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How to choose a car at the end of the year? CMC Zinger uses all the ingredients to create the biggest bowl of beef

As the temperature drops sharply and the chill grows stronger, it seems to tell everyone that the end of the year is approaching and the year is coming to an end. Getting rid of the old and welcoming the new at the end of each year is of course a big event, and it is also the busiest time for the automobile industry. All car manufacturers do their best to stand out in the fiercely competitive market. As for where the biggest bowl of beef is this year, the answer seems to be gradually becoming clear.

The leisure travel trend has been prevalent for a long time, although there have always been different opinions in the past that market preferences rise and fall, just like fashion, the popularity will cool down sooner or later. But I didn’t expect that SUVs would become so popular in the next 20 years, and the trend would only become more and more intense. Not only did they not show any signs of cooling down, they even squeezed the popular class segments such as RVs and hatchbacks into juniors.

To be able to stand for 20 years in the leisure travel market where major powers compete, it must have strong strength and product appeal to win the favor of consumers. Zinger is such an evergreen car series that takes practicality and affordability as its biggest selling points and takes into account both commercial and passenger needs. This time, the new generation Zinge has undergone all-round changes and evolutions, not only closer to the needs of the passenger market, but also naturally becoming one of the most value-for-money travel products.

In terms of appearance design, the new generation Zinger breaks away from the past and shows a different look.

Mature and fashionable

Friends who are slightly familiar with Zinger should be surprised by the extent of changes in this major facelift. The rectangular headlights integrate the direction lights and daytime running lights, and are connected to the left and right through the water tank guard to form a horizontal visual effect. The bumper extending from the lower edge of the headlights overall looks thick and stable. With independent fog lights and a lower air intake dam, the momentum and sportiness are much improved than in the past.

The thick bumper and independent fog lamps reveal the rugged style of off-road travel.

The rear of the car is also significantly different. The three-dimensional design outline looks a little more youthful. The tailgate switch handle has also been moved to the lower end, making it easier to open the large tailgate. Paired with the roof rack and the black plastic anti-scratch guards on the wheel arches, it embodies a rough off-road travel style, showing a strong passenger travel atmosphere.

The L-shaped three-dimensional taillights add embellishment to the body outline and give it a youthful feel.

Simultaneously with the appearance, it has been significantly reshaped, replacing the classic bay interior with a horizontally contrasting design. In addition to complying with recent consumer preferences, it also makes it easier to install a large screen on the center console without looking obtrusive. Although it pays attention to CP value, Zinger still puts some effort into the texture. The top-spec model also uses black piano paint, which matches the leather-covered seats and steering wheel, adding a lot of high-end atmosphere.

The interior has abandoned the bay-style shape that has been used for a long time in the past and changed it to a horizontally lining design on the left and right.

Fully equipped with technology, comfort and safety

Some models of the facelifted Zinger are equipped with a 10.25-inch digital instrument designed independently in Taiwan, which can display a variety of rich information, making it easier to interpret data such as current vehicle speed, fuel level, and rotational speed. When the ADAS system is turned on, the current status of the vehicle will be displayed in the center of the digital instrument, making it easier for the driver to grasp the vehicle's status. The full Chinese cultural interface also lowers the operating threshold, and there is no longer the problem of having to learn English to drive.

The 10.25-inch digital instrument was independently developed in Taiwan and has a full Chinese interface for easier operation.

The 9-inch Panasonic touch screen multimedia system installed on the center console supports wired and wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto mobile phone connection functions. When driving, you can also use voice control or steering wheel operation interface while connected to your mobile phone to operate navigation, phone calls, music playback and other functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

The 9-inch touch screen in the center console supports wired and wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto mobile phone connection functions.

