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Headlight Brightness Improvement Trilogy (middle)Improving night driving safety

Part II - Replacing the LED Light Cannon

Quick upgrade of halogen lamps

If your car does not have the yellowing problem of the lamp housing mentioned above, but you still feel that the headlights are not bright enough, and your car's headlights happen to use halogen bulbs, you may consider replacing the LED bulbs to improve the lighting problem. According to Yan Zhongjun, the head of Regal Lights, when purchasing LED bulbs, you might as well start from these points. The first is to look at the position and length of the illuminant of the LED bulb, whether it is exactly the same as the position of the filament of the halogen bulb. The more similar the two are, the more similar the two are, the closer the light type of the LED bulb is, and the closer to the light type of the halogen bulb, so that there will be no bird-fighting lights. , and the bright place will be bright.

Although halogen bulbs have the advantage of being affordable, the brightness is really not enough in some occasions, so many car owners will switch to LED bulbs to replace traditional halogen bulbs, hoping to improve lighting brightness.
When purchasing LED bulbs, you must first pay attention to the position and length of the illuminator, whether it is exactly the same as the filament position of the halogen bulb. The bird light appears, and it will only light up where it should be.

The second is to look at the thickness of the LED bulb. The LED bulb is equipped with the heat sinks of the left and right light-emitting bodies. If the light is thinner, there will be no vignetting. This is because LED bulbs are not like halogen bulbs, which can emit light in 360 degrees without dead ends. , For the illuminators on the left and right sides of the LED bulb, the maximum lighting angle on one side is only 120 degrees, and the sum of the two sides is 240 degrees. , the less vignetting the light type is, but the thinner the heat sink, the less easy it is to dissipate heat. Therefore, it is a test of the technology of making light bulbs, which can only be done by major manufacturers.

The thinner the LED bulb is, the less vignetting the light pattern will emit, the larger the range that the illuminator can illuminate, and the less vignetting the light pattern will be. To test the technology of making light bulbs, only big manufacturers can do it.
Although the light emitted by the LED bulb will not generate radiant heat, but the body will generate high temperature, and it must be able to effectively dissipate heat, and the LED luminous body will not be burned out by heat decay. Using a fan is the most efficient way, but the quality of the fan should be good enough. It can only be used for several years, so choosing a big brand carefully and looking at the warranty period is the fastest way.

In addition, because LED bulbs are electronic products, not lighting products, the quality of the parts used inside, especially the illuminants, is very different. The brightness can only be boosted by high wattage, but high wattage will generate high temperature, which will adversely affect the life of the illuminator. Therefore, Yan Zhongjun recommends to choose products from major manufacturers as much as possible. The quality and effect can be better balanced. Products from major manufacturers often have a warranty period of 3 to 5 years, which means they have confidence in the quality and consumers are more assured of using them.

At present, the LED light bulbs launched by major manufacturers have built the driver into the bulb body, so it is easier to install, especially the headlight with a dust-proof back cover. The moisture-proof and dust-proof functions are normal.
The left is a halogen bulb, the right is an LED bulb, you can clearly see the difference in brightness between the two, the right is really brighter, and the LED bulbs launched by major manufacturers can still be very beautiful after replacement, don't worry about it appearing The situation of playing bird lights affects other passersby.

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