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Heyun Car Rental offers a 20% discount for early bird bookings during the Spring Festival

Advance subordinates, plan ahead, and rent a car in Heyun to give you a full range of car rental discounts (provided by Heyun Mobile Service)

We are about to usher in the third Lunar New Year after the epidemic. The impact of the epidemic is gradually controlled under the concerted efforts of the Chinese people to fight the epidemic. The loosening of various policy restrictions and the issuance of five times coupons for revitalization also predicts that the Spring Festival holiday plan for the next 2022 will be one of the hottest topics in the near future. Whether it is returning home to reunite with family members, or arranging a domestic trip, early Only by planning the itinerary of the New Year can you enjoy the most comfortable and beautiful Spring Festival holiday.

Heyun Car Rental announced that it will launch the Spring Festival early bird discount from now on. It is open to rent for more than 5 days. You can make a reservation for the Spring Festival store car on the Heyun Car Rental/Heyun Mobile Service official website or by phone. If the car is rented for 9 consecutive days, you can directly 20% off for renting a car; 15% off for renting for 7-8 days; 10% off for renting a car for 5-6 days in a row. The longer the rental period, the greater the savings. At the same time, this special offer is applicable to all models of Heyun rental cars (except locomotives/truck), allowing you to plan ahead of time to meet the needs of a variety of people, whether you are traveling in a group trip with friends during the New Year or a family reunion with multiple people. In addition, in order to ensure that consumers can travel with peace of mind, if you rent for more than 5 consecutive days (inclusive), you can enjoy a 20% discount on additional purchases of peace of mind service; book the Spring Festival early bird plan now and get 1,000 yuan and the limited amount of car rental on the official website of the cloud mobile service. Coupons (2 coupons of 500 yuan, limited quantity, while supplies last)!

Heyun Car Rental stores throughout Taiwan will provide uninterrupted services during the Spring Festival (open until 17:30 on New Year’s Eve; definition during the Spring Festival: January 29, 2022-February 6, 2022), and a variety of car models are available To meet the car needs of different passenger levels, more use is welcome.

*Definition of the Spring Festival period: January 29, 2022 ~ February 6, 2022

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