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Honda CONNECT advanced intelligent networking system is installed in All-New CIVIC e:HEV and will be fully operational from December 1

Honda is committed to creating the value of next-generation digital mobility services and launched the Honda CONNECT advanced intelligent networking system. Today it officially announced that it will be fully installed on all-new CIVIC e:HEV starting from December 1. Car owners only need to download the "Honda CONNECT Taiwan" APP and activate it. Vehicle, you can remotely control your car. The system is equipped with 13 humanized functions in three major areas: "safety, peace of mind," "convenience, comfort," and "communication and connection." It includes "remote control engine/air conditioner" that is comparable to luxury brands. "Operation" intelligent services to comprehensively shape a safer and more efficient innovative mobile era.

Move in immediatelyAll-New CIVIC e:HEVenjoy for free3Total annual value15,000YuanHonda CONNECTServe

Honda CONNECT is provided to all-new CIVIC e:HEV car owners at a high value of 5,000 yuan/year that is better than the industry. In order to allow all consumers who love Honda to enjoy convenient technology, car owners who have completed the license registration since December will have 30 days to complete the registration process. By activating Honda CONNECT, you can enjoy digital services with a total value of NT$15,000 for three years for free. In addition, car owners who obtain their license plate before November 30, 2023, and return to the factory to activate it before March 31, 2024, can also enjoy three years of Honda CONNECT service for free (from the activation date). Honda Taiwan sincerely invites consumers to come to the store to learn about Honda CONNECT and take a test drive to experience the dazzling and diverse digital mobile life.

brand newHonda CONNECTHas a "remote control engine" comparable to luxury brands/Air-conditioning operation" function to realize digital convenience and mobile life

The Honda CONNECT advanced intelligent networking system launched by Honda uses the most rigorous program design and repeated testing to achieve the leadership position of the industry's highest stability system, and integrates various encryption measures to provide drivers with the highest level of privacy protection. The system is equipped with 13 humanized functions in three major areas: "safety and security", "convenience and comfort" and "communication and connection", including "speed warning", "automatic collision detection", "anti-theft security system", "remote "Diagnostic Assistance" and "Geo-fencing" functions are also equipped with "Remote Engine/Air Conditioning Operation" comparable to luxury brands and other convenient functions such as "Instrument Information Display", "Favorite Spot Search", "Remote Door Lock", "Remote Control Lighting" ”, “Find your car”, in addition to “social sharing” and “message communication” services, bringing drivers unimaginable innovative technology and convenient mobile life experience.

All-New CIVIC e:HEVJapanese-made European-standard top-end performance car, equipped with a new generationHonda SENSINGand11ToolSRSAuxiliary airbags enable top-notch driving and mobile life

All-new CIVIC uses the world-renowned e:HEV "next-generation electric vehicle" cutting-edge power technology to create an electric drive dual-kinetic energy form that is mainly powered by electricity and supplemented by oil. Combined with the latest research and development of the 2.0L direct injection engine, It pursues the perfect balance between driving and fuel efficiency, and looks like a top-end Japanese-made European-standard performance car. It carries Honda SENSING with the highest safety standards and 11 SRS auxiliary airbags, a sporty appearance, and exquisite interior decoration. Top-notch driving and mobile life.

The Honda CONNECT advanced intelligent networking system will be fully installed in the all-new CIVIC e:HEV from now on. Honda Taiwan invites consumers to visit Honda Cars dealerships across Taiwan to learn about Honda CONNECT and test drive the all-new CIVIC e:HEV. The ultimate charm.

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