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Hetai Group's yoxi mobile public welfare and happiness action donated thousands of shuttle services to help disadvantaged children

Hetai Group donated yoxi pick-up service to help disadvantaged children, Liu Songshan, Associate Manager of Hetai Automobile Management Headquarters (third from left) and Wu Pinqing, Associate Manager of MaaS Advanced Strategy Headquarters (second from left), General Manager of Hetai Mobile Ye Jungu (first from left), New Taipei City Government Group photo of Deputy Director of Social Affairs Bureau Wu Shufen (second from right) and Director Lin Mengping of New Taipei City Family Support Center (first from right) at the donation ceremony

There are many disadvantaged children and young people in Taiwan who are trapped by "travel". Due to their location in remote villages or relatively weak economy, it is inconvenient to move in their lives. Hetai Group uses its own transportation and shared mobile services to promote the "Mobile Public Welfare Happiness Action". , to help more people move towards a better life through vehicle donations and yoxi pick-up and drop-off services. In 2022, Hetai Group will cooperate with the Social Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government and the New Taipei City Family Support Center to respond to the New Taipei City Good Days Love Platform and donate 1,000 yoxi pick-up and drop-off services to assist disadvantaged children in seeking medical care, schooling, short-distance travel, and social work. Special service transfers, material distribution care and other transportation movements are expected to assist more than a dozen social welfare groups for children and children, serving nearly 2,000 person-times. On April 14, Hetai Group held a donation ceremony for the "yoxi Mobile Public Welfare Action" of Hetai Group to declare the help of more people. More disadvantaged children and less determination to move towards a happy life!

Hetai Group's "yoxi Mobile Public Welfare Action" helps disadvantaged children and children move towards a happier life, providing pick-up and drop-off services for medical treatment, schooling, material distribution, short-distance travel, etc., and filming videos to let more people pay attention to children and children's issues

Hetai Group yoxi provides instant mobile services for disadvantaged children and social workers

Up to now, Hetai Group has provided yoxi shuttle service for disadvantaged children more than 50 times, and the families who used it also reported that they used to worry about the inconvenience of transportation or consider the economic situation, and it took a lot of time on transportation. Now with the assistance of yoxi, mobile becomes more instant and convenient. In addition to serving disadvantaged children and families, yoxi public service also provides services for social workers who assist. Director Xu Zhiqi of the New Taipei City Government Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center said that social workers sometimes need to accompany children and children to seek medical treatment, and often face moving It is inconvenient, and Hotai Group’s yoxi pick-up service is a strong backing for supporting social workers. Director Zhang Jinli of the New Taipei City Social Bureau also said that Hotai Group was the first company to see the inconvenience of disadvantaged children and social workers “travelling”, and took the initiative to provide mobile resources. I believe that "yoxi Mobile Public Welfare Action" can help more people in the future, and I hope that more people or enterprises can pay attention to the issues of disadvantaged children and children, and help these children and families have a better future together. In order to help disadvantaged children and children to move towards a happier life, Liu Songshan, associate manager of Hetai Automobile Management Headquarters, said that in the future, he will plan a "yoxi Mobile Public Welfare Happiness Day" activity to accompany disadvantaged children and children on trips. Accompany the children to grow up happily and create happy and beautiful childhood memories.

Hetai Group yoxi continues to introduce new functions and services, and is committed to providing a better and more convenient mobile experience

yoxiLaunched a ride-hailing service to provide a more convenient ride experience

Hetai Group's yoxi ride-hailing service has been in operation since 2020. At the end of last year, the service scope has been expanded to six cities in Taiwan. In addition to the convenient APP instant ride-hailing service, the "yoxi Mobile Public Welfare Action" aims to meet the needs of social workers to raise vulnerable children. Reduce different mobility needs, specially adjust manpower and operating procedures, and set up an online exclusive group to provide yoxi pick-up and drop-off service by sending a car. Hetai Group yoxi is committed to providing safe and convenient mobile services. In late April, yoxi will install antibacterial equipment in the car one after another. Through UVC LED technology, it can effectively reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and provide passengers, social workers and disadvantaged children with more secure rides Space; in May, the yoxi APP will launch the function of "booking a car", which will make passengers more flexible and convenient in terms of mobile needs, and also provide a more convenient mobile ride experience for disadvantaged children and social workers. In the future, new services and Function, and continue to expand the scope of services, so that disadvantaged children and social workers are more flexible on the move.

Hetai Group's Mobile Public Welfare Happiness Action Walks Together with Beautiful Taiwan

Hetai Group's "Mobile Public Welfare Action" is committed to assisting the transportation and mobility needs of all corners of Taiwan. The yoxi shuttle service public welfare plan will also expand cooperation with other counties and cities in the future, hoping to help more disadvantaged children and ethnic groups move towards a better future. Happy life. In addition to providing mobile services, Hetai Group also supports the disadvantaged groups and the ecological environment in Taiwan through vehicle donation, including donating a total of 12 blood donation vehicles for 12 consecutive years to various blood donation centers to support medical blood collection. It is the company that donated the most blood donation vehicles in Taiwan; In order to support Taiwan's ecological environment, donated vehicles to the Executive Yuan's Unique Biological Research and Conservation Center, Charity Organic Agriculture Development Foundation, Yewan Wildlife Conservation Association and other organizations; and invested in the General Administration of Highways' Happy Bus 2.0 project, donating vehicles to assist rural traffic move. In the future, Hetai Group will continue to use its own resources to deepen the field of sustainable development, expand its public welfare influence, and "walk with a beautiful Taiwan" to create a better environment and life for Taiwan!

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