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Fully optimistic about the development of the SKODA brand in Taiwan! Shangteng Automobile Group invested 400 million to set up the flag in the egg yolk area of ​​NeihuTo build the SKODA brand flagship display and service center with the largest area and the most complete functions in Taiwan.

Following luxury car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Tesla….. Skoda Taiwan joins hands with Shangpeng Motors, a subsidiary of Suntek Motor Group, to officially announce the flagship location for warehousing, logistics, industrial and commercial exhibitions in the old district of Neihu, and will invest more than NT$400 million to build the most complete function and area in Taiwan. The largest SKODA brand flagship display and service center. The area around Jiuzong Road in Neihu has become a super core egg yolk area in Taipei's auto business district!

SKODAThe brand has developed rapidly in the Taiwan market in the past seven years, and the future growth can be expected!

Shang Teng Motor Group has observed the growth trajectory of the SKODA brand in Taiwan in the past seven years. The brand continues to introduce products that meet consumers' expectations, and also provides the most comprehensive safety equipment to change the purchasing habits of Taiwan consumers. With the strong support of Taiwan consumers , the sales performance is stable and growing rapidly. It started to climb from 3,057 units in 2015 to 7,200 units in 2021, a growth rate of more than 2 times. It is obvious that the SKODA brand has achieved remarkable results in the operation and development of Taiwan.

expected2023Officially completed before the end of the year

The new SKODA brand flagship exhibition and service center located in the elite area of ​​Neihu officially held the groundbreaking ceremony on the morning of June 8th. Chairman Lu Hongen of Battery, Chairman Zhang Yantang of Futai Construction, Wu Ruihong, CEO of Shangteng Automobile Group, Architect Chen Tingjie, Architect Zhang Yuanfu and other distinguished guests jointly broke ground. It is expected to be completed and officially opened before the end of 2023.

SKODAThe distribution base with the highest investment in Taiwan history

The SKODA flagship exhibition and service base invested by Shangpeng Motors in Neihu will set the highest investment amount ever for a SKODA brand in a Taiwan dealership base.

The base is more than 800 square meters, and the development area is more than 1470 square meters. It is located in the core area of ​​Neihu Jiuzong Section, adjacent to Carrefour, Meifu Shiji, IKEA, New York Furniture Design Center, Neihu Flower Market, Decathlon, RT-Mart, B&Q Telly House, Tsann Kuen 3C Store , Costco…. and other hypermarkets.

In the future, the base will provide SKODA new car, used car display, full-featured repair and maintenance services (including sheet metal paint), car boutique beauty, vehicle insurance and leasing, electric vehicle fast charging, customer rest and catering services.... After the opening, it will be the largest and most functional SKODA brand flagship display and service center in Taiwan!

brand newSKODAThe brand identity is designed and created, and it is located in the core area of ​​Neihu shopping.

It will bring SKODA customers a very convenient and brand-new brand experience

According to Li Yulin, president of ŠKODA Taiwan, since ŠKODA established the Taiwan branch in 2015, ŠKODA has been actively developing channels and improving service quality, so that Taiwanese consumers can get the best car experience. Along the way, I am very grateful for the support of the distribution channels. The expanded investment of Shangpeng Motors proves that the ŠKODA brand has taken root in Taiwan and won the support of consumers.

Wu Ruihong, CEO of Shang Teng Automobile Group, also added: "This SKODA brand flagship exhibition and service center has two biggest features!

The first is the choice of location. It is located in the most elite shopping district in Neihu, Taipei City. Customers can make a special trip to appreciate the car or repair it, and they can also enjoy food or go shopping nearby with the whole family.

Another feature is that in the space of nearly 1,500 pings, it provides a variety of services from the purchase of new and used cars to vehicle maintenance, insurance coverage, boutique beauty, installment leasing, electric vehicle charging...etc. It is expected to provide SKODA customers with the most complete automotive ecological value chain services when the automotive industry is changing from generation to generation. "

Suntek Motor GroupShang Teng Automobile Group":

In addition to operating the SKODA brand distribution business "Shangpeng Motors Co., Ltd." in Taipei City, Shangteng Automobile Group also operates PORSCHE Porsche brand dealers "Shangteng Automobile Co., Ltd." and "Shangteng Jia" in New Taipei City and Chia Nan. South Automobile Co., Ltd.”, and established “Shangteng Auto Leasing/Financing Co., Ltd.” to provide diversified car leasing and financing services.


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