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Head-to-head BMW M3 Touring

The first Touring in the history of the M3 car series

●Single Competition xDrive configuration

●Upgraded one-piece curved screen and iDrive 8.0

●Introduction time: 2023.Q1

●Estimated selling price: about 6 million yuan

Whether it's for the practical consideration of more luggage space, or simply wanting to compete with the Audi RS4 Avant and Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate, many performance fans have been expecting M3 to build a Touring wagon version for many years. It finally came true on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of BMW M. The new M3 Touring codenamed G81 was released online on June 22 this year. The next day, it went to the UK Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​for a dynamic premiere. The new car will start mass production in November. Launched in various markets, the general agent Fande has also started preparations for related operations, and it is expected to be introduced in the first quarter of next year at the earliest.

New North's fastest station wagon

In fact, BMW M has launched the M5 Touring in the E34 and E61 generations, but it is extremely rare due to the scarcity of production (only 891 and 1025 units, respectively). In the E46 generation, although it has built the M3 Touring Concept, it is not in the emission regulations. Considering factors such as difficulty in making profits, it failed to officially enter the mass production stage. With the launch of the new G80-generation M3 Sedan, rumors of an expected M3 Touring have been heard. It was not until 2020 that the original factory announced the launch of road tests and appeared in the M Town promotional video in the form of a surprise easter egg. play for real".

In line with the 50th anniversary-related activities, the original factory has successively released new M3 Touring development films on the official audio-visual platform since March this year, and even a week before the debut of the new car, it announced that it won the Nurburgring with a lap of 7:35.060. The title of the fastest station wagon on the Northern Circuit, even faster than its big brother M5 Competition (7 minutes 35 seconds 90). Such a powerful performance is due to the 3.0L straight-six twin-turbo engine equipped in the new M3 Touring, which adopts the Competition high output setting of 510hp/66.3kgm, plus the M Steptronic sports eight-speed manual automatic transmission and M The xDrive sports car-like adjustable four-wheel drive system, 0~100km/h acceleration is only 0.1 seconds slower than the four-door brothers, 3.6 seconds, and the M exclusive suspension system and M sports differential and other chassis settings are also based on the five-door travel The different body weights of the car body were adjusted and revised again to ensure the precise dynamic response and sharp handling feedback that a member of the M3 car series should have.

The new M3 Touring will take the Competition single model configuration, and standard M xDrive sports adjustable four-wheel drive system.

family performance

Through the signature frameless grille shape, the double kidney-shaped water tank guard and the sharp-eyed LED headlight group, the new M3 Touring spreads out the same unmistakable performance momentum as the four-door brothers at the head of the car, and the aerodynamic rearview mirror , front fender shark fin styling trim, four-wheel blasted tortoise wheel arches, front 19/rear 20-inch M forged double-rib multi-spoke wheels and bilateral four-outlet exhaust tailpipes are also available. The top is treated with bright black paint, echoing the bright black dynamic atmosphere of the window frames, front and rear lower spoilers, body side skirts and large rear diffuser.

Compared with the brothers, the M forged double-rib multi-spoke wheels are also used in the same size configuration of front 275/35R19 and rear 285/30R20.
Exploding tortoise wheel arches, large diffuser panels and bilateral quad exhaust tailpipes fully demonstrate the performance atmosphere that M3 Touring should have.

In addition to the performance-oriented configuration exclusive to the M3/M4 car series, the interior is also the first to introduce an integrated curved screen that will be replaced successively from the 2023 model year onwards, including a 12.3-inch full-digital instrument and a 14.9-inch iDrive 8.0 control system. Both adopt the newly designed M exclusive display style. The former uses M's representative red and blue two-color combination hexagonal border lines to highlight the dynamic sense of technology, while the latter integrates the side-by-side slash elements of the M three-color stripes into the overall interface, which can also bring refreshing In addition, optional items such as racing bucket seats, carbon fiber trim and leather interior are available, allowing owners to create different cabin atmospheres according to their personal preferences.

The electric tailgate and the 500~1510L carrying capacity are the same as those of the general 3 Series Touring, so there is no doubt about its practicability.
Like its sibling models, optional items such as racing bucket seats, carbon fiber trim and leather upholstery are available to create an exclusive cabin atmosphere according to your preferences.


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