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Grand Father and Son Push Whiskey Communication!4 popular party dinners and wines at the end of the year to upgrade your relationship

The New Year of 2022 is here, and the Lunar New Year is earlier than usual, and there is a lot of demand for dinner at the beginning of the year. Whether it’s a New Year’s Eve dinner in the Lunar New Year, a gathering of three or five friends, or a tail tooth or spring wine, if you know how to come up with the right wine in a suitable dining atmosphere, it will not only add interest to the party, but also reap the rewards at the party. How popular. The Grand Father and Sons are optimistic about the dinner craze at the beginning of the year and bring their hot-selling whisky brands, and provide corresponding wine matching suggestions for 4 common year-end dinner types, so that you can properly arrange various types of gatherings at the beginning of the year, and stand out at the gathering. Impressed.

Get closer to the workplace and use the enthusiasm to clink glasses for the "Glan 8 Years"

In the peak season of the end, many bosses or supervisors like to take their employees to a hot stir-fry restaurant with a Taiwanese human touch in order to comfort the employees who have worked hard for a whole year. When the wine is hot, you can definitely let colleagues talk freely! The first choice for dinner with colleagues is "Grand 8 Years Old Sherry Flavored Scotch Whiskey". The lovely red bottle and the only one in the same class with vintage and sherry barrel flavors. Both CP value and texture make you look decent and professional in front of your peers. ; The taste is soft and easy to enter the throat, allowing you to relax and clink glasses with your usually unfamiliar supervisors and colleagues, celebrate and drink together, frequent interaction and verbal communication, not only bring joy, but also bring each other closer.

Get closer to the workplace and use the hot stir-fry "Grand 8 Years Sherry Flavored Scotch Whiskey"

Three or five friends’ happy fast food party is the "Three Monkeys Triple Malt Whisky" with diverse and unfettered drinking methods.

The many dinners at the end of the year are inevitable social occasions that need to maintain feelings, but there is a kind of gathering where you should have a group of good friends who "needless to say, they understand" and eat the most healing food in the most comfortable state. Fast food, fried food, whether it’s reminiscences of the past or homely, as long as there are three or five friends, it should be paired with "Three Monkeys Triple Malt Whiskey." It has a smooth taste and a soft vanilla flavor. You can drink it purely or add ginger ale or soda water! The unrestricted and diverse drinking method is very suitable for chatting, playing and drinking with friends until the joyous moments of dawn.

"Three Monkeys Triple Malt Whiskey" (provided by Grand Father and Son)

The best choice for Chinese New Year’s grilled Taiwanese dishes, "Baifu Single Malt Whiskey". The mellow taste symbolizes a happy family reunion
The most important New Year's Eve dinner during the New Year, commonly known as "Family Huan", has been a highly valued family banquet since ancient times. When you taste the delicacies of mountains and seas with your family, pairing with fine wine will make the reunion time more warm. When enjoying auspicious dishes on the New Year’s stove, it is recommended to pair it with the designated spirit "Baifu Single Malt Whisky" in the Taiwan’s original dining guide "500 Plates". The classic "Balven 12 Years Double Barrel" is a wine with both honey, vanilla and other flavors. It has a smooth taste and delicate finish; "Balven 14 Years Caribbean Lamb Barrel" has the classic mellow honey flavor of Balvenie. , There is more tropical fruit aroma, and the ending rhyme is longer. Both of them are suitable for umami-rich Taiwanese cuisine and neutralize various cooking methods such as frying, roasting, frying, and boiling. The mellow taste is not only good for single drinking or serving meals. Appropriate, it also symbolizes a happy family reunion at the end of the year, and is the first choice wine for Chinese New Year reunion.

Best choice for Chinese New Year’s grilled dishes "Baifu Single Malt Whiskey" (provided by Grand Father and Son)

Surprise romantic exotic meal with "Glenfiddich 12 Years Angel Shirley" silently guarding the other half

Every year at the beginning of the year, people don’t feel like looking back on the ups and downs of the previous year. Whether it’s a new breakthrough in your career or the setbacks and crises you have experienced, in addition to thanking the people, things, and things you have helped, do you still Remember the other half who is by your side and guarding silently? At the beginning of the year, prepare a surprise romantic exotic meal for the other half, paired with "Glenfiddich 12 Years Angel Shirley Single Malt Whiskey". The deep and sweet Shirley flavor with the smell of roasted apple blooms in your mouth. Intertwined with the plump meat of an exotic meal, it creates a multi-layered taste feast. The sweet taste between the lips and teeth and the gentle look at each other under the warm light make people indulge in the throbbing of the initial love again.

Surprise romantic exotic meal with "Glenfiddich 12 Years Angel Shirley Single Malt Whisky" (provided by Grand Father and Son)

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