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How to prepare to be safe? (Part 2) Complete Guide to One-Day Racers

driving concept
Pay attention to fault parking

After the vehicle is completed, the next step is to establish the concept of people. The first is to learn the running method of the track route. They suggest that everyone can watch the YT video shot by professional drivers online, and remember the braking point and entry point before each corner. The route out of the corner is a very basic skill. Only when the route is correct can the car drive smoothly and ensure the safety of the track. In addition, you should also remember what the flags of different colors represent, because any situation on the racing track is communicated to the drivers on the track through the flags. In the case of a crash accident, if the speed is not slowed down, the consequences are quite serious.

At present, Lihpao Motorsport strictly controls the problem of exhaust noise. Therefore, APR Taiwan specially introduced a special exhaust pipe system for Porsche Cayman, which is divided into two configurations: straight pipe and muffler package, which can be quickly replaced and disassembled, so that the vehicle meets the noise standard without affecting exhaust efficiency.
Chen Yi'an also suggested that Porsche Cayman owners should replace the original air intake pressure relief valve with an aluminum alloy modified product, which will not only help the oil return and accelerate out of the bend, but also effectively protect the turbine.

It is worth mentioning that what should I do if the vehicle suddenly breaks down in the field? If the vehicle can still slide, it must be parked on a wide straight line. Never park on a curve. If people can't get outside the guardrail, they should sit in the car. At least the vehicle can protect the driver. Stand in front of and behind the vehicle. So what should you do if you encounter a fast car behind you and want to give way? It is recommended to press the double yellow lights on a straight line, and then slow down after yielding the route. The car behind will know that you want to let him pass first, and try not to give the car at will in the curve, which is more prone to collision accidents.

In addition, for personal equipment, consider purchasing a full-face or half-face racing helmet + fire-resistant hood, which can absorb sweat and reuse, while protecting the lining of the expensive racing helmet from mold and odor. It is also recommended that you buy racing gloves. In addition to increasing the slip resistance, it can also protect the leather on the steering wheel, so that the steering wheel will not be excessively worn. The racing shoes can be purchased according to the budget, or can be replaced with flat shoes.

Wei Shengcheng, the head of Jieshi Motors, said that before he participated in the running meeting, he checked the diagnostic computer for fault codes, and also used the DMS ECU optimization program to moderately increase the engine power to make the track more fun.
The working temperature of the turbo engine is relatively high, so you should always pay attention to the oil temperature and water temperature when driving off the track. Generally, after the vehicle runs for about 3-4 laps, it will start to experience heat exhaustion, and you can slow down at this time. , let the vehicle cool down, and then fight the speed again in the next lap.

When the official end of the game, you should always pay attention to the oil temperature and water temperature of the vehicle. Generally, the vehicle will start to experience heat exhaustion after about 3 laps of full power. At this time, you can slow down and let the vehicle cool down. Next You can’t continue to operate when the oil temperature is already high. Sometimes the vehicle will lock in pressure or the gearbox will overheat and lock the gear, which is not good for the vehicle. Also remember to fill up the oil, and continue to fill up when the oil level is half, in order to protect the gasoline pump, and also reduce the problem of a large amount of oil and gas generated by the constant shaking of half a barrel of gasoline. Before the end of the game, you can consider releasing some tire pressure to about 28psi, the tire grip will be better, and then it is also important to confirm each rim screw again. As for the vehicle after the event need to do any inspection work? The answer is yes. It is recommended to change the oil if possible. If you are really reluctant and usually drive slowly, you must replace it with a mileage of 3000km at the latest, and then tighten each suspension screw again. Many cars have It often occurs that the screws become loose after the track is run.

Before the competition, you can watch the YT videos shot by professional drivers online. You must remember the braking point before entering each corner and the route of entering and exiting the corner. This is a very basic skill. Only with the correct route can the car drive smoothly and Make sure the track is safe.
You can consider buying a full-face or half-face racing helmet + fireproof headgear, the latter can absorb sweat and reuse, and at the same time protect the lining of the high-priced racing helmet from being moldy and smelly, or buy racing gloves, the purpose is not only to increase anti-slip , also protects the leather on the steering wheel.