused by bad habits, so acne is not blindly treated, laser, taking medicine, but to really check the problem, find out the cause of chronic inflammation in the body, and with a healthy body, there will naturally be Ruddy complexion, healthy and smooth skin.


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