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German KW Variant 3 shock absorbersImprove Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d stability

Compared with ordinary RVs, SUV models have better driving vision, more comfortable riding posture and safer body structure. However, the inherently higher center of gravity also makes the stability of SUV vehicles on mountain roads relatively poor, which is prone to occur. The problem of excessive roll makes the passengers in the car suffer from motion sickness. If you want to effectively improve it, replacing a set of KW V3 shock absorbers with enhanced damping may be able to meet the needs of most people.

Telescopic two-way damping adjustable

Suitable for road use in Taiwan

The owner of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d interviewed has been driven on mountain roads in the past, and the car body shakes obviously, causing the passengers in the car to get motion sickness. I tried to modify the shock absorber, so I found the KW shock absorber also made in Germany, but at that time, the KW shock absorber did not launch a model corresponding to the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d. With the attention of the German parent company, the KW V3 shock absorber corresponding to this model was specially developed, and it was shipped to Taiwan a few days ago and successfully installed on this car, finally successfully meeting the owner's need to make the car more stable.

The center of gravity of SUV vehicles is relatively high, so it is easy to have obvious roll when driving on mountain roads. By replacing the modified shock absorbers with enhanced damping, many of the above problems can usually be improved, but how to further maintain the comfort without excessive Bouncing is a test of the skill of the shock absorber designer.

Why can V3 enhance the stability of high-speed cornering of SUV models and meet the comfort of daily use? The main reason is that this model belongs to the high-end road version shock absorber among the many product grades of KW. Compared with the lower-end V1, V2 and other models, the biggest difference is that it has the function of adjustable two-way damping on the telescopic side, which is commonly known as 2Way damping adjustment, what does this mean? The so-called "damping" refers to the suspension system in order to suppress the vibration frequency of the spring, so the "shock absorber" is configured to control the rebound force generated by the spring after being compressed, and the resistance against the "rebound force" of the spring is called. It is called "damping". The harder the spring, the higher the damping required. The damping soft and hard adjustment is to adjust the damping coefficient. The higher the damping coefficient, the harder it is, and the lower the damping coefficient, the softer.

However, most modified shock absorbers only provide the 1Way damping adjustment function, which can only adjust the "rebound damping", that is, the resistance when the cylinder core is elongated. As for the V3's 2Way damping adjustment function, it is added. "Compression damping" adjustment function. The reason why "compression damping" must have an adjustable function is to assist the spring to support the weight of the body. In addition, when the shock absorber bends at high speed and presses down, there will be an additional resistance. Compared with the shock absorber without the two-way damping adjustment technology, the equipped shock absorber can provide a better anti-roll effect, so that the front of the car will not sink excessively when the vehicle turns the steering wheel, especially when facing continuous S curves , the response of the shock absorber will be more sensitive and immediate, making the transfer of the center of gravity of the body more slight, the control will naturally be more obedient, and the riding comfort will be better when driving on the street.

LW V3 is specially designed for the rear shock absorber spring of Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d. It adopts the design of upper and lower double springs. The purpose is to ensure that the modified spring with a relatively high elastic coefficient will not be caused by the rebound of the spring when the vehicle is driving through potholes at high speed. and displacement.
The upper seat of the front shock absorber is made of original parts, which can take into account the service life and comfort, and it is easy to replace it with new products in the future.

In addition, the shock absorber of the KW V3 shock absorber is also equipped with high-speed pressure relief valve technology. The timing of the high-speed compression valve actuation is when the piston suddenly performs a high-speed compression stroke and the low-speed valve cannot instantly pass a large amount of damping oil. The high-speed valve around the valve will be pushed open by the damping oil, allowing more damping oil to pass through, so that the shock absorber core can be compressed quickly, the vehicle will not be pushed up by the shock absorber, and the tire will not be vacated. , to ensure that the tires stay on the road.

This high-speed pressure relief function occurs most of the time when the tire is driving on the highway. When the tire is instantly pressed into a pothole or expansion joint, the tire will not leave the ground, keeping the tire in contact with the road all the time to ensure high-speed driving. Safety and comfort. If you drive a 1A2B or more advanced supercar, and if you don’t know how to enhance the handling performance of your car, perhaps choosing KW shock absorbers from Germany will satisfy your desire for extreme driving.

The replaced original front and rear shock absorbers are placed aside. It can be clearly seen that the front shock absorber adopts a constant stroke design, and the KW V3 also retains this design as much as possible. More obedient and stable.
KW did not launch a shock absorber corresponding to the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d, but with the great efforts of the Taiwan branch, it finally won the attention of the German parent company, and specially developed the KW V3 shock absorber corresponding to this model, which finally successfully satisfied the owner. Want to make the car more stable and easy to drive.


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