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Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept

●A new concept car developed by Genesis for the video game Gran Turismo 7.

●The two-seater supercar uses a Hybrid power system with a maximum power of 1071 hp/136 kg-m.

●The appearance is derived from Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design concept, combining luxury and performance.

●The interior is extremely simple, allowing the driver to focus more on driving performance, and the steering wheel is also controlled by wire.

I believe that readers who like cars and video games will definitely be familiar with the game Sports Car Romance. After all, it is so realistic that it can be used as a track simulator. Coupled with its insistence on almost 100% restoration of the vehicle, it has not only become a favorite among many racing drivers. It is a tool for daily practice, and it is also a dream item treasured by many car fans. The latest generation of Gran Turismo 7 has just concluded the 2023 World Finals held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Our protagonist, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept, is the finale surprise.

This concept car launched by Genesis, a luxury brand of South Korea's Hyundai Group, was specially developed for the GT 7 game, and its name is X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept (hereinafter referred to as X Gran Berlinetta). In appearance, the X Gran Berlinetta follows the sporty and elegant design vocabulary of Genesis. The front of the car uses extremely exaggerated lines to not only pull out a triangular air intake dam, but also uses an LED light bar on the edge of the sheet metal to add a nighttime feel. For recognition, the wheel arches inside the tires are also hollowed out, and the concave front hood allows air to pass through the roof more smoothly, making the entire vehicle more handsome.

The triangular front shape is inspired by the Genesis logo, and a large number of hollow designs add to the competitive style.
The use of daytime running lights to shape the body is quite creative, and of course the recognition is very high.

At the rear of the car, the X Gran Berlinetta also continues the concept of hollowing out. The rear wheel arches adopt an arc curve and present an oval shape at the rear of the car. A hollow space is cut out above to create the aerodynamics of the rear wing. , not only strengthens aerodynamics, but also makes the entire vehicle more harmonious. The taillights are connected to two conspicuous daytime running light bars on the front of the car, and the Genesis logo is printed in the center of the two light bars. The huge splitter below is made of carbon fiber parts. It is indeed a complete car. GT supercar.

According to the original factory information, Genesis regards the wheel as the center of the car, and then extends the design of other sheet metal parts outwards.
The rear of the car also uses a hollow design, using the body sheet as a rear wing, which not only enhances aerodynamics, but also ensures the integrity of the vehicle.

pure control

Different from the arrogant and domineering appearance, the cockpit of the X Gran Berlinetta appears to be relatively low-key and simple. The main reason is that the original factory adopted the Beauty of White Space design concept to create a purer driving environment for racing drivers. First of all, it is equipped with a complete bucket-shaped racing chair, and adopts a single-piece layout. The side coverage of the seat extends from the head to the calf, ensuring that the driver can be stably fixed in the seat, while the instrument panel It simplifies the complexity. Apart from the racing steering wheel and two knobs, no other equipment can be seen. This design is not Yangchun, but the introduction of Genesis' latest digital panoramic interface. This system can be used as the vehicle's information center. It is connected to the digital monitoring system around the vehicle and leaves most of the vehicle's operations to the racing steering wheel.

The interior uses the simplest layout to allow racers to focus more on the track.

In addition, the direction of this racing car is also quite special. First of all, the shape is a standard track configuration, but there is a digital screen instrument in the center, which can display information such as lap speed, gear position, power, speed, etc., and the racing driver can also quickly adjust the cycle of the vehicle. Track system and braking settings to quickly adjust to the vehicle. In addition, this steering wheel uses a wire-by-wire control instead of a traditional steering column, so that steering signals can be transmitted to the tires more immediately, making the vehicle's route more accurate.

There are only a few screens in the entire car, and most operations are transferred to the steering wheel.

violent chaos

Finally, let’s take a look at the power system of the X Gran Berlinetta. This top supercar is not equipped with a pure electric system like the mainstream, but continues to pass on the glory of fuel. The X Gran Berlinetta adopts a front-mid-mounted configuration. Inside is a Lamdba 11 V6 turbocharged engine, which can squeeze out a maximum horsepower of 870 horses and a maximum torque of 109.2 kilograms. More importantly, this engine The maximum speed of the V6 engine can reach 10,000rpm, which makes people excited just thinking about it.

The engine alone cannot satisfy Genesis engineers, so they installed an additional set of Yasa E electric motors for this car, which can provide an additional 201 horsepower/27 kilograms of power output, so the overall maximum power of this car is even greater. It comes directly to the exaggerated data of 1071 horses/136 kilograms of meters.

X Gran Berlinetta is a specially developed car model specially developed for GT 7, allowing fans around the world to buy top supercars in the cloud.

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