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Gold Award Master Guan Jinpeng's love classic "Lan Yu" 20th Anniversary 4K digital commemorative version released this week

Guan Jinpeng's Chinese Love Classic "Lan Yu" 20th Anniversary 4K Digital Commemorative Version Released Weekly

The art monument unanimously praised!Wen Zhenling after the Jinzhong play: fell in love with Lan Yu and Handong in less than ten minutes
Billionaire producer Ye Rufen: The most classic Chinese gay movie representative

The gold medalist Guan Jinpeng is known as the "movie making machine" because he is good at portraying the emotions of the characters. The actors who have collaborated over the years include Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, and Leslie Cheung, who have successively shined in the international film scene, especially "Ruan Lingyu" even more so that Maggie Cheung After winning the Berlin Film Festival, he wrote the record of the first Chinese actor to win this honor. At that time, Guan Jinpeng's works continued to hit the red plate, and Guan Jinpeng reached the pinnacle of his career with "Red Roses and White Roses" and "The Happier the Depraved", but he had the courage to break the social conservative atmosphere and insisted on shooting the same-sex love movie "Lan Yu", and repeatedly emphasized This is a movie made for everyone to see, and this movie must be made anyway. It is worth mentioning that Guan Jinpeng once revealed to Sanlian Life Weekly that the legendary superstar Leslie Cheung had advised him not to shoot because of his sensitive subject matter, and even asked him if he would not cooperate with him in the future, but soon he took the initiative to call Guan Jinpeng and he recommended himself. I wrote the song "I" and said: "You are so courageous. I have a song recently. I will give it to you as the theme song." But at that time, Guan Jinpeng had decided to choose "You "How can I be sad", I have to thank my friends for their kindness. This song has become an important key throughout the film. In the film, Hu Jun and Liu Ye sang together "The person who loves you the most is me, why are you willing to make me sad", the lyrics are quite sad. Unforgettable, after 20 years, it is still the most representative golden song in the hearts of fans. The movie "Lan Yu" will be released in Taiwan this Friday. The pre-sale tickets for the movie are now on sale, and the single ticket is only 220 yuan. For details, please refer to the blog to ticket sales network.

Hu Jun and Liu Ye who reunited in the film finally realized that they could not live without each other
In the film, Chen Handong, who was originally just acting on the scene, fell in love with Lan Yu unknowingly
The interaction between Hu Jun and Liu Ye in the film is extremely natural, making fans’ heartbeats even faster when they watch it.

"Lan Yu"20"Blue Ocean" at the Anniversary Hall True love beyond time Suck all stars tears praise

The Chinese love classic "Lan Yu" has been the most unforgettable movie in many people's hearts since it was released in 2001. The film has aroused enthusiastic responses wherever it goes, and it continues to accumulate new fans. The director Guan Jinpeng has a great touch, and the starring Hu Jun was also touched. Said that this was the most gratifying thing for him and Liu Ye. The film was officially released on Taiwan for its 20th anniversary yesterday. The film maker A Shang Entertainment opened a special commemorative venue. As soon as it went on sale, it immediately set off a rush to buy. Many loyal fans flooded in the commemorative venues in North, Central and South. The popularity of the scene was boiling. It also attracted many filmmakers to rush to watch the film. Wen Zhenling praised after the Jinzhong play: "The moment the movie fell in love with Lan Yu and Handong less than ten minutes from the beginning, he was destined to go through the joys and sorrows with them. It is an honor for twenty years. After being able to participate in the special screening, it seems that I grew up with this movie 20 years ago." Wu Jianhe, an actor who shined with "Sunshine", said: "I finally met on the big screen. I can't forget it after watching it for a long time. "Lan Yu"!" The actor Yuansuke was amazed: "It is rare to have such a beautiful and free work 20 years ago. It is really a classic." The actor Hong Xiaoling was also shocked: "Once again from the big screen I am still deeply moved by watching this classic." Ye Rufen, a billionaire producer who won the Golden Horse Award "Taiwan Outstanding Film Worker of the Year" honor, gave a high degree of affirmation: "In the past 20 years, "Lan Yu" is still in my opinion. For the most classic representative of Chinese gay movies, there is no other one." This shows its charm. The movie "Lan Yu" will be released in Taiwan this Friday. In order to repay the support of fans, you can get a limited A3 original poster at the theater counter with the ticket stub to watch the movie "Lan Yu" in the theater.

"Jun Ye CP" is the most classic male and male CP combination in the Chinese film industry
Hu Jun plays the role of the son of a wealthy senior cadre in the film

Your name is always in my heart

Han Dong (played by Hu Jun), born as a child of a wealthy family in Beijing, is successful in business at home and surrounded by beautiful women, but he is interested in men. Lan Yu (played by Liu Ye), a college student at the time, was forced by life to choose to betray his body, and became the object of his contacts due to fate. Before the beginning of this relationship, the two had set the rules of the game "to get together, and to disperse," but they got stuck in the process. Just as the relationship became more stable, due to social public opinion and family pressure, Han Dong was about to marry a woman named Jingping (played by Su Jin) as his wife, and Lan Yu silently left. Many years later, Handong failed to do business, and was even arrested by the city council to seize all his wealth and face a capital offense. When Lan Yu learned the news, he immediately sold the house that Handong gave him and put out his savings for many years in an attempt to save Handong. This time, can they really overcome all difficulties and stay together for a long time?

In the film, Hu Jun decides to break up with Liu Ye for the sake of society
Hu Jun and Liu Ye married after breaking up in the film

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