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Full electrificationMercedes-Benz GLC

・The appearance has a strong family atmosphere, the length and wheelbase have both increased, and the wind resistance value is only Cd=0.29.

・The cockpit style is highly similar to the C-Class, and the passenger space and luggage compartment volume are improved.

・All models come standard with 4Matic full-time four-wheel drive, and optional rear-wheel steering and off-road kits are available.

・Only four-cylinder light gasoline and four-cylinder PHEV options are available, and the latter has a cruising range of more than 100 kilometers.

・The original factory was announced on June 1st, and it will be listed at the end of this year at the earliest in China.

Pulling back the time to 7 years ago, in June 2015, the original Mercedes-Benz released the first-generation GLC. Its rounded design is very different from the original GLK. It also makes people wonder whether this car can be successfully replaced. GLK? Facts have proved that the first-generation GLC has become the best-selling model of Mercedes-Benz both domestically and globally, and people are looking forward to the new-generation GLC. Does it have a more dazzling performance in all aspects?

The second-generation GLC with the original codename X254, frankly speaking, the changes in appearance were not as big as expected. In fact, this phenomenon has been particularly evident in the past two years. The reason is nothing more than the fact that the electric vehicle lineup of major automakers has been gradually formed. When the original factory design team changed the dynasty, the extent of the changes was more "merciful".

As if the actual size has not changed, the size has increased slightly

Taking the new generation of GLC as an example, except for the interior that looks very much like the C-Class with strong blood ties (both are built on the MRA2 platform), some angles on the appearance are inexplicably similar to the GLA, the smallest recreational vehicle. Of course, if it is Park the two cars together, and the size and momentum are naturally different. The size of the new GLC is slightly larger than that of the old model, including the length of the car is increased by 60mm to 4716mm, the wheelbase is increased by 15mm to 2888mm, the width of the car remains unchanged at 1890mm, and the height of the car is slightly reduced by 4mm to 1640mm. As for the new car's front and rear track increased by 6mm and 23mm, came to 1627mm and 1640mm respectively.

Aluminum rims are available in 18- to 20-inch options, and AMG Line models can choose wheel arches in the same color as the body.

Even if the actual body width has not changed, the new GLC has a lower visual effect. The main reason is the sense of extension brought by the integration of the inner side of the headlight and the design of the water tank guard. In addition, the shape of the front and rear bumpers has also been redesigned. , in order to strengthen the overall sports atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that this new car is also different from the past in terms of grading and matching. First of all, the Avantgarde model is the standard version, which means that the standard equipment of the vehicle has been improved, such as the large screen in the car, smartphone connection, wireless charging and front seat heating and other features that were favored by buyers in the past, are now all included as standard column. In addition, the previous very cumbersome option list is also presented in the form of kits on the new GLC, which can avoid the trouble of prospective car owners in choosing equipment.

The design of the connection between the headlights and the water tank cover helps to enhance the momentum of the front of the car and looks more atmospheric.
The taillight shape does not follow the trend to connect the left and right, but brings a sense of visual extension with bright black trim.

Console architecture is like copy and paste

The console structure of the new GLC is basically transplanted from the C-Class. Of course, the car factory will adjust the details according to its higher field of view and sitting posture, but in all fairness, the author has placed the interior photos of the GLC and C-Class at the same time. On both sides of the screen, but I still can't see where the difference is, I can only blame the C-Class for going too far! Even if we can't find anything new in the cockpit, the good news is that the basic chassis of the new GLC is the Avantgarde package, which is standard higher than that of the C-Class. For example, the driving instruments all use a 12.3-inch wide screen, and The 10.9-inch entry-level option on the C-Class is not provided. As for the 11.9-inch touch screen on the central control, it is standard on the whole car, and it is also inclined to the driver at a 6-degree inclination.

The same console architecture as the C-Class does make the new GLC less fresh, but fortunately the overall design is novel, and the operations are quite ergonomic.

According to the original data, the space performance of the new GLC is much better than the previous generation. The first is the luggage compartment volume of 620 liters, which is 70 liters more than the previous model. With the 40:20:40 rear seatback tilt mechanism, it can provide a maximum of 1640 liters of passenger space. In addition, in addition to the slight reduction of headroom in the front seat (but the seat adjustment is basically no problem), the rear seat part has a slight improvement in head, leg, elbow or shoulder room, which should provide Better ride comfort.

The luggage compartment volume has increased by 70 liters to 620 liters compared to the old GLC, making it more spacious and easy to use.

