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Group Symbiosis Skoda Superb

●The new fourth-generation models represent the brand’s comprehensive entry into a new era

●Retaining two models, the wind resistance coefficient is comprehensively reduced and the space is comprehensively increased.

●Provide TSI, TDI, 48V light petrol-electric and PHEV multiple power options

●Estimated introduction time: 2024.Q3

The recent past can be said to be a counterattack moment for VAG Group's branded fuel-powered vehicles, with a number of mainstay and evergreen models appearing one after another. Of course, in addition to the Kodiaq, which launched another wave of sales peaks for the brand on Skoda, the brand has not forgotten Superb, one of its foundational veterans, and is still preparing to launch a dual-line lineup of RV/station wagon.

Performance in previous years becomes the basis for planning

In the brand's records, Superb has already recorded sales of 1.6 million in the early 20 years since it returned to the market in 2001, and has grown from 160,000 for the first-generation model. The second- and third-generation models sold 61.8 and 84.5 respectively. With sales of 10,000 units, although the proportion of the RV version in the third generation has dropped by about 20% as the overall consumption trend changes, it still maintains sales of close to 55 waves. Therefore, Superb did not switch to a single line or even completely withdraw from the medium and large touring car market like many of its old comrades. It still very firmly continued the configuration of the two-line model. The touring car version also still maintains the classic large hatchback tailgate design, as well as very standard three-dimensional The shape proportions of the four-door compartment. The drag coefficient performance is also very outstanding, with the RV reaching 0.23Cd and the Combi station wagon also having an outstanding performance of 0.25Cd. With the active variable air intake grille in the front water tank guard, the engine and braking system can be actively adjusted. Cooling airflow.

Superb is currently one of the few affordable mid-to-large RVs that has been able to extend its product life. The main reason has a lot to do with the fact that its sales ratio in the past can still maintain more than 40%.
The RV version maintains the classic three-compartment and four-door architecture, providing a choice for conservative buyers who like traditional flavors.

The overall proportions of the two new cars have become significantly longer and leaner, and the overall shape has many similarities with the new-generation Passat. Compared with the actual length of the old model, the length is on average 4 centimeters longer, officially breaking the 4.9-meter mark. However, the width of the car is slightly reduced by 1.5 centimeters, and the height of the car is slightly increased. However, the wheelbase remains at 2841mm, which is the same as Passat in terms of actual passenger capacity. It has been improved, and the space in the front and rear rows has been increased. The standard luggage capacity is 645 liters for the RV and 690 liters for the station wagon. When fully flattened, it can provide a maximum capacity of 1920 liters. The new car will also provide matrix headlights as high-end equipment. The new dual-LED light set provides 36 light-emitting modules, which improves the lighting effect by 40% while maintaining the anti-glare effect.

The rear cabin is still spacious, and the RV version also maintains the usual large hatchback tailgate.
The number of new LED headlight lighting modules is more abundant, and the lighting effect will also be significantly improved.

Family-oriented new interior architecture

Just like the new architecture set by the launch of Octavia, Superb also uses a V-shaped console. The multi-layered and directional integrated design relatively highlights a more mature style, and all air-conditioning outlets adopt a hidden integrated design, which also highlights the central 10-inch or 13-inch main screen that can support OTA cloud services. The visual focus is maintained while the rest of the area remains simple and flat.

The interior architecture has not been fully digitalized, but is presented in appropriate proportions. The new car will also provide a HUD head-up display for the first time.

In addition, because the gear system has been changed to a steering column type, the entire central saddle has become a very ample storage space; what is even more special is the three-ring multi-function control column above, with an independent small screen in the center of each knob. This allows you to switch between air conditioning, music, driving mode and other operations. This cleverly integrates the virtual and real arrangements of the digital and physical interfaces, retaining the hardware that is easier for most users to operate, but also adding the convenience of changing the digital interface and creating a It has a sense of technology, and the original manufacturer provides 13 interior theme combinations and 15 additional independent optional options for new cars. In the future, new cars can be well combined and matched after they are launched.

The traditional column-type gearbox design is removed from the central saddle to create more ample scattered storage space.
The cockpit will have a variety of themes and material combinations, allowing Superb to have a richer experience.
The newly designed three-ring control interface allows for quick switching of multiple functions, effectively improving intuitive use.

Finally, in terms of power system, the new car is just like the previous new cars launched first, equipped with three power cores with 1.5TSI, 2.0TSI and 2.0TDI as the core. The 1.5TSI gasoline power will be available with a 48V light gasoline-electric system or a more complete PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid power. However, the PHEV model is only available with the Combi station wagon and uses an exclusive six-speed DSG gearbox. This car will have a combined output of 204hp and a pure electric range of up to 100km. It is set as a front-wheel drive and can support DC fast charging of 50kW power. The remaining 2.0TSI and TDI models will adopt two combinations of low-output front-wheel drive and high-output four-wheel drive. The 2.0TSI 4X4 models that were popular in the country in the past will also continue to be provided. The overall output is 265hp paired with a 7-speed DSG gearbox. The new car can also be upgraded with the DCC Plus active suspension system to further improve the overall driving performance and road texture.

The station wagon model will independently provide PHEV power options, and the overall style of the new car is very similar to the Passat.

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