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Half a century of passionBMW M8 / iX M60 / M 50th Anniversary Exhibition

●Small facelift M8 Coupe/Gran Coupe on stage

The M8 comes standard with the Racing Package, and a 50th Anniversary Edition is also available

● BMW's first pure electric performance leisure travel iX M60 officially unveiled

●The maximum output is 619hp/112.2kgm, and it only takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate to zero

●Domestic listing time: August 30, 2022

Newly released model price list

car model Price (ten thousand yuan)
840i Gran Coupe M Sport 529
M850i xDrive Gran Coupe 729
M8 Coupe/Gran Coupe 927/937
M8 Coupe/Gran Coupe M 50 Year Individual Edition 950/960
iX M60 620

Founded in 1972, M Motorsport GmbH is a special division of BMW for participating in motor sports. Later, it was renamed BMW M GmbH and expanded its business scope, from the development of high-performance M models, driving training courses to BMW Individual customized services, etc. , so that the M logo with blue, purple and red colors has gradually become the strongest letter on the surface in the hearts of enthusiastic car fans. In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the M brand, the general agent Fande specially held a special exhibition for the 50th anniversary of BMW M on August 30, bringing together the only new M4 GT3 racing car in Taiwan, as well as M3 Sport Evolution, 1M, Z4 M Coupe, M2 CS, M3 CSL, M3 GTS, M4 GTS and other rare car models, and at the same time released a small facelift M8 car series and the first pure electric performance leisure travel iX M60.

The only new M4 GT3 in Taiwan was also unveiled for the first time, becoming a highlight of the BMW M 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition.

More delicate and elegant running

As the representative of the brand's flagship coupe, the 8 Series, following the introduction of the slightly facelifted Gran Coupe model in June this year, the M8 high-performance version was added at the end of August, and the Coupe and Gran Coupe models were also available. 9.27, 9.37 million yuan. While maintaining the original elegant and smooth sports car lines, the facelifted new car also comes standard with the Racing Package including the M carbon fiber exterior kit and the M sports exhaust system. , double-ribbed rearview mirrors and spoiler rear wing are embellished with carbon fiber material with strong performance style, and the latter can provide a rich and surging exhaust sound with the driving pace.

The facelifted M8 is simultaneously introduced into the Coupe and Gran Coupe dual models, and comes standard with the Sportier Racing Package.
The M sports exhaust system adopts a bilateral four-outlet configuration, and you can also see exclusive designs such as a carbon fiber spoiler rear spoiler and a rear lower spoiler.

In order to meet the individual needs of car owners, the facelifted M8 not only added 8 new car colors this time, but also specially launched the M8 Coupe/Gran Coupe M 50 Jahre Individual Edition (9.50/9.6 million yuan) in response to the 50th anniversary of BMW M. Six Individual exclusive car color options are available; in addition, car owners who pursue extreme competition can also choose M exclusive carbon fiber racing bucket seats with a weight reduction of 9.6kg, M carbon fiber ceramic brake system and 20-inch M star-spoke 813M wheels circle, creating a more passionate driving atmosphere.

The facelifted M8 follows the pace of the 8 Series car series, with a fully upgraded 12.3-inch touch screen and 12.3-inch digital instrumentation.

Low-key appearance arrogant power

More than half a year after the original release, the all-new iX M60, which integrates i's top pure electric energy technology, the X family's luxury flagship sports car and the M enthusiastic performance lineage, has finally officially appeared in Taiwan, and the suggested price will remain at the beginning of February. of 6.2 million yuan. Since the pure electric model emphasizes low drag coefficient, the new car does not have additional aerodynamic kits in the appearance part, maintaining the same sports version shape as the domestic imported models, mainly through the addition of side/tail copper trim M emblem, Exclusive configurations such as blue M brake kit and 22-inch M bronze trim aerodynamic rims embellish the exclusive high-performance appearance that this car should have.

The interior also continues the avant-garde and luxurious layout of the iX car series, which is only adjusted for color matching and presented in the exclusive M emblem of the digital instrument design.

The new iX M60 introduces the new fifth-generation eDrive electric power technology. The front and rear axles are equipped with a new rare-earth-free electric motor, respectively, with a maximum horsepower of 258hp and 489hp. Not only the combined horsepower reaches 619hp, but also the amazing peak torque of 112.2kgm (1100Nm). It is BMW's first model with a breakthrough of 1000Nm. With the launch control function of exclusive electric vehicles, the 0~100km/h acceleration can be easily completed in only 3.8 seconds, and the lithium battery module with a total capacity of 111.5kWh is excellent. With the help of the advanced energy management system and the new active kinetic energy recharge system, the WLTP cruising range reaches 561km. At the same time, through the BMW i high-speed charging station, the fastest mileage of 150km can be replenished in just 10 minutes, 10~80% The fastest charging takes only 35 minutes, which is a benchmark for performance or energy saving.


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