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How to choose a commercial vehicle for a wealth-generating partner?Full service maintenance is the key

Taiwan’s vigorous economic development in the past can be attributed in large part to the hard-working small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed bosses, who drove around in small trucks every day, trying their best to create a world of their own. And the most important partner to accompany the bosses is naturally the truck that gets along with each other for a long time every day. The quality of that truck is even directly related to the company's profit...

In the lives of ordinary people, cars are mainly used for transportation, which can bring more convenience and comfort. But for many small and medium-sized enterprises or self-employed business owners, the car is an indispensable tool for making money. I accompany myself to go north and south every day, just to enable my family and employees to live a prosperous life without fear of want. Since you are such an important partner, you have to be extra careful when choosing it. After all, if you buy a truck with poor performance or even old problems, how can you make money?

Trucks are a tool for making money, so you have to choose one that suits your industry needs

Increased market demand, each company seizes the red sea of ​​commercial vehicles

Although compared with passenger cars, the commercial vehicle market has relatively few brand choices, but they are still hilltops, each with strong strength and competition with each other. However, most brands only focus on a single vehicle type, or only a few vehicle types, such as Hyundai, Toyota, Wenfa...etc. In addition, there are brands such as Zhonghua Mitsubishi that have been operating in the commercial market for a long time. They adopt a group combat approach and provide a variety of vehicle options, from light Zhonghua Lingli and medium-sized Delica to ZINGER PICKUP 3 with long front design, and even for The leader in agriculture and forestry will travel through the mountains and forests to launch 4WD models.

The diversification of vehicle types allows buyers to choose the most suitable combination, and saves the trouble of maintenance of different brands.

The advantage of fewer car types is that the conditions that need to be considered when purchasing are simple; there are more car types, which can save more effort and budget for buyers who have different uses and need different car types.

Take into account the durability and perfect logistics

Commercial vehicles are tools for making money and a good helper for making money. They need to be reliable, durable and not prone to failure even under severe conditions of long time, long distance, and high load. You know, for the average person, if a car breaks down, you probably have to spend money to repair the car, but for businessmen, a breakdown of the car may mean that there is no way to make money. However, as long as it is a car, it is impossible to not need maintenance or repair. At this time, the dense logistics maintenance base becomes another important point to consider when buying a car.China Mitsubishi has accumulated 50 years of experience, and its product performance and durability have already won many good reputations.

Taking Toyota, China Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Suzuki as the four major commercial vehicle brands, there are 122, 123, 59 and 33 repair shops in Taiwan respectively. In terms of quantity and energy, Toyota and China Mitsubishi are on the same level, leading the other two brands by a large margin.

No matter how good the car is, it is still possible to encounter accidents such as breakdowns and accidents. At this time, let the car can return to work as soon as possible, relying on the logistics energy of the car factory.

Determine the needs and tailor the wealth-generating tools

In addition to products and logistics, car purchase services are also the focus of attention. Because each industry has different work content, even if there are many types of vehicles, it is difficult to meet all the needs in detail. Therefore, the retrofitting service is the last procedure of tailor-made commercial vehicles, whether it is boxing, lifting tailgates, canvas racks, etc., if the original factory has experienced and senior business personnel, it can help the owner to buy the ideal with half the effort. Tools for making money.

Another point to remind is that in general urban roads, only 2WD models can be purchased. As for the four-wheel drive 4WD models, not only in mountainous areas and other situations with poor road conditions, they can also exert their strength to overcome all difficulties. In fact, it is also easy to use in the urban environment. When the vehicle is fully loaded, it is rainy, long ramps... etc., which can be more relaxed than the two-wheel drive model.

Commercial trucks support Taiwan's small and medium enterprises, and an important promoter of self-employment. Faced with the changing lifestyles after the epidemic, the various faces of commercial vehicles have been fully integrated into the work and life of every boss and driver. Before buying a commercial vehicle, the most important thing is to consider your own needs. Starting from the integrity of the original product, the capacity of logistics services, and the car purchase service, I believe that we will find the best wealth-generating partner and move towards a more successful future!

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