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Honda ALL NEW HR-V won the Best Design Award in the Japan Automobile Hall!Taiwan's original NFT debut shocking debut

The "Japan Automotive Hall of Fame", in recognition of outstanding figures who have contributed to the development of Japan's automotive industry, academia and culture, conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the commercial vehicles launched in the current year every year. Honda HR-V this year Won the "2021-2022 Japan Automobile Hall Best Design Award Car Design of the Year". In order to spread the joy of customers and celebrate the award of Honda HR-V, Honda Taiwan will issue digital NFT (Non Fungible Token) from April 30, calling on consumers and the younger generation to enter the new metaverse together. In the world, be the first to own the unique new and overhauled digital version of ALL NEW HR-V.

Unique in TaiwanALL NEW HR-V NFTcreating the first case in a car factory and detonating the topic

NFT is the most popular virtual asset nowadays, because it allows each piece of art to have a unique digital code and smart contract through encryption, just like the authenticity certificate provided in real-world transactions. NFT is produced by smart contracts. It has anti-counterfeiting characteristics such as irreplaceable, inseparable, and will not be tampered with. Therefore, it is of great collection value and is deeply loved by art creators and celebrities at home and abroad.

Honda Taiwan has cooperated with Demiverse Studio, a well-known NFT Demi-Human design team in Taiwan, to launch the "HR-V 2022 X Demiverse" NFT art collection created by exclusive blockchain code and open for bidding on April 30. Website dedicated to the event: Honda upholds founder Soichiro Honda's original intention of constantly breaking through the siege and realizing his dreams, and has opened up a new HR-V , this remodel once again surpassed itself, stepped into the most topical virtual currency world with a generational design vocabulary and the king of "CROSSOVER", combined HR-V's cross-border aesthetic concept with art, and issued a unique NFT. Digital works, so that all age groups who love the Honda brand can also have the opportunity to enter the digital ALL NEW HR-V and experience the ultimate charm of the major facelift.

Honda's most influential global strategic car model, HR-V, has been highly praised since its launch in Taiwan in 2016 and has continued to achieve good sales results. CROSSOVER" King's Pose successfully opened up a new level and set off a rush for customers to buy. The HR-V won the title of Taiwan's Best Domestic SUV the year after its launch, and it has won the title of sales champion in the small SUV segment for three consecutive years since its launch, making HR-V irreplaceable in the hearts of the Chinese people. status.

ALL NEW HR-VWon the recognition of Japan's automatic car hall, and will make a strong debut soon

ALL NEW HR-V follows the classic car-making process MM idea "Man Maximum-Machine Minimum", which takes people-oriented design as the starting point, maximizes the passenger space, minimizes the mechanical space, and integrates the functional characteristics of the Compact SUV to create products that surpass the same level. Competitiveness. The exterior styling combines a refined and stylish design vocabulary with a sporty and sharp style, which is refreshing. At the same time, the optimization of the styling creates excellent aerodynamic performance in the SUV class, achieving excellent fuel efficiency, and a spacious and clear cockpit. The design greatly improves the safety of drivers and passengers, and shows the unique and delicate ingenuity of HR-V everywhere.

Based on the cross-border advantages established in the past, ALL NEW HR-V integrates innovative aesthetics and generation-defining technology. In the near future, it will once again sweep the market and lead the trend, realizing the joy of new mobility. For the latest news about ALL NEW HR-V, please continue to pay attention to the official information of Honda Taiwan.

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