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Hold lives a diverse life, does not keep up with the ever-changing journey, and departs at will. New Ford Tourneo Connect travel players 22.5-year-old equipment upgrades and freezes up to 1,018,000 new ones.

The 22.5-year-old equipment upgrades for New Ford Tourneo Connect brigade players have frozen up, starting at 1.018 million.

Ford Liuhe and the whole people are facing difficulties. Following the limited-time freeze-up plan for the entire vehicle series, it once again responded to consumers' expectations and launched the 22.5-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect with upgraded equipment and frozen prices. Since its introduction to Taiwan in 2021, the "European 1 to 7-seater Variety Mini Kuba" New Ford Tourneo Connect has successfully entered the domestic MPV market with its multiple passenger functions and the most abundant cabin space applications in its class. The Play Edition/Play Cafe version not only maintains the established prices of 1.068 million and 1.198 million, but also only costs 1.018 million when using the old-for-new scheme. At the same time, some models have added practical equipment, including: the Play Edition models add four front car radars, Provides complete front and rear sensing assistance when driving and parking; the Wanka version adds APA active roadside parking assistance system, bringing convenient and fast parking mode selection. Ford Liuhe responded to market expectations and launched the 22.5-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect. The official price remains unchanged. It provides a seven-seater multi-function van MPV with flexible use functions from the million-level range to satisfy consumers. The diverse needs of daily life.

Europe1to7The ever-changing little Kuba New Ford Tourneo ConnectTraveler equipment upgrades are more valuable

The newly launched 22.5-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect brigade has upgraded advanced active safety technology assistance items, and the play version has added four front car radars. The radar located in the front bumper accurately assists the detection distance and assists the driver in judging the distance in front of the car. Reduce the probability of collision in the blind spot in the blind spot in front of the car when parking; APA active on-street parking assist system (including parallel parking, vertical parking and exit parking assist) is added to the Wanka version model. The radar automatically detects a parking space of suitable size. Driving does not need to control the steering wheel. Just focus on controlling the accelerator, braking and changing gears, and you can easily park in the parking space; The convenience of a common car.

Under the 7-seater imported from Europe, the New Ford Tourneo Connect has a functional Box exterior design, giving the van MPV a unique and youthful style, as well as the best space application. The longest wheelbase in its class of 3,062mm not only allows the third-row passengers to enjoy the most comfortable knee extension space, but also meets the needs of 1 to 7 people for different types of people and loads. In order to create a high space function, Players of the New Ford Tourneo Connect use the Fold Flat variable seat leveling system, which allows drivers and passengers to create a flat use space (322L to 2,620L) without removing the seats. The second row of seats has a convenient folding table, the third row of seats can slide back and forth and the angle of the seat back can be adjusted. Various modes of use can be created according to the needs of use, and it is easy to create a variety of comfortable spaces for multiple people to ride together.

New Ford Tourneo Connect players have the Easy Open double-sided sliding door configuration. Compared with the traditional outward opening design, the Easy Open double-sided sliding door is not only practical and convenient for entry and exit, but also prevents rear seat passengers from not paying attention when opening the door. Cars coming from the rear cause accidental car accidents; and the ergonomic height from the ground makes it easier for parents at home or parents with infants to get in and out of the car.

New Ford Tourneo Connect players have the Easy Open double-sided sliding door configuration, which not only has practicality and convenience for entry and exit, but also prevents rear-seat passengers from not paying attention to the car coming from behind when opening the door, resulting in accidental car accidents.

Rich storage function and digital car machine to easily meet the needs of daily life

In addition to the changes in height and space functions, New Ford Tourneo Connect players create a multi-disposal space with humanized design thinking, including the glove box in front of the passenger seat, the central saddle area, the underside of the central control audio unit, and the interior canopy depending on the model. All have plenty of storage space to meet the owner's daily car storage needs. In addition, the large-area window design and the sky-type panoramic sunroof (play coffee version) provide all passengers with a bright and open view. In the digital entertainment technology part of the car room, it is equipped with a 6-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen and SYNC®3 Integrated entertainment communication system, support Apple CarPlay®and Android Auto™ system[1]as well as convenient functions such as emergency communication and rescue system, and the Wanka version also provides Qi wireless charging pad to meet the needs of smart life.

New Ford Tourneo Connect players use the Fold Flat variable seat leveling system, which allows drivers and passengers to create a flat space (322L to 2,620L) without removing the seat.

Energy efficient1.5L EcoBlueDiesel power and a solid chassis feedback road texture

In terms of power system, Ford Tourneo Connect players are equipped with a 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel turbo engine (120ps/27.5kgm) with both kinetic energy and tax advantages, with SelectShiftTMThe eight-speed manual transmission and Auto-Start-Stop engine automatic opening and closing system bring excellent average fuel consumption of 18.8km/L, and have obtained the first-class energy efficiency label of the Energy Administration. In addition, Ford Tourneo Connect players adopt the sedan-type chassis setting of the front MacPherson and rear torsion beam suspension structure, and in the face of various uneven road conditions, it shows the European-style stable road quality that surpasses the same level, and gives the passengers the best comfortable experience. .

Equipped with a number of smart security technologies New Ford Tourneo ConnectTravel players give the most secure protection to all car occupants

The entire New Ford Tourneo Connect series comes standard with 6 SRS auxiliary airbags, and is equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360, the most complete active and passive safety equipment in its class.TM Technology All-round intelligent driving technology, including ACC active cruise control system, PCA forward collision warning system, AEB full-speed area assist braking system, ISA intelligent speed limit assist system, TSR road sign recognition assist system, LDW lane deviation Movement warning system, LKA lane departure assist system, BLIS®Visual Blind Spot Detection System, CTA Reversing Vehicle Warning System, AHB Automatic High Beam System (Play Cafe Version), Reversing Development Assist System, and comprehensive safety protection technology provide a solid backing for every beautiful journey.

In the digital entertainment technology part of the car room, it is equipped with a 6-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen and SYNC®3 integrated entertainment communication system, which supports Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ systems.

The 22.5-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect is priced as follows:

22.5-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect Brigade Player

For more product details, please refer to the official Ford website

[1] Ford SYNC®3 The entertainment communication integrated system can support Apple CarPlay®及Android Auto™。Apple、Apple CarPlay®, iPhone, Apple Maps and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android Auto™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple CarPlay®Supports iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.1 or later, Android Auto™ is compatible with most Android 5.0 and later devices.

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