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Hardcore Wildfun Go to Luxgen URX Wildfun Wild Fun Edition Launches

●Import the silver and black mix and match Wildfun exclusive front and rear bumper kits

●With polygonal four-wheel external expansion wheel arch, Two-Tone double float color

●Standard 12-inch multi-function HD touch screen

●Domestic price URX 5 people Wildfun: limited time to enjoy Fun price of 898,000 yuan (official price of 928,000 yuan)

URX 7-player Wildfun: Fun price of 1.119 million yuan for a limited time (official price of 1.139 million yuan)

※For a limited time, the Fun price is valid before 2022/7/1~2022/7/29

In response to the trend that Taiwanese consumers are keen on outdoor family activities, Luxgen launched the Wildfun version of its URX car series on June 30, including 5 and 7-seater models. The official price is 928,000 yuan and 1.139 million yuan respectively. , and also specially offered the preferential price of Fun price for a limited time, which are 898,000 and 1.119 million respectively, but the license is only valid before 7/1~7/29. After the Wildfun wild fun version was launched, the URX car series was also simplified and adjusted into a 5/7-passenger Wildfun model, with the original 5+1 panoramic LOHAS version and 7-passenger panoramic LOHAS version, a total of 4 models to choose from.

The Wildfun Wild Fun version is mainly through the exclusive "Wild FUN kit", including the Wildfun front and rear bumper kits and side guards with a mix of silver and black, as well as the configuration of the thicker and more rigid polygonal four-wheel externally expanded wheel arches. Create a more powerful and rough off-road style to set off the owner's Outdoor Lifestyle who loves outdoor life, and create a more vivid and textured appearance with the eye-catching Two-Tone double float color.

The rather rough polygonal four-wheel outer wheel arches and side guards also create a strong off-road atmosphere.

As for the interior, it maintains the previous layout design, equipped with ARD augmented reality head-up display and 12-inch HD multi-function touch screen with built-in THINK+ 4.5 system; in addition, the whole car is also equipped with AR View+ System driving AR imaging system as standard , including around-car AR safety images, AR chassis perspective images, 360-degree around-view images, side images without blind spots, rear-view Live images, and door-opening anti-collision systems. Other active safety assist technologies such as ACC, AEB, LDWS, BSD, MOD are also available. In the power part, it uses the same 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine as the U6 GT, and is matched with an AISIN six-speed manual automatic transmission, which has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 202hp and 30.6kgm.

The unique interior design transfers the traditional instrument panel to the 12-inch HD multi-function touch screen in the center of the console.


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