The second-generation GLC cancels the rear-wheel drive configuration of the previous entry-level models, and the entire car series is equipped with a 4Matic full-time four-wheel drive system, with a newly designed front four-link and rear five-link suspension (an optional rear 4.5-degree angle is available). Wheel steering function) and the comprehensively upgraded NVH engineering greatly enhances the handling and comfort during On-Road, and also improves the ability to overcome terrain during Off-Road. For car owners who like to go to the mountains and the sea, the original factory also provides options such as off-road kit, Airmatic air suspension and chassis perspective function simulated through the surround view lens, making off-roading safer and more fun. In terms of driving assistance, the new GLC is also equipped with the latest generation system of the original factory, which is mainly to upgrade the detailed functions. For example, when the active speed control is turned on, the maximum speed that can detect stationary vehicles has been increased from the original 60km/h to 100km/h. h et al. As for whether all of them can be seen in China at that time, it will be subject to the sales car models provided by Mercedes-Benz in Taiwan.

As an optional HUD, it can provide rich driving information, and the projection effect is very good.
With the optional parking kit, its 360-degree surround view lens can provide a "transparent hood" effect when off-road, improving Off-Road safety.

Large and small motors form a variety of power options

In terms of power system, the new generation GLC has a number of changes. First of all, both gasoline and diesel engines are all four-cylinder 2.0-liter displacement, and must be equipped with electric motors, but the difference lies in the use of 48V light gasoline or plug-in gasoline-electric systems, and the gearbox is the entire car series. Quick self-arrangement. First, let’s talk about the low-probability diesel engine imported in China. The original factory initially provided two models, GLC220d and GLC300de. The output of both pure internal combustion engines is 197hp and 44.9kgm, but the former is equipped with a 48V light oil-electric system, and its ISG starter motor An additional 23hp is available. As for the GLC300de, it is additionally equipped with an electric motor with a power of 100kW and a maximum torque of 44.9kgm. With a high-voltage battery pack with a capacity of 31.2kWh, the WLTP pure electric range can reach 102-117 kilometers.

The new-generation GLC built on the MRA2 platform has improved handling and ride comfort.
The entire car series is equipped with a new generation of 48V light gasoline or plug-in gasoline and electric systems, and the energy saving performance is dazzling.

As for gasoline engines, the original factory initially provided two 48V light gasoline models (GLC200 and GLC300) and two PHEV models (GLC300e and GLC400e). If you choose the low-power engine version (204hp/32.6kgm), it becomes GLC200 with ISG, and GLC300e with large motor; if it is a high-power engine version, the models are GLC300 and GLC400e respectively. Due to the low acceptance of PHEVs in Taiwan, and the fact that Mercedes-Benz Taiwan will introduce many new cars from the EQ family in the past two years, the main domestic sales force in the future will inevitably fall on the GLC200 and GLC300 equipped with a light gasoline-electric system. superior. For details of other power specifications, we also present them in a separate table.

Even if the appearance and interior are a little less "new", it is undeniable that the new GLC's product strength is still strong, and it will still be the main sales force for Taiwanese guests in the next few years.

The first wave of power specifications of the second-generation GLC

GLC200 GLC300 GLC300e GLC400e GLC220d GLC300de
engine specs 2.0-liter gasoline turbo 2.0-liter gasoline turbo 2.0-liter gasoline turbo 2.0-liter gasoline turbo 2.0-liter diesel turbo 2.0-liter diesel turbo
engine horsepower 204hp 258hp 204hp 252hp 197hp 197hp
engine torque 32.6kgm 40.8kgm 32.6kgm 40.8kgm 44.9kgm 44.9kgm
motor horsepower 17kW 17kW 100kW 100kW 17kW 100kW
motor torque 20.4kgm 20.4kgm 44.9kgm 44.9kgm 20.4kgm 44.9kgm
combined horsepower 313hp 381hp 335hp
Comprehensive torque 56.1kgm 66.3kgm 76.5kgm
0~100km/h 7.8 seconds 6.2 seconds 6.7 seconds 5.6 seconds 8.0 seconds 6.4 seconds
Extremely fast 221km/h 240km/h 218km/h 237km/h 219km/h 217km/h
pure electrode speed 140km/h 140km/h 140km/h
WLTP pure electric endurance 104-120 km 104-120 km 102-117 km
Battery capacity 31.2kWh 31.2kWh 31.2kWh
vehicle weight 1925kg 1925kg 2355kg 2355kg 2000kg 2415kg


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