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Handsome running brigade Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

●The new second-generation model, the body size is slightly enlarged

●12.3-inch digital instrument + 11.9-inch upright central control screen

2.0L straight four turbo with ISG 48V light oil-electric system

●Domestic listing time: August 24, 2023

●GLC 200/300 4Matic Coupe suggested price: 2.89/3.3 million yuan

Less than half a year after the launch of the original factory, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan officially released the new second-generation GLC Coupe in Taiwan on August 24 this year. The first wave of imported models is the GLC 200/300 4Matic Coupe compared to the SUV brothers that were launched at the end of last year. The dual-power configuration is priced at 2.89 million yuan and 3.3 million yuan respectively, and delivery is expected to begin in October.

In order to meet different style preferences, the domestically introduced GLC 200 4Matic Coupe is equipped with the Avantgarde interior and exterior package as standard, and the 300 is replaced with the more dynamic and outgoing AMG Line configuration, but the sports car suspension system is uniformly adopted to meet the positioning of the sports car; the interior part Also compared with its SUV brothers, the 12.3-inch digital instrument and 11.9-inch upright central touch screen outline the new-generation family-style cockpit. The standard Artico-covered instrument panel, electric double front seats, and advanced surround view are all equipped as standard. Style interior lighting with 64-color ambient lights, the new MBUX multimedia system with zero-layer zero-level touch interface, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and other equipment also fully demonstrate the luxury technology style.

The domestically introduced GLC 200/300 4Matic Coupe dual-power configuration is equipped with Avantgarde and AMG Line kits respectively.
The interior uses a 12.3-inch digital instrument and an 11.9-inch upright central touch screen, which outlines a new-generation family-style cockpit.
Benefiting from the slightly enlarged body size compared with the previous model, the luggage compartment space has also been increased to 545~1490L.

In terms of power settings, GLC 200/300 4Matic Coupe is equipped with a 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine with a maximum output of 204hp/32.7kgm and 258hp/40.8kgm respectively. There is also an ISG 48V light oil-electric system that can provide an additional 23hp horsepower assistance, bringing 0~100km/h acceleration in 7.9 and 6.3 seconds, and a top speed of 227 and 246km/h. In addition, GLC Coupe is also compatible with The SUV brothers also come standard with an off-road mode. In addition to the exclusive display interface of the digital instrument, central screen and head-up display, it also has a surface detection function, which can display the image below the vehicle when driving at low speeds to avoid accidental collisions.

The second-generation GLC Coupe is equipped with 4Matic permanent four-wheel drive system as standard, which can provide stable power output and handling performance.

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