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Hotai Commercial Vehicle newly released the iTRAQ car management system, 8 tons, 17 tons and three models of traction vehicles.

Hotai Automobile, the sole distributor of HINO commercial vehicles in Taiwan, released the "iTRAQ Vehicle Management System" on September 1. Through advanced vehicle networking technology, it integrates various peripheral devices*1 to help commercial customers achieve intelligent fleet management. In addition to providing GPS vehicle tracking function, iTRAQ also combines CAN-Bus vehicle signals authorized by Hino to use multiple information such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, mileage and diagnostic error codes, and is connected in series with tire pressure detection system and vision assistance system, etc. Provide advanced and comprehensive commercial vehicle networking services*2.

The first wave of iTRAQ will be equipped on 8-ton, 17-ton and traction vehicles. From September 1, 2023, anyone who purchases these three models will be provided with 3 years of free Internet service for newly purchased vehicles, using real-time vehicle condition information and advanced extended applications Reduce business risks, protect driving safety and improve management efficiency.

Business without interruption:

l Remote diagnosis: iTRAQ returns DTC diagnostic error codes in real time, and divides the error codes into 3 levels according to the severity. The most serious level will be broadcast on mobile phones to remind customers to return to the factory for repairs immediately to avoid the expansion of fault conditions.

l Intelligent maintenance: Customers can customize the maintenance cycle of each vehicle according to their needs. iTRAQ will automatically remind customers to return to the factory for maintenance according to the real-time vehicle mileage and engine running hours; after the maintenance is completed, the service factory will The parts and work item details of this maintenance will be sent back, and the system will assist the owner to record and automatically restart the next maintenance cycle.

Safety and zero dead angle*4:

l Safety Sense Link: After the PCS pre-warning protection system and LDWS lane departure warning system equipped with HINO Phase 6 safety vehicles are activated, the mobile phone push broadcast will remind customers of possible dangerous driving situations, and customers can grasp the driving conditions in real time.

l Remote tire pressure management: After the car owner installs the TPMS tire pressure detection system authorized by the service factory, iTRAQ can remotely read the tire pressure and tire temperature, and can set the standard value of tire pressure. If the value is lower than the standard value, the system will automatically Issue a warning to alert owners to management.

High management efficiency:

l E-Coaching: Use five items including overspeed, idle speed, throttle depth, rapid acceleration and deceleration, and economic speed

Indicators for driving evaluation, assisting drivers to develop fuel-efficient and safe driving habits.

l GPS-related functions: Use vehicle positioning, track playback, electronic fencing and task dispatching functions to assist customers in digitizing their daily fleet management operations and reducing complicated paperwork.

8-ton, 17-ton and traction vehicles are given priority to be equipped with the iTRAQ vehicle-linked management system

HINO 8-ton, 17-ton and tractor vehicles provide safety protection equipment that meets the sixth phase of safety regulations, including PCS early warning protection system, LDWS lane departure warning system and VSC vehicle stability control system...etc. Driving safety and management efficiency. From now on, it will be officially sold at the distributors of Hotai Automobile in Taiwan-Changyuan Automobile, Lanyang Automobile, and Dongfang Automobile. Consumers are cordially invited to inquire at all sales offices in Taiwan. If you have any questions about iTRAQ, you can also visit the iTRAQ official website (, or call the iTRAQ Customer Service Center at 0800-256777 (local calls), 03-3280122 (Cell phone) for inquiries.

*1: There may be differences in appearance between the pictures of accessories selected around iTRAQ and the actual product, please refer to the actual product at the time of installation.

*2: The actual function of iTRAQ may vary depending on the make and model of the installed vehicle. Before installation, please contact the specialist of the service factory to understand the actual function and operation method.

*3: Please refer to the operation manual/instruction manual for the operation methods and restrictions of various functions of iTRAQ.

*4: There are operating conditions for each safety equipment. For related information, please contact local dealers to learn about the relevant instructions in the operation manual/instruction manual. When driving on the actual road, affected by factors such as vehicle speed, road conditions, and weather, drivers must still refer to the detailed content of the operation manual/instruction manual, and keep abreast of the surrounding conditions while driving to ensure safe driving.

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