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German Centennial DepotOpelAutomobile LicensingMaster WinGroup becomes TaiwanOpel Distributor

Stellantis Automobile Group covers a total of 14 famous automobile brands.

· Stellantis Group, a global automotive group, has been selected as the general agent in Taiwan for German Opel Motors.

· Master Win Group was officially authorized to become the partner of German Opel in Taiwan.

German Opel Motors will join hands with Master Win Group to make a strong return to the Taiwan auto market in the fourth quarter of 2022.

· Stellantis Automotive Group regards Taiwan as an important market for the Asia Pacific region.

Master Win Group solemnly announced today that it has recently signed a contract with the Stellantis Automobile Group as the general agent of German Opel cars in Taiwan, and announced that German Opel cars will make a strong return to the Taiwan car world by the end of 2022 and enter the highly competitive automobile market. In the future, Taiwan will also become German Opel Motors is deployed in important markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

German Opel adheres to 160 years of craftsmanship, so that every Opel model can bring the most pleasant and comfortable freedom of movement to the owner.

Since its founding by the founder Mr. Wang Chusheng in 1917, Master Win Group has adhered to the "simple concept", started from the two-wheeled vehicle industry, and gradually expanded its business territory to various types of wheeled vehicles, including new cars, used cars, spare parts sales, and car sales. After-service and industrial insurance services, with more than 60 years of professional auto sales and customer service experience in the Taiwan market.

After a hundred years of operation, even in the face of great changes in the external environment, the corporate style of Master Win Group still adheres to the concept of start-up - simplicity, quality, concentration, focus (simple, quality, professional, dedicated), with simplicity and low-key without flashy The company's corporate culture is committed to providing Taiwanese car owners with seamless high-quality services.

The Master Win Group said, "The Master Win Group is honored to acquire the exclusive agency rights of the advanced and highly anticipated German Opel cars in Taiwan, giving Taiwanese consumers who have a special preference for German cars an additional high-quality choice. The Group especially recruits professional managers in the industry. , to create a complete and unique channel base, to provide customer-oriented sales services and high-quality after-sales experience, we are convinced that we can inject a new atmosphere into the Taiwan auto market and build the sustainable development of the German Opel auto brand in Taiwan.”

Opel is committed to developing green energy innovation, enhancing driving pleasure, and pursuing a full range of car manufacturing processes.

The German Opel car brand was founded in Rüsselsheim, Germany in 1862. It is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe with operations in more than 60 countries around the world.

William Mott, Global Operations Director of German Opel Automobile, said: "German Opel Automobile adopts the core concept of Modern German's new generation of German brand and the bold and pure product design concept of Bold and Pure, combined with excellent car manufacturing technology and zero through the transformation of electric energy. With carbon emission green energy innovation, we look forward to meeting consumers’ daily diversified vehicle needs and providing a travel experience that surpasses the past.”

The German Opel car is injected with abundant resources from the Stellantis Automotive Group. Stellantis Automotive Group is a leading global car manufacturer and mobility service provider, established in January 2021 by the merger of two global automotive groups, FCA and PSA. Stellantis Automotive Group covers 14 internationally renowned automobile brands, providing unique, cost-effective and efficient transportation solutions for the global leader in sustainable mobility in the new era, and striving to achieve consumer freedom of travel.

Christophe Musy, Senior Vice President of German Opel Automobile Association, said: "As stated in Stellantis Automobile Group's strategic plan "Dare Forward 2030", German Opel Automobile's entry into Taiwan is an important milestone in Stellantis Automobile Group's development plan in the Asia-Pacific region this year. .Stellantis Automotive Group is committed to becoming a global leader in electrification, providing innovative, pure, safe and efficient mobility solutions. Taiwan has become one of the important strongholds for the development of German Opel in the Asia-Pacific region, especially Taiwanese consumers are interested in electric vehicles The acceptance of car models is getting higher and higher. I believe that Taiwan is the best stage in terms of future development and consumption potential of pure electric cars. We have great confidence in our new partner Master Win Group and will work together to bring the new generation of German cars to the market. The Opel car brand is flourishing in the Taiwan market.”

Through the core concept of Modern German's new-generation German brand and the bold and pure product design concept of Bold and Pure, German Opel is highly recognized and loved by consumers.


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