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Grand finale of the king!The new FUSO Phase VI vehicle series officially debuted in Taiwan's economic towing head, leading the industry, FUSO joins hands with the heads of Taiwan to transform the future

FUSO today (23) officially launched a new six-phase full vehicle series, including the 3.5-ton and 5-ton hot-selling champion Canter, the cargo truck Tianwang Fighter large cargo truck and the flagship heavy truck Super Great. In addition to complying with the emission regulations for large diesel vehicles, it also Reinforcement-safety, comfort and efficiency in three major aspects

meets theEU VI regulations The three major functions of safety, comfort and performance have been upgraded

The annual grand finale! Taiwan’s Daimler Asia Commercial Vehicles (DTAT), the leading domestic commercial vehicle leader, FUSO, officially announced today (23) a new six-phase full vehicle series under the theme of "FUSO Taiwan Economic Trailer Head". Demeanor. The whole vehicle series includes the 3.5-ton and 5-ton hot-selling champion Canter, the cargo truck Tianwang Fighter large cargo truck, and the flagship heavy truck Super Great. In addition to complying with the sixth phase of emission regulations for large diesel vehicles, it is more enhanced-safety (Super Safety) and comfort ( The three major aspects of Super Comfort and Super Efficiency provide brand-new driving experience such as comprehensive protection for the leader and driving, high-comfort cockpit, and performance enhancement. At the same time, it also announces that the FUSO Phase VI vehicle era is in full swing and continues to work with all Taiwanese car owners. Taiwan, co-transform the future. The grand finale is really extraordinary. FUSO selected a new car in the hangar of Tainan Airport this time. As soon as the door of the hangar was opened, the whole audience focused on the other side. The entire FUSO Phase VI car is based on a large passenger aircraft as the background, as if it is towed by a powerful person. Flying into the venue as a hero, the audience exclaimed, accompanied by the flashing spotlights.

Grand finale of the king! Today (23) FUSO officially launched a new phase 6 full vehicle series. FUSO Phase 6 new cars have greatly improved in terms of safety performance, novel appearance and efficiency. We hope to bring the best products and services to customers in Taiwan.
Domestic commercial vehicle leader FUSO held a six-phase new car launch conference at Tainan Airport today (23), with the theme concept of "Taiwan Economy Trailer Head", creating a majestic venue to welcome FUSO's new six-phase vehicle series

At the opening of the event, Lin Chunji, Chairman of Daimler Asia Commercial Vehicles (DTAT) in Taiwan, said emotionally: "FUSO has been deeply involved in Taiwan for more than 60 years and has witnessed the take-off and miracle of Taiwan’s economy with countless Taiwanese car owners. FUSO can be said to be the leader of Taiwan’s economy. Carrying countless goods and dreams." At the end of the event, CEO Wang Lishan drove the heavy truck Super Great into the venue. He excitedly said to the audience: "FUSO has been preparing for a long time in the sixth phase of the new car series. It is very happy to finally launch today (23). We are very confident of our products. Both safety performance, novel appearance and efficiency have been greatly improved. With the support of the huge resources of Daimler Daimler Group, we hope to bring the best quality products and services to all customers in Taiwan. We are sincerely grateful. The support of the whole Taiwanese family over the past 60 years."

Lin Chunji, Chairman of Taiwan Daimler Asia Commercial Vehicles (DTAT), attended the press conference and said that FUSO has been in Taiwan for more than 60 years and has witnessed Taiwan’s economic take-off and miracle with countless Taiwanese car owners, carrying countless goods and dreams. New cars can once again lead Taiwan’s economy to take off
Wang Lishan, CEO of Daimler Automotive Asia (DTAT) in Taiwan, said that FUSO’s long-prepared phase 6 new car series is very happy to finally officially launch today (23). The FUSO phase 6 era is in full swing and will join hands with all Taiwanese car owners. Continue to cultivate Taiwan and transform the future together

Three thoughtful upgrades Provide a better driving experience

one,CompleteAzimuth securityupgrade

Grand finale of the king!The new FUSO Phase VI vehicle series was officially unveiled. Taiwan's economic towing heads lead the industry. FUSO joins hands with the heads of Taiwan to transform the future. The chiefs from left to right are Chen Zhenxian, General Manager of Yuyi Automobile, Harald, Chief Financial Officer of DTAT, Lin Chunji, Chairman of DTAT, and DTAT CEO Wang Lishan, DTAT Product and Marketing Director Yin Jianping, DTAT Chief Operating Officer Chen Hongji

