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Honda "Elevate" Japanese car? Camouflaged car spy photos suggest that Japan intends to import

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●Honda Crossover SUV "Elevate" camouflaged vehicle sightings appear in Japan one after another
●It is slightly different from the "Elevate" released in India! Is it a Japanese model?

Sightings of Honda Crossover SUV "Elevate" camouflaged vehicles appear in Japan one after another

The next-generation Honda SUV "Elevate", which will have its world premiere in India on June 6, 2023, is planned to be sold globally after its launch in India.

At present, Honda has not officially announced whether it will introduce it to Japan, but it has captured "Elevate" camouflage cars in Japan many times in the past.

In the latest sighting information of “Elevate”, you can see some changes made for Japanese cars.

It is slightly different from the "Elevate" released in India! Is it a Japanese model?

Photo provided by: FK7 Honda

From the latest "Elevate" sighting information, it can be seen that the camouflaged car is not equipped with a roof rack and the size of the anti-dead angle auxiliary mirror is enlarged.

It is speculated that the above differences are changes made in line with Japanese regulations and parking lot design. Although Honda has not expressed its position on the introduction, the camouflaged car can be said to be a real possibility of introduction.

The "Elevate" released by Honda in India has a total length of 4,312mm, a width of 1,790mm, and a height of 1,650mm. When this car is introduced to Japan, the roof rack should be removed, and the height should be controlled below 1,600mm, while the width and height of the car will remain the same.

Original source:Honda "Elevate" "Japanese specification car"?Spy-shot test car suggests introduction to Japan
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