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GRMN Yaris is priced from 7.32 million yen for the first time at the 2022 Tokyo Modified Auto Show

table of contents
●GRMN Yaris debuted at Tokyo Tuned Auto Show
●The strongest GR named "GRMN"
●Three models are compiled, the price starts from 7.32 million yen
●Specifications of GRMN Yaris
●Special kit for GR Yaris sold separately
●Selected photos of GRMN Yaris on site

GRMN YarisFirst unveiled at the Tokyo Tuned Auto Show

At the 2022 Tokyo Tuning Auto Show, Toyota GAZOO Racing (TGR for short) exhibited the GRMN Yaris for the first time.

The strongest GR named "GRMN"

GRMN Yaris “Rally package”

The GRMN Yaris released this time is the strongest modification that pushes the performance of the GR Yaris to the limit. Among the many GR models, only the ones with excellent performance can be named GRMN. The TGR team is fully committed to what they have learned in the event. , GRMN Yairs was born. The hood, roof, rear wing and other parts are made of lightweight and high-rigidity carbon fiber materials, and the rear seat is eliminated and the passenger is limited to two people, only about 20 kilograms can be reduced. The height of the car is lowered by 10mm to achieve a low center of gravity, and the width of the car is increased by 10mm to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

In addition, under the adjustment of professional drivers, the braking force, grip, steering and cruising have also been improved, and it has evolved into a "car that can run more safely and enjoyably".

Looking at the cockpit, there are racing seats made by Recaro, with red stitching on the seats creating a sporty and premium atmosphere.

GRMN Yaris “Rally package”

As mentioned above, the GR Yaris also cancels the rear seats and can only take two people.

Three models are compiled, the price starts from 7.32 million yen

GRMN Yaris “Circuit package”
GRMN Yaris “Circuit package”
Limited color "matte black steel"

In addition to the standard models, there are three models in total, "Circuit package" and "Rally package". The Circuit package has a special limited matte black steel color and is expected to be limited to 50 units.

GRMN YarisSpecifications

Body size

Power configuration

GR Yaris special kit sold separately

A special kit has also been launched for owners who already own a GR Yaris, and a kit that can feel the performance of the GRMN Yaris is expected to be launched in the fall of 2022.

GRMN YarisFeatured photos of the scene

GRMN Yaris “Rally package”

GRMN Yaris “Circuit package”

Original text: GRMN Yaris world premiere! Prices start from about 7.32 million yen[Tokyo Auto Salon 2022]
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