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Honda's new generation "CR-V" hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is being tested on domestic roads in Japan! It is expected to be launched in 2024

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●The new generation "CR-V" FCEV model is planned to be introduced to the Japanese market in 2024
●Caught a camouflaged FCEV based on the new generation "CR-V"

The new generation "CR-V" FCEV model is planned to be introduced to the Japanese market in 2024

The latest model of the Honda SUV "CR-V" is the sixth-generation model released in the United States in July 2022. Sales of the fifth-generation model in Japan will end at the end of 2022, and it has now disappeared from the Japanese product lineup.

However, Honda plans to start production of a new FCEV based on the new generation "CR-V" in 2024 at the "Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC)", one of its production bases in the United States. In February 2023, Honda announced that it will also be sold in Japan in 2024. A new FCEV based on the "CR-V".

In addition, as part of Honda's goal of "increasing the EV and FCEV sales ratio of four-wheel vehicles to 100% by 2040," the "CR-V" and FCEV "Clarity" models will have new models after 2 to 3 years. Products added.

A while ago, a camouflaged FCEV based on the "CR-V" was also seen in Japan.

Captured FCEV camouflage car based on the new generation "CR-V"

Photo courtesy: @kitaeri_skyline
Photo courtesy: @kitaeri_skyline
Photo courtesy: @kitaeri_skyline
Photo courtesy: @kitaeri_skyline

The camouflaged car witnessed this time can be seen from the headlights and overall design that it is a new generation "CR-V". From the "Hydrogen" text printed on the camouflage film, it is inferred that the car should be a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).

The camouflage of the car is actually more like propaganda. It is speculated that the car is in the final stage of development towards its release in 2024.

In addition, FCEV camouflage vehicles based on the "CR-V" have also been witnessed in California. Although the body camouflage is different from Japan, the front and rear bumpers and other designs are the same. North America may distinguish FCEVs from general models in appearance design. Make a difference.

Japan has not yet introduced the new generation of "CR-V", so the differentiation is only for domestic consumers in the United States. It is speculated that apart from changing the steering wheel position, no additional changes will be made to Japanese cars.

The camouflaged car has designed width lights, and production will be carried out in the United States as Honda announced. Japan may adopt the method of import sales in the future, so the sales price may also increase.

Original source:Honda's new CR-V fuel cell vehicle undergoes public road testing in Japan! Scheduled to be released in 2024
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