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Glenn & Sons won the 2022 International Spirits Competition ISC Best Spirits Group of the Year Glenfiddich, The Balvenie swept 7 golds, 4 silvers and the best special packaging special award to achieve brilliant achievements

As the trend of drinking spirits becomes more and more popular, "recognized by international competitions" has become one of the important guidelines for people to buy wine. The industry's most authoritative and attention-grabbing International Spirits Challenge (ISC) recently announced its 27th winners list. This year, Glenn & Sons Group once again stood out from the competition among many wineries, not only for 7 consecutive years Awarded the highest honor of "Best Spirits Group of the Year", its brands have won a total of 3 special awards and 81 medals, including more than 40 special gold medals and gold medals, showing an unprecedented performance. Its single malt whisky brands Glenfiddich and The Balvenie also achieved outstanding results in the competition, winning 7 gold medals and 4 silver medals. The Fulu New Year gift box, which is based on the image of technology and cleverly integrated into the fusion scene of the East and the West, won the "Best Special/Limited Packaging" special award. This year, the Grand & Sons Group has made great achievements in many aspects, showing its outstanding strength.

Glenn & Sons Group has been awarded the highest honor of ISC's "Best Spirits Group of the Year" for 7 consecutive years

Glenn & Sons Wine Group for 7 consecutive yearsAwarded the highest honor of "Best Spirits Group of the Year"

The British ISC International Spirits Competition, one of the four major spirits competitions in the world, is known as the "Oscars of the spirits industry" due to its high impartial selection criteria. Glenn & Sons has won the "Best Spirits Group of the Year" award for seven consecutive years, due to the consistent high-quality management of the distillery. Glenn & Sons Winery has been established for more than 100 years. It is one of the few wineries that still adheres to the traditional wine-making process. The wine-making knowledge and the exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsmen have been passed down from generation to generation in the factory. Di and Bai Fu won 7 golds and 4 silvers in one fell swoop. Glenfiddich Chief Bartender Brian Kinsman said happily: "I am extremely proud that many of the Group's brands have been recognized by the ISC awards. The high recognition from the judges is due to the continuous dedication and hard work of the team. In the best state, I hope to continue to be affirmed in the future.”

Glenfiddich's vintage wines won gold, and the New Year's gift box was awarded "Best Special/"Limited Packaging" Special Award

Glenfiddich 22 Years Old Sherry King Single Malt Whisky was created for Greater China drinkers who love the sherry cask flavour, and The "Glenfiddich 26 Year Old Cognac Single Malt Whisky", which uses top rare cognac oak barrels and is comparable to Versailles in the whisky world, won the gold medal in this ISC competition. In addition, the "Glenfiddle 30 Year Old Single Malt Whisky" has been matured for more than 30 years in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks and American bourbon barrels, and the "Glenfiddhi 21 Year Old 21 Year Old Whisky" has a unique island style and is warm and sweet. "Single Malt Whisky" also won gold again this year and was highly favored by the judges. In addition to winning the award in the blind drinking session, the distinctive hand-painted style of the Glenfiddich Deer New Year's Gift Box is based on technological imagery and cleverly integrated into the fusion scene of the East and the West, and won the "Best Special / "Limited Packaging" Special Award.

Glenfiddich vintage wins gold at 2022 International Spirits Competition
Glenfiddich New Year's Gift Box won the "Best Special Limited Packaging" award

The PAX Story Series and the Barrel Series Sweep 2022International Spirits Competition get 3Gold, 4Silver success

The Balvenie single malt whisky is one of the few Scotch whisky distilleries that still adhere to the traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by the anecdotes circulating among the wineries, the "Story Series" uses traditional craftsmanship and creativity to create wines with stories. This year, The Balvenie Story Series has achieved great success in ISC, and won 3 gold medals. , Gold-plated products include "The Balvenie Story Series 12-Year Sugar Heart Oak", for Kelsey, the successor of the chief bartender, to try to send the pre-baked wooden barrels to the cooperage again for deep roasting, so that this whisky has both charred The aroma of candy, and the delicate smell of vanilla and oak; "Bai Fu Story Series 14 Years Peat Week" is a wine made by replicating the peat malt process a hundred years ago, reflecting the unique peat flavor of The Balvenie; The limited edition "The Balvenie Story Series 21 Years of Allure Rose" is inspired by a romantic legend about a rose. The chief bartender selects whisky aged 21 years in American bourbon barrels and uses Australian Shiha wine barrels. After passing through the barrel, it showed a unique rose-like color, which was also highly praised by the judges. The Balvenie Barrel Series 4 wines use the "barrel-passing process" pioneered by chief bartender David Stewart in the 1980s, so that the wines are based on the Balvenie's classic honey flavor tone, and each has its own unique style. Also got 4 silver medals.

The Balvenie Story series has won 3 gold medals in the 2022 International Spirits Competition


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