Regardless of luxury or flagship models, all are equipped with door sensor keys, keyless start buttons and single-zone climate control. Of course, the most noteworthy thing is that all car series are equipped with ADAS advanced driving assistance systems. The ADAS on Zinger uses Bosch modules from the well-known manufacturer and meets Level 2 standards, including ACC active distance control cruise system (full speed range), FCM active smart braking assist system (including pedestrian detection), and LKA lane centering assist. system, TJA traffic congestion assist system, BSW blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear traffic alert, LCA lane change assist, RECW rear collision avoidance warning, DOW exit door warning, LVSA front vehicle departure warning, AHB smart high beam System... and other functions, coupled with 6 SRS airbags in the entire vehicle, provide more complete safety for all vehicle occupants.

All vehicles are equipped with Level 2 ADAS advanced driving assistance functions, which can reduce driving fatigue and improve driving safety.

Practical value further improved

In the past, Zinger's only big selling point was practicality. In addition to the evolution of the exterior design, interior equipment and comfort for the passenger market, the new-generation facelift also did not ignore the existing excellence in pragmatism. First of all, the new car will replace the combination of the 4G69 2.4-liter engine and the 5-speed automatic transmission, which is extremely mature but can no longer meet the CAFE average fuel consumption standard requirements, and instead use a 1.5TGDI in-cylinder direct injection turbine engine supported by Mitsubishi technology. , matched with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, it can output a maximum horsepower of 172 horsepower and a maximum torque of 26.4 kilogram-meters. It not only has sufficient power output, but also takes into account fuel economy and economy.

The Zinger has been overhauled and replaced with a 1.5TGDI in-cylinder direct injection turbine engine, matched with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, taking into account power output and fuel consumption and energy saving.

The maximum torque appears at 1,500 rpm and extends all the way to about 4,500 rpm. High torque can be output at low rpm, giving the Zinger a light and agile start-up acceleration performance. Even if the car is full of passengers and luggage, it will not feel inadequate. . It also performs well in re-acceleration in the medium and high-speed range, giving the driver sufficient control confidence and more in line with the needs of the passenger market.

: High torque can be output at low speed, making the Zinger light and flexible to start, and can also cope with load-carrying tasks.

The advantage of a small-displacement turbocharged engine is not just power output. Compared with the previous 2.4-liter engine, the annual fuel cost and license tax add up to a gap of several thousand yuan; fuel consumption performance has also been significantly improved, with average fuel consumption The 5-seater model has 13.1 km/L, and the 7-seater model has 13.3 km/L. Whether you are traveling long distances on a trip or traveling back and forth for work or business, you can save your wallet.

The spacious space is an advantage that Zinger cannot compete with other rivals in the same price range. The body length, width and height are 4,655mm, 1,755mm and 1,800mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2,720mm. Zinger's second-row seats have 13 levels of front-to-back sliding adjustment, and the front-to-back adjustment distance is up to 195mm. In addition, the second-row seats can be folded forward, which can create a maximum depth of 1,640mm and a maximum of 2,015 liters on the 5-seater model. The large rear compartment space can easily accommodate a large number of items, and the loading capacity easily surpasses other leisure products in the same class.

Spacious interior space has always been Zinger's biggest selling point. With 5 seats, it can create 2,015 liters of rear cargo space, an advantage that other rivals cannot match.

The new generation Zinger also has a 7-seater model, which can accommodate more passengers. Even if there are many family members, they can travel together in the same car, so that the warmth and happiness will not be scattered. The third row of seats in the 7-seater model can be tilted forward as needed, and with the folding function of the second row of seats, it is as practical as the 5-seater version in terms of space practicality.

Thanks to the wheelbase size of 2,720mm, the third row of seats in the 7-seater version will not feel cramped.

Meet the market test with strength

The automobile market has always been changing rapidly. New designs and technologies are rapidly iteratively introduced, and consumer preferences are equally elusive. It is not easy to remain in the market for 20 years. Indeed, Zinger has never been the most dazzling star in the leisure travel market. The reason why it has the ability to become an evergreen car series is actually to try its best to present the beef and rely on its strength to show its true results. This was true in the past, and so is the new generation of Zinger.

The biggest piece of beef when buying a car at the end of the year may be in the new generation Zinger.

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