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Honda ALL NEW HR-V crossover wave is unstoppableOrders break 2,200!The official price of the new major facelift starts from 819,000 yuanThe national base will be listed on June 18, and the first virtual exhibition room Gather Town officially opens

Honda ALL NEW HR-V, the ancestor of Taiwan's annual car event, has made a splash before its performance. So far, orders for ALL NEW HR-V have exceeded 2,200, sweeping the market again and setting off a wave of crossovers! Honda Taiwan today announced the official price of 819,000 yuan for the S+ Jinhua version and 879,000 yuan for the Prestige version. The new HR-V S+ Jinhua version is based on the previous generation S top gauge grade, equipped with Honda SENSINGTMSafety equipment such as active safety protection system has fully transformed into a great leap forward; the Prestige Premium Edition has added more practical equipment, with high-standard product quality and impressive affordable price, so that all consumers who love Honda can easily enter. Lord, realize a whole new joy of mobility.

ALL NEW HR-V is equipped with an evolutionary version of Honda SENSING that surpasses its peersTMActive safety protection system and up to 29 items of active and passive safety equipment provide more comprehensive LEVEL 2 safety protection for drivers and passengers. Based on the functional advantages established in the past, it integrates the three aspects of "trust, aesthetics and fun" in this facelift. The big feature is the COUPE-like fashion design vocabulary with texture and atmosphere、The power of SUV and the function of MPV are the demands, creating new value again and enriching your mobile life in a new chapter.

ALL NEW HR-VThe spokesperson Wu Kangren's image advertisement officially debuted, and customers are invited to make an appointment for a test ride immediately

The new image advertisement of ALL NEW HR-V will be officially launched on the official website of Honda Taiwan on June 9. This time, King Kong TV King Wu Kangren is invited to serve as the spokesperson of the new car model and shoot the advertisement video. Wu Kangren used his accumulated acting skills over the years to perfectly interpret the extraordinary driving experience and moving pleasure obtained by each user in HR-V with one person playing multiple roles and being able to retract it freely, so as to meet the needs of consumers of all ages. The ALL NEW HR-V will be available in stores nationwide on June 18. Honda Taiwan sincerely invites consumers to come to the store or make an appointment for a test ride on the Honda Taiwan official website to help arrange customers to experience the charm of the new ALL NEW HR-V.

HondaKeep pace with the times and cross-border metaverse!Gather TownSimultaneous opening of the virtual booth

In order to allow consumers of all ages to have a first-hand look at the cross-border pioneer HR-V, Honda Taiwan has once again set the first example of a Taiwanese automaker, and took the lead in creating an exclusive "ALL NEW HR-V Gather Town Online Virtual Showroom", a dedicated website for the event : By creating their own AVATAR virtual avatars, consumers can freely roam in 6 major display areas, including "Plaza Area", "HR-V Film Festival Area", "Car Appreciation and Test Ride Area", "Car Owner Rest Area", In the "NFT Zone" and "Interactive Experience Zone", you can experience the Honda HR-V virtual park anytime, anywhere, as you like, and travel through the boundless metaverse world. Among them, the HR-V Film Festival area will exclusively release the behind-the-scenes footage of Wu Kangren, the spokesperson of ALL NEW HR-V, so that consumers can discover more advantages of HR-V in a virtual situation; in addition, there are 3D online car viewing and appointment test rides. And interactive games and other activities, so that every consumer and netizen can experience the extremely delicate craftsmanship of the HR-V major facelift.

ALL NEW HR-VResurrection of the whirlwind, high-quality equipment and space establish cross-borderSUVbenchmark

ALL NEW HR-V has a fully evolved car frame, and the avant-garde body fold line extends to the rear of the car, outlines the LED through-type taillights and injects European sports car hatchback element design, adding a fashionable and dynamic visual experience; The interior is equipped with G-frame somatosensory pressure-relieving front seats, high-breathable luxury leather seats, dual-zone independent constant temperature air conditioning system (Prestige) and other practical equipment; the cabin space continues Honda's unique MM idea (Man Maximum Machine Minimum) concept, that is, the configuration of maximizing the cabin space and minimizing the mechanical space, equipped with the ULTRA SEAT multi-function seat mode setting, so that the rear seats can achieve 100% flattening effect after 6/4 folded, and combined with the luggage compartment The depth of the space is 190 cm, making it an excellent partner for car camping. The Prestige Premium Edition is also equipped with a Hands-free induction opening and closing electric tailgate with automatic closing when it leaves, and a Paddle Shift shift button to improve the convenience of use.

ALL NEW HR-V Environmentally friendly and energy-saving car models, excellent fuel consumption is higher than the old models35%

The ALL NEW HR-V power system adopts a 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine with a maximum horsepower of 121ps / 6600rpm, and enhances the torque output in the daily use speed range of 1,500~3,000rpm, with a maximum torque of 14.8 kg-m (145Nm) / 4,300rpm. The final transmission ratio of the gearbox is reduced to increase the torque under the wheel, and the EOP electric oil pump is used to improve the efficiency. Through computer program optimization, the engine can always exert the maximum torque output, achieving an excellent fuel efficiency of 17.0 (km/l), providing abundant and smooth driving. Driving experience and unexpected fuel consumption.

The whole car series comes standard with the new generationHonda SENSINGTMSmart safety assistance systemGundam29Active and passive safety systemProtect the safety of all passersby

ALL NEW HR-V is equipped with a new generation of Honda SENSINGTMIntelligent safety active protection system, with a viewing angle of 100 degrees, an ultra-wide-angle camera that monitors three lanes at the same time, with a high-speed image processing chip to identify the characteristics of people, vehicles and road markings and calculate the distance, in addition to the ACC full-speed domain following system, LCDN In addition to the warning system for the departure of the vehicle in front, the CMBS collision mitigation braking system can detect left-turn oncoming vehicles, bicycles crossing the road and pedestrians at night. It is also equipped with the function of detecting the motorcycle ahead to meet the needs of Taiwanese consumers. Drivers and passengers feel at ease. The Prestige Premium Edition is also equipped with LaneWatchTMThe blind spot monitoring system achieves a more complete all-round protection, allowing HR-V to once again lead the trend and become a new benchmark for cross-border SUVs.

Honda ALL NEW HR-V facelift model launched S+ Jinhua version 819,000 yuan, Prestige honorable version 879,000 yuan. At present, the number of orders has surged, and it takes two months for certain color models. Honda Taiwan has actively coordinated the production and deployment of parts and Pingtung factories, so that more consumers can enjoy the charm of ALL NEW HR-V as soon as possible.For more HR-V latest information and ordering, please contact Honda Cars dealerships nationwide or log on to Honda Taiwan exclusive website Inquire.


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