Inheriting FUSO's consistent high-standard safety requirements, the sixth-phase new vehicles are fully equipped with high-standard protection systems to make the driving process safer. In addition to the introduction of regulations, safety equipment commonly found in motorhomes: LDWS lane deviation warning system (except for 3.5 tons), and beyond the regulations, AEBS comes standard with active brake assist (except for 3.5 tons)-in addition to stationary and moving vehicles, but also It can detect moving pedestrians (except Fighter), which can significantly reduce accidents; the heavy vehicle technology is equipped with mud escape mode, ESS emergency brake warning system, PCA distance control system, IHC smart headlights, and ASGA active side The warning system (optional), when there is an object outside the front passenger seat, it will actively warn the driver, truly taking into account passive safety protection and active danger prevention.

two,highComfortable textureupgrade

In order to improve driving comfort, the new FUSO Phase VI vehicle series has also been fully upgraded in terms of comfort equipment. Small cars are equipped with highly breathable leather chairs and armrests (except 3.5 tons), plus the original suspended center console design, which makes the cockpit The horizontal space is more spacious, which helps to reduce the fatigue of long-term driving; heavy-duty vehicles are equipped with air suspension seats of the same level as the European brands, which can be automatically adjusted to match the driving weight, especially the seat belt lock is attached to the seat. One-piece, wide covering makes driving comfort double. The newly added pneumatic suspension models for medium and heavy vehicles not only improve ride comfort, but also protect fragile and high-precision products. In addition, vehicles over 5 tons are equipped with a 7-inch integrated vision assist system as standard, allowing drivers to clearly understand the surrounding vehicle conditions during the driving process, and can also play music through the mobile phone to enjoy the driving process safely and comfortably.


The FUSO Super Great Phase VI adopts a brand new engine, and its maximum displacement is reduced to 10,667cc, which not only saves taxes, but also increases horsepower by 13% and torque by 10% compared to Phase V. The Canter and Fighter maintain the same cc number. The engine is equipped with a VGT variable geometry turbocharger. After tuning, the output peak can be reached at a lower speed range. The Canter's torque is 8% higher than that of the fifth stage car (37.7kgf→ 40.8kgf). Secondly, the German Daimler Group's advanced post-processing BlueTec technology is better than the requirements of the EU Phase VI emission regulations. It enjoys strong power output while also taking into account environmental protection. It not only saves taxes for the transport leader, but also reduces fuel for the fleet. Fees and travel costs. BlueTec technology has been applied to Japanese small cargo trucks for the first time. Under the international trend of increasingly stringent emission regulations, FUSO's new Phase VI vehicle series can be said to be the first choice for environmental protection in one step.

Taiwan Economic Trailer HeadMELTEDThe sixth phase of the new car series officially unveiled!

Flagship heavy truck—FUSO Super Great dragleadvehicle/Heavy truck

The FUSO Super Great, which has been the champion of heavy truck sales for a long time, has always been the focus of passers-by with its domineering and brave appearance. The appearance of this six-phase new car is also refreshing. The new water tank shield and lampshade design strengthen the brand recognition with a dynamic and neat V-shape. The exterior paint color retains the classic white, and a technologically-sense silver purple is added. The dazzling color is expected to be lifted in the commercial automobile industry. A tough guy blue whirlwind; the engine is equipped with a common rail diesel engine (OM470), which is lighter in weight and can output a maximum horsepower of 455ps, an increase of 13% (401ps for the fifth phase → 455ps for the sixth phase), and a peak torque of 224kgm ( Phase 5 204kgm→Phase 6 224kgm), which greatly outperforms competitors at the same level and reduces the displacement by 1,291cc, which can save nearly 5,000 yuan in fuel tax per year compared with Phase 5 cars; Phase 6 cars fully adopt ShiftPilot self-propelled gearboxes, even for women Drivers can also easily control heavy trucks, and the ShiftPilot automatic gearbox can adjust the most suitable gear position according to the road conditions and cargo load. It also has EcoRoll energy-saving mode, creep mode and escape mode, when the tires are stuck in the mud or The deep pit can play a better clutch retractable function than a hand-cart. The increasingly stringent emission standards not only maintain the best engine performance and fuel consumption, reduce driver fatigue caused by long-term driving, but also reduce operating costs for transport leaders and fleets.

In addition, the FUSO Super Great is also newly redesigned in the sixth period. The bay-shaped center console provides a more user-friendly driving environment, so that drivers of different body shapes can easily touch each center control button, making driving more flexible. The sixth phase of the car also offers two vehicle height options of 3,200mm (standard) and 3,320mm (high roof). The door handle of the newly added standard roof is only 183 cm above the ground, allowing female drivers to easily enter the cockpit. The whole car adopts lightweight, durable and high-strength super beams, showing strong chassis performance. In order to respond to various cargo needs, and with steel plate suspension suitable for various road conditions, the sixth phase will update the air-cushioned rear suspension model (4 Pieces), the driving is more stable when transporting fragile and high-precision goods.

