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Grand Luce's exclusive presentation - "Shirley Single Barrel Impression" Online Special ExhibitionFeel the throbbing of the Impressionist masters

Art is golden wind, wine is jade dew, and wine is the source of inspiration for artists. At the moment of opening, the fresh and elegant charm is overflowing. Glenroth's "Sherry Single Cask Impression" - Yi Hua Yi Liquor, creating a new cross-border idea for Sherry Cask Whiskey.

Since 1879, Glenroth has always adhered to the centuries-old craftsmanship combined with the evolution of innovative technology to brew whisky; the smooth and delicate taste, slightly floral single malt whisky, is carefully crafted by an artist-like distiller. After the core wine category has won awards in major spirits competitions in the world, Glenroos will then launch the 2022 Taiwan limited edition "Sherry Single Barrel Impression" series of single barrel original wines with the theme of Impressionist art works, which is more cross-border. The "Metaverse" boom, the first serial numbered single barrel NFT airdrop in Taiwan, each NFT has the same unique serial number as the product, so that the single barrel of original wine is not only a treasured masterpiece, but also a digital art treasure.

The "Sherry Single Barrel Impression" series is matured in 100% sherry barrels for the first time, so that the aroma of the 15, 16 and 18 year old single barrel original wine is vividly seen. The work is packaged, and the flavor and taste are the first choice for a new generation of whisky collection! Grand Luce also held an online special exhibition for the launch of the "Shirley Single Barrel Impression" series, which brought the artistic paintings of the three Impressionist masters to the fore. Combining the throbbing of light and shadow of the Impressionist masters, the three single-cask single-cask impressions of the "Sherry Single-Barrel Impression" series are presented with the taste buds of the single-cask original wine. rights and other beautiful gifts. Visit now:

Stick to the most luxurious oak barrels Capture the most beautiful moments

Taiwan limited single barrel original wine Glenroth2022Limited Edition "Shirley Single Barrel Impression"

Glenroth 2022 brings the limited edition "Sherry Single Barrel Impression" series. Three single malt whisky original wines of 15, 16 and 18 years record the time that their oak barrels existed in the wine cellar, after more than ten years of hardening Refining, with the original natural wine color, charming flavor and unique Shirley impression, leaving a moment that can never be replicated, belonging to a time that will never return. The "Sherry Single Cask Impressions" series are all 100% first-time sherry cask whiskies, which are precious items that whisky lovers must collect! The whisky matured in the first sherry cask can absorb the most aroma of the sherry cask itself. As long as you take a sip, you can feel its charming aroma and its unique style. At the same time, it leads the new idea of ​​sherry cask and stays on the tip of the tongue. The flavor impression is like the throbbing of light and shadow left by Impressionist masters on the canvas. It exists only for perfection. Every drop is the best vintage, which is worthy of your careful collection and taste.

A feast of wine tasting and art Create a new idea of ​​quality life

Taiwan first limited editionNFTairdrop Highly collectible digital art

Whiskey is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many art masters, creators and musicians, and it is an indispensable spiritual source for quality life. During the epidemic prevention period, I deeply felt that everyone could not go out, so Glenroth specially designed it. Shirley's Single Barrel Impression Series 3D online gallery transforms the paintings of three Impressionist masters including Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Monet into an online exhibition. Whether it's "Cafe at Night", "Still Life of Milk Jugs and Fruits" or "Monet Gardens in Giverny", art lovers can drink Gran Rousse at home while enjoying the charming 360-degree view Admire the paintings of the Impressionist masters from a perspective.

This time, Grand Luce has stepped into the metaverse, and cooperated with Polygon, a well-known NFT trading platform, to launch a limited number of NFTs, opening up new ideas. As long as you visit "Shirley Single Barrel Impression 3D Online Gallery" from 2022/6/10-7/10, and join as a LINE friend of "Zhen Zang Shirley Club", Grand Roads will announce the final limited NFT on 8/15 winners. Each NFT individual serial number has a barrel number and a bottle number, showing the digital art collection value of art and whisky across the border, and jumping out of traditional thinking and entering the field of NFT blockchain. NFT winners can not only enjoy the priority to participate in the VIP event of the Grand Roads event this year, but also the limited event "Double Touch". The top three collectors who buy the same bottle number as the NFT limited edition can get another limited edition A set of Glenroth single barrel series mini alcohol gift boxes!

Limited edition Glenroth Single Barrel Mini Alcohol Gift Box(The mini wine gift box does not include700ml Genuine goods, mainly real products)

Flavor that stays on the taste buds of the tongue Like the throbbing left on the canvas by the Impressionist masters

Glenroth 151618single barrel impression Rare and unmissable treasures for whisky connoisseurs

Glenrothes 15 Year Old Sherry Single Cask #6747, with the title of "Night Outdoor Cafe" by Impressionist artist Van Gogh, is a pure new wine distilled in 2005, aged in the first sherry barrels in Europe. Sip a sip of 15-year-old single-cask original wine as if you are in an open-air café on a cool night. The clear night sky is like the pure wine body of Glen Russ. The back of the throat is accompanied by the sweetness of toffee and the elegant woody tonal finish, which makes people unforgettable.

Glenroth 16 Year Old Sherry Single Cask #8416, interpreted with the work of Cezanne, a master of Impressionism and Cubism, "still life with milk jugs and fruits", a pure new wine distilled in 2004, the first Sherry in the United States Aged in barrels, the 16-year-old thick original wine of Glenroth is like a slightly low-key background in the painting, with vanilla cream flavor, tropical fruit unrestrained fruity and charming citrus tones, just like the milk jug and fruit in the painting, Against the backdrop of the background, there is stillness, bright and charming, and it is the most abundant tasting feast for whisky lovers.

Glenroth 18 Years Old Sherry Single Cask #3118, titled "Monet's Garden at Giverny" by Monet, the founding master of Impressionism, is a pure new wine distilled in 2003, aged in the first sherry barrels in Europe. Representing its status as the most noble Impressionist master of sherry cask whisky, it is a high-age rare original wine worthy of collection. A sip is like the ever-changing garden of Giverny under Monet's brush, full of different light and shadows, sometimes with dried figs, sometimes with toffee sweetness, and finally a variety of long-lasting sweets. The spice rhythm, as if the characters in the painting jumped out, strolled in the garden, and walked towards the Japanese bridge and the lotus pond at the other end. Glenroth's three limited-edition "Sherry Single Cask Impressions" series, 15, 16, and 18 year old single malt whiskies, each are carefully selected 100% first sherry casks and are still used today The red copper still with the same design as the factory was built in 1879, and the slow distillation is carried out for 11 hours, which is longer than the industry norm, and the wine is extracted into a pure, elegant and fruity liquor, so the taste of each bottle is unique. Light and meticulous, mellow and mellow, it is the perfect crystallization of the brewing of the century-old heritage craftsmanship of Gran Lusi combined with the evolution of innovative technology, and also highlights the brand tradition of Gran Lusi "do not do simple things, only insist on doing the right things".


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