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Happy Happy URX in the Year of the Tiger

Thanksgiving at the end of the year, giving back to 60,000 big fun

The Lunar New Year is coming, and it is an important time for family reunion trips! In response to the arrival of the New Year’s Day and thank all consumers for their enthusiastic support and affirmation, LUXGEN offered "Happy New Year in the Year of the Tiger! LUXGEN 60 thousand FUN to give away!"Super-value discount plan (1), allowing you to buy a car for a good year at the same time as you are welcoming a new year! From January 1 (Saturday) to January 31 (Monday), 2022, you can enjoy a high-value travel coupon of 30,000 yuan (2) when you enter the entire LUXGEN car series, and you can enjoy up to 30,000 yuan for the designated car (3) Simultaneous free upgrade of the PM2.5 health countermeasure filter (4), free return to the factory for life-long implementation of ozone sterilization services and many other gifts! In addition, in order to give back to car owners who have supported LUXGEN for a long time, the "Luxgen old friend courtesy project": Anyone who enters the entire LUXGEN series on January 3 (Monday) and receives a license before January 28 (Friday) (inclusive) will be exempted from the "Happy New Year in the Year of the Tiger! LUXGEN 60 thousand FUN to give away!"In addition to the plan, you can also enjoy an exclusive warranty of 20,000 yuan for LUXGEN friends! Welcome to prospective car owners who love LUXGEN, please seize the good time before the end of January.

URXXtreme Gentle Letterpress is on the market Starting from 908,000 yuan in the new year

"URX Extremely Fine Letterpress"As soon as it went on the market in December, 60% of URX car sales were sold. This shows that its dynamic and streamlined ultimate aerodynamic kit is unstoppable. The positive reviews in January will be added, including:「5 人 ADASExtreme Gentle Letterpress"Listed hot price of 908,000 (original price of 943,000)"7 people Flagship Gentry Letterpress"The listed hot sale price is 1.139 million (original price 1.149 million). In addition to URX's smart technology, power, and magic space, it also has a textured appearance4Extreme aerodynamics kit(Including front and rear bumpers, side skirts), and mix and match the Two-Tone body, allowing you to wear new clothes in the new yearURXExtreme Gentle LetterpressHappy outing. In order to make your family trip safe and unburdened, you can also easily have the perfect combination of wisdom and technology, equipped with practical and convenient 5A smart safe driving technology, including: ARD augmented reality head-up display, ADAS advanced driving assistance system, APA smart driving Parking assistance system, AR View⁺ System driving AR imaging system, etc., and other practical humanized intelligent technologies, such as AR Around ViewAR safety image of ring car, Eagle View360-degree panoramic image, Alley View+Front view of both sides, Full Side View+No blind spot car side image, Live Rear View+Rear view Live image, AR See-through ViewAR chassis perspective image, Dual Side ViewA number of forward-looking technological equipment such as the door-opening anti-collision system provide a full range of comprehensive protection for the driving safety of the occupants. It is not only the first choice for family cars, but also a good travel partner!

URXLohas version of the big space group members are so relaxed Chinese New Year outing price96.8From ten thousand yuan

Since its launch, the URX 7-seater Lohas Edition has been well-recognized by the market with its friendly configuration for all ages from 0 to 100 years old and its versatile and flexible use of space in the car. Owners are also full of professional cars and media practitioners who have read countless cars and demand savvy cars, which shows the competitiveness of their configuration. Among them, the biggest feature is "convenient retractable ramp" (including oil pressure saving device / down-turning rear bumper) It can carry a load-bearing capacity of up to 300kg, and provides a flat rear cabin design to create a highly flexible space. Whether it is a family trip or load demand, it can provide consumers with the safest, comfortable, and practical value of large flexible space. During the Spring Festival, everyone can enjoy the fun of three generations traveling together comfortably and safely.

In addition to the above-mentioned good news, the U6 Blues Double Optimized Edition is launched with a unique set of unique tuning at the price of an entry-level SUV, a flagship SUV style, to match the 1.8L twin-turbo turbo that surpasses rivals in the same level. The 202-horsepower engine creates the best state of driving pleasure and safety. In order to thank consumers for their strong support, various preferential schemes have been offered in the final countdown to the completion of the Blues Edition. Welcome to LUXGEN prospective car owners to grasp the heat of the year before In the peak season, welcome the Year of the Tiger happily. For more details on car discounts, please go to Luxgen's official website to make an appointment for car tour in store, test ride at home, car tour online, or call customer service hotline 0800-588-088. For the first tour of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, let Luxgen accompany you You have fun together!

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