The best of kings! FUSO’s new Phase VI car was officially unveiled. The event site was perfectly lined up with a large passenger plane. With shocking sound, light and sound effects, it was like a hero's debut, setting off the climax of the event.
The best of kings! FUSO’s new Phase VI car was officially unveiled. The event site was perfectly lined up with a large passenger plane. With shocking sound, light and sound effects, it was like a hero's debut, setting off the climax of the event.

MELTEDCargo card king—Fighter Large cargo card

FUSO trucks have always used a streamlined front appearance to effectively reduce airflow resistance and turbulence, so as to increase driving stability, reduce fuel consumption, and meet diversified passenger demand. The new FUSO Fighter Phase VI new car adds a 13.5 ton niche model that is not available in the same class, and the safety equipment is upgraded. LDWS lane deviation warning system, AEBS emergency brake assist system, sensor wiper and attention assist function are added; built-in The part of the seat is replaced by a non-woven fabric with a leather seat surface. The new steering wheel is equipped with newly added quick function keys and toggle switches. The humanized function design enhances the driving concentration of driving. A 7-inch integrated driving vision assist system is installed on the top of the console. With an ergonomic and intimate cockpit design, it reduces driving fatigue and enhances road safety. In addition, the power system follows the new-generation 6M60 high-pressure common-rail injection diesel engine, and the VGT variable geometry turbocharger adjusts the intake air volume. Even in the low-speed range, it can obtain a powerful supercharging effect, start more powerfully, and improve cargo handling. Smoothness and reduced fuel consumption, so the output horsepower and torque peak can be reached at a lower speed. Like the Super Great heavy trucks, Fighter has added air-cushioned suspension models to respond to the market's demand for carrying special goods.

Hot-selling champion—CanterKanda

FUSO took the lead in launching the PRO 5 Kanda 5-ton truck to meet market demand. This time, the sixth phase renewed the 3.5-ton economic model to benefit customers with low cargo demand. The original hot-selling 6.5-ton and 8.55-ton trucks were transferred to domestic models. With the addition of the 7.9-ton model that is highly anticipated in the market, the lineup of Phase 6 Canter Janda has become more competitive with the optimization of this product line. In the power section, the 4P10 engine has been tuned to perform at low speeds with high output. The displacement is maintained at 2,998cc to save taxes. The maximum horsepower and torque of 3.5 tons are 130ps and 35.7kgm, and the maximum horsepower and torque of 5 tons models is 150ps and torque. 40.8kgm; and the maximum horsepower of more than 6.5 tons is 175ps and the torque is 43.8kgm. With VGT variable geometry turbocharger, the power output is strong and energy-saving, saving money for the first person. In addition, a 4.3-meter super-long axle chassis was added to the 8.55-ton model, allowing the first to carry more and earn more.

For the interior part, FUSO Phase VI Canter has a new instrument panel design, and five new configurations, including artificial leather chairs, armrests, automatic headlights, AMT fixed speed and defogging lines (some specifications are not applicable to 3.5-ton models) , Making the overall operation smoother and driving more comfortable; at the same time, the Canter is equipped with FUSO super beams, the upper surface of the strong beam belly is flat without any protruding rivets, and the body can be easily mounted; in addition, it inherits FUSO’s high-standard safety requirements. FUSO's new Phase 6 Canter comes standard with AEBS active brake assist (except 3.5 tons), ABS anti-lock braking system, ESP body electronic dynamic stability control system, LDWS lane departure system (except 3.5 tons), BOS brake priority system, AMT slope Auxiliary system, the 7-inch integrated vision assist system (except for 3.5 tons) is to bring more peace of mind and safety to the driving process.

Comprehensive warrantyupgrade!MELTEDAll new cars in the sixth phase enjoy the original factory warranty

FUSO officially launched the entire vehicle series of Phase 6 new cars. In order to give all Taiwanese heads a better driving experience, you can enjoy the full three-year or 100,000 kilometers original factory warranty for the whole vehicle with the purchase of the entire series of FUSO Phase 6 new cars from today. For more new car information, please Contact Yuyi Motors, a FUSO dealer in Taiwan.

FUSO held its annual presentation at Tainan Airport with the theme of "Taiwan Economic Trailer Head". The unique creativity not only symbolized that FUSO is inseparable from Taiwan’s economic development, but also grounded the local spirit and returned to the important town of Taiwan’s early economic rise- Tainan, in this city full of historical and humanistic spirit and modern and innovative, perfectly interprets FUSO's new Phase VI car. The event site uses the nightclub psychedelic style combined with projection technology. From the opening laser show, a page of FUSO glorious history is outlined, to the LIVE real car drill to break the previous static briefing style, allowing all the guests to be immersed in the scene without paying attention. . Until the door of the hangar opens, FUSO's new Phase VI vehicle series slowly drove into the venue, lined up with large passenger planes for perfect interpretation, and the shocking sound, light and sound effects make the audience look intently, like a hero debut, ushering in the best of kings , Setting off the climax of the event, and leaving every participant an unforgettable moment!

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