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Have you always dreamed of having your own car brand? Then buy the rights to the Spyker name!

The trustee had previously threatened to sell the trademark rights, but Victor Muller managed to prevent that at the last minute by collecting 125,000 euros. He promised to pay the rest of the debt within three months (a total of 1.45 million euros), but he did not. And so the bankruptcy trustee is now preparing to sell the rights to the Spyker brand name, according to De Stentor.

Victor Muller wants to breathe new life into Spyker again

Victor Muller responds to the newspaper with a short: "We are working hard to get the rest [van de schuldenlast] He also confirms that - miraculously - he still has plans to continue with Spyker. However, if the trademark rights are sold soon, that plan could be canceled. The bankruptcy trustee expects that there will be worldwide interest in the name "Spyker is a well-known brand in automotive history, with a long history," he says.

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For the first time, the Netherlands had a super sports car brand

It all seemed so beautiful. A real Dutch super sports car brand that we could be proud of. The cars may not have been to everyone's taste - too much chrome, too much bling - but they were impressive. In 2019 there were several next to each other in the RAI halls, during the Amsterdam International Motor Show. An impressive list, including the C8 Spyder and C8 Laviolette, the C8 Aileron, the C12 Zagato and the D8 Peking-to-Paris.

Spyker bought Saab from General Motors

But of course, to keep a car manufacturer going, money has to come in. And that's where it went wrong. How many Spykers were eventually sold remains a mystery. But apparently there weren't enough to fund Spyker's more than ambitious plans. Spyker went to Le Mans, entered the Formula 1 championship, bought Saab from General Motors (!) and went public. Spyker went bankrupt at the end of 2014, although Muller managed to reverse that.

Spyker did not honor agreements with Koenigsegg

A few years ago Spyker - after a long radio silence - was suddenly back at the Geneva auto show. The C8 Preliator would come on the market with a Koenigsegg engine. But later it turned out that the Swedish supercar maker had canceled the agreement because Spyker did not fulfill its obligations. After that, we really only heard of Spyker when the company was unable to pay the rent of a shed.

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