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Heavyweight domestic 7-seat luxury MPV Hyundai Custin debuts in November

Chinese version of the Costour model

●Early bird pre-sale in September, pre-reward in October, and launch in November

●Renamed Custin to distinguish Chinese version of Custo

●10.4-inch vertical central control screen + SmartSense active safety technology

●Equipped with 1.5T-GDi turbo gasoline engine + 8-speed automatic transmission

The estimated domestic price is between 1.15 million and 1.3 million yuan

The news that domestic Nanyang Industry will launch Hyundai Custo, a medium-to-large 7-seater MPV, is one of the hot topics in the market recently. Nanyang Industrial's operation on the countertop is unusually low-key. However, with the spy photos of the test car being captured one after another and the recent appearance in the EPA test data, and the new car name "Custin" being sent for testing, it has been confirmed that Custin, a 7-seater medium and large MPV, is about to be launched soon. The domestic listing, especially from the latest information obtained, pointed out that the real car has been on tour at the distribution channel and accepted orders from consumers, and even the publicity photo of Hyundai Custin appeared on the Internet, and clearly marked the month of November. The word about the upcoming listing, so we can reasonably guess that Nanyang Industry should launch a media preview of the new car and announce the pre-order price in October, and officially announce it in November.

At present, a promotional photo of Hyundai Custin has flowed out on the Internet, which shows that Custin, a 7-seater luxury MPV, is expected to be launched in November this year. (This picture comes from the Internet)

Domestic advantage within 1.3 million yuan

Hyundai Custo will be the first to be released in the Chinese market in 2021. It is the twin model of Kia Carnival. It was previously only an exclusive model for the Chinese market; however, with the change of the original Hyundai plan, Custo can also be launched in other Asian markets (Thailand). , Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other markets), which enables Nanyang Industrial to successfully obtain the opportunity to be listed in the domestic market to attack the domestic medium and large MPV market. Looking at the current MPV market in China, after the withdrawal of Luxgen M7 Turbo and Honda Odyssey from the market, there is currently no MPV set for the same size as medium and large scales, only the small and medium-sized domestic Toyota Sienta and imports one size smaller than Custin are left. VW Touran, but if the class position is pulled to Kia Carnival, which is closer to Custin, its price must start at least 1.56 million yuan, and even the budget must be raised to more than 2.2 million yuan to start a Toyota Sienna, not to mention the price approaching 3 million yuan Yuan's Toyota Alphard Hybrid.

Therefore, if Custin can join as a domestically produced product in the future, and the price can be kept within 1.3 million yuan, it is bound to attract many family buyers who like MPV space functions but have a limited budget by virtue of the price advantage. The meter body size can take over the market vacancies left by it, and it can also fill the product vacancies under the same-door business model Staria. Consumers can buy one at a lower price, which can meet the needs of family travel or business transfers at the same time. medium and large 7-seater MPV. Therefore, as long as the price of Custin is beautiful, its follow-up development can be said to be highly anticipated.

The medium-to-large 7-seater MPV called Custo in China will be domestically marketed by Nanyang Industrial Co., Ltd. under the new name of Custin.

Confirmed to be equipped with a 1.5T gasoline turbo engine

Although Nanyang Industry has not released information about the model of Custin so far, it can be seen from the test data sent by the Environmental Protection Agency that the certification is divided into two types: KUG-A and KUG-B, so it can be judged that the model may be differentiated It is two grades; in addition, it can be confirmed that the power system will be equipped with the same 1.5T-GDi gasoline engine (G4FS) as the Chinese market, and matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, with 168hp, 25.8kgm maximum horsepower and torque output , Judging from such power output data, it should be sufficient for a household MPV. As for whether the power data of domestic models will be adjusted at that time, it will still be known after Nanyang Industry further announces the data. However, the Chinese version of Custo also provides a 2.0 T-GDi gasoline engine (G4NN) with more power. Whether it will be added in the future depends on the follow-up planning of Nanyang Industrial and the sales response of Custin in the market.

The domestic version of the Custin is determined to be equipped with the same 1.5T-GDi gasoline engine as the Chinese market, and is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 168hp and 25.8kgm.

