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Glenn father and son push the ideal gentleman's guide 4 spirits to help get rid of childishness

March ushered in a warm and lively spring. For Taiwan, there is also a trendy event for men in March: Gentlemen's Month. The Gentlemen's Month event has entered its ninth year this year. From the original gentleman's clothing parade, it has gradually developed into a large-scale gentleman's event, forming an influential gentlemen's clothing trend. Glenfiddich, a subsidiary of Glenn & Sons, is the designated spirits brand for the 2022 GQ Suit Walk Gentleman's Month. It responds to Taiwan's booming formal wear culture with the spirit of a leader, and advocates that gentleman style is no longer limited to suits, but a kind of integration with everyday life. life style. What are the key characteristics of being a gentleman of taste? This month, Glenn & Sons, together with its four major spirits brands, launched the "Guide to the Development of an Ideal Gentleman", to sort out the four essential elements for men to become a gentleman and to recommend precise wine selection. Mastering the right whisky taste will help you get rid of childishness and speed up. Transformed into the ideal gentleman in mind.

warm heartEssential elements for a gentleman: just the right amount of thoughtfulness

The biggest difference between a man and a gentleman is that the gentleman shows the right and unexpected consideration, understands the needs of the other party, and gives the warm and careful care like an angel, which can often be more able to unload the other party's heart.This warmth is likeGlenfiddich 12 Year Old Angel Sherry Single Malt Whisky, The second ripening was brought about by the accidental opening of the hops, but the unexpected process brought a wonderful taste as if an angel could not help but steal a sip. It is suggested that men can invite their significant other or their loved ones to watch movies and film and television works together in their spare time, and observe the unspoken needs of the other party or the way the characters in the play get along.Other than that, wait for the right moment to pour a glassGlenfiddich 12 years Angel Shirleycatalyzed by the sweet liquor of juicy baked apples and dried fruits, amplify your thoughtfulness and easily capture your partner's heart.

Heartwarming Gentleman x Glenfiddich 12 Years Angel Sherry Single Malt Whiskey (Provided by Glenn & Sons)

Essential elements of a "quality green gentleman": humble and elegant conversation

A gentleman's style is not only based on appearance and appearance, but more importantly, the connotation of conversation when communicating with people. The words are meaningful, rich in cultural upbringing, and the intellectual charm exudes in their speeches, which is the key to a gentleman making a deep impression. Just like the wines of the Balvenie Story series, behind each bottle there is a message that has been circulated in the winery. Anecdotes between.If you want to develop a quality conversation level, it is recommended that men can enrich their connotations and new knowledge by reading and listening to Podcasts.The Balvenie Story 12 Year Old Sugar Heart Oak Single Malt Whiskythe wine has the flavor of candied fruit, coconut and vanilla, the flavor is wonderful and full of layers, sipping the sweet wine after the romantic quenching of time and story, you can savor the mystery of knowledge, and accumulate bit by bit. Your own knowledge and gentlemanly character.

Quality Green Gentleman X Balvenie Story Series 12 Year Old Sugar Heart Oak Single Malt Whiskey (Provided by Glenn & Sons)

The essential elements of a "sensitive gentleman": high emotional intelligence that sees the big picture

Gentlemen often show high emotional intelligence that is different from others, stemming from the positive attitude of knowing the overall situation, understanding others, and being able to bend and stretch according to the situation, just likeThree Monkeys triple malt whisky, the drinking method is not restricted, and it never emphasizes the difference in flavor between production areas, years and wineries, but it can be easily prepared with different drinks, showing a high degree of matching. It is recommended that men who want to improve their emotional intelligence can exercise their emotional intelligence by playing puzzle board games or competitive activities with their family and friends, by watching the changes, thinking in other positions and waiting for the reversal of luck.It is recommended to match with the gamethree monkeyswhether it is pure drinking or adding soda water to make it, so that all players can enter the game more in a moderate slightly drunk atmosphere, and enjoy the joyful and exciting play process!

Keen Gentleman x Three Monkeys Triple Malt Whiskey (Provided by Glenn & Sons)

Essential elements of a "family gentleman": a sincere and reliable sense of responsibility

On the way to becoming a gentleman, many people will focus on the establishment of a perfect image, but ignore the inner essence. Sincerity and reliability, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of peace and comfort are the keys to truly transforming into a gentleman. , as the high CP valueGlen 8 Year Old Sherry Flavored Cask Scotch Whisky, is the only one in its class, with at least 8 years of high-quality wine, whether it is a gift, a meal occasion, or even alone, you can drink it with confidence; plus it has been aged in sherry barrels, it is smooth and not monotonous. , people can easily enjoy the comfort and ordinary happiness. It is suggested that men can improve their reliable image by cooking. A table of warm meals and the sweet and smooth taste of Gran 8 years can make friends feel safe and comfortable, without spending a lot of money but full of sincerity , is the smartest investment to be a gentleman.

Gu Family Gentleman X Glen 8 Year Old Sherry Flavored Cask Scotch Whisky (Provided by Glen & Sons)

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