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Full of new Lexus RX pictures! We also collected foreign pictures for you!

table of contents
●All pictures of the new RX that will go on sale on June 1st announced in one go
●Driving & using imagery
●Each grade specification design
●Appearance details
●Body color
●Rim design
●Power system, chassis platform
●Safety function
●Pictures published only in North America and Europe

Announce all the pictures of the new RX on sale on June 1st in one go

New RX 450h+

On June 1, 2022, Lexus made its public debut of the new generation of RX in the world. After a complete facelift in about seven years, the facelifted RX has entered its fifth-generation model.

The following will bring you pictures from Japan and only in North America and Europe.

Driving & Using Imagery

Design for each grade




RX500h”F SPORT Performance”

Appearance Details

Monocular headlight
Slim three-eye headlight with AHS function
Through taillights
standard roof
sunroof roof
Panoramic sunroof roof
e-latch system
PHEV charging mode

the color of car

White Nova Glass Flake
Sonic Quartz
Sonic Titanium
Sonic Chrome
Sonic Iridium
Graphite Black Glass Flake
Red Mica Crystal Shine
Sonic Copper
Terrane Khaki Mica Metallic
Heat Blue Contrast Layering
Deep Blue Mica

rim design

19 inch aluminum ring
21 inch aluminum ring
21 inch aluminum ring
21 inch aluminum ring
21 inch aluminum ring (F SPORT)
21-inch aluminum rim (F SPORT Performance)
21-inch aluminum rim (F SPORT Performance)


Interior Color: Solis White

Solis White

Interior Color: Dark Sepia

Dark Sepia

Interior Color: Dark Rose

Dark Rose

●Dark Rose for F SPORT

Dark Rose for F SPORT

Interior Color: Hazel


Interior color: Black


●Black for exclusive use of F SPORT

Black for F SPORT

door trim

Medium brown bamboo
Ink wood grain
Black Herringbone Pattern Film
Dark Spin Aluminum

Driver's seat, steering wheel

driver's seat
Driver's Seat (F SPORT)
Driver's Seat (F SPORT Performance)
touch sensitive buttons
driving surveillance camera
Color headlight display screen

interior, center console

14-inch touch screen
center console
Rear seat air conditioner control panel
wireless charging panel


e-latch system
door button

Powertrain, Chassis Platform


2.4L Turbo engine
2.5L PHEV/2.5L HEV engine
2.4L Turbo HEV engine


2.4L Turbo Transmission
2.5L PHEV/2.5L HEV transmission
2.4L Turbo HEV Transmission

suspension system

2.4L Turbo front suspension
2.4L Turbo rear suspension
2.5L PHEV/2.5L HEV front suspension system
2.5L PHEV/2.5L HEV rear suspension system
2.4L Turbo HEV front suspension
2.4L Turbo HEV rear suspension


2.4L Turbo system
2.5L PHEV system
2.5L HEV system
2.4L Turbo HEV System


2.5L HEV battery
2.5L PHEV battery
2.4L Turbo HEV battery


disc brake
Disc brake/6-piston caliper (F SPORT)
Disc brake/6-piston caliper (F SPORT Performance)
Disc brake/6-piston caliper (F SPORT Performance)


Aerodynamic performance

Aerodynamic performance

security function

Images published in North America and Europe only

Original source:I will show you all the images of the new RX!All overseas images are also covered
Want to see more:MOBY


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