The family style of avant-garde technology

Custin's body length/width/height and wheelbase dimensions are 4950/ 1850/ 1734mm and 3055mm respectively. Compared with his big brother Staria's 5253/1970/1990mm and 3273mm, it can be said that it is obviously smaller than the previous one, but it is closer to Odyssey. 4845/1820/1710mm and 2900mm, so it is more suitable for the needs of ordinary consumers. Therefore, Custin's investment can be described as a market pie to attack the original Odyssey in China.

Custo's length/width/height body size and wheelbase are 4950/ 1850/ 1734mm and 3055mm respectively, which is one size smaller than that of the big brother Staria. After the domestic market, it will grab the market pie of the original Odyssey in China.

Judging from the pictures, the appearance of Custin also has strong family characteristics. It also adopts very avant-garde parametric design elements, especially the diamond-cut water tank shield, the geometric LED headlight group and the flying wing type day travel. The integrated design of the lights gives Custin a domineering and avant-garde front look. The rear part of the car not only adopts the popular through-type taillight group design, but also outlines inward at the left and right ends, which brings a more three-dimensional visual impression and high recognition. In addition, the bottom of the rear bumper also echoes the front of the car with a large area of ​​silver guards, which adds a lot of sportiness to the appearance.

Custo has a very domineering and sturdy figure, not only the front of the car is eye-catching, but the rear of the car is arranged with a penetrating LED light guide, which brings a visual impression of full avant-garde technology.
The 18-inch two-color aluminum ring with full artistic design style exudes a bright modern and fashionable atmosphere.

2+2+3 three-row seven-seat configuration

The interior layout follows a minimalist avant-garde design route. The main vision of the cabin is locked in the family-like four-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, fully digital instrumentation, and a rather well-designed 10.4-inch upright touch screen and wired transmission. Button-type shift system, etc., but it is speculated that this should be the exclusive configuration of the top-spec model. As for the equipment part, the configuration of the domestic version is still unknown so far, but referring to the settings of the Chinese version of "Kustu", the high-end version has a double-sided electric sliding door, an induction electric tailgate, a front and rear double electric sunroof, a front and rear electric sunroof, a front and rear Row of electrically adjustable seats (ventilation/heating function), three-zone independent thermostatic air conditioning, front and rear wireless charging function, remote vehicle remote control function, SVM surround view image assistance and VIP-level second row dual independent honor seats and other equipment . In addition, the active safety is also equipped with Hyundai SmartSense driver assistance system as standard, including SCC active distance maintenance, LFA full-speed active lane maintenance, LKA lane departure assist, LDW lane departure warning, FCA front active braking, FCW front collision Warning, RCTA rear traffic collision avoidance assist and BCA blind spot detection/collision avoidance assist system, etc.

The interior is laid out in a minimalist and avant-garde design line, among which the 10.4-inch touch screen with a vertical design is particularly eye-catching.
It adopts a 2+2+3 three-row seven-seat arrangement, and the second-row dual independent seats of the high-end models not only have an electric leg rest design, but also have electric adjustment and heating and ventilation functions.
The interior of the car is not only decorated with delicate and delicate wood-grained panels, but also inlaid with chrome-plated metal parts with diamond-cut surfaces at the air outlets to further complement the cabin texture.
The third-row seats have a luggage compartment volume of 262 liters when they are not folded down; in addition, the fully flat design of the chassis can also completely flatten the third-row seats to improve practicality.
The top-level high-end models are equipped with double-sided electric sliding doors, induction electric tailgate, front and rear dual electric sunroofs, and front and rear electric adjustable seats as standard equipment.

Attractive price within 1.15~1.3 million yuan

Although the news of the domestic Custin listing has been hot in the market, due to the possible shortage of components and raw materials, Nanyang Industrial has not yet clearly released the schedule and delivery date of this car, but it can be What is certain is that, from the recent operation methods of Nanyang Industrial for the new car product power setting, the domestic Custin is bound to come up with a high-standard equipment level to strengthen the product competitiveness. Therefore, for consumers, the most important thing is the Custin. The price is set, so if the price of the new car can really be suppressed within 1.15-1.3 million yuan, I believe that this price band should be quite attractive and give full play to the competitive advantage of its domestic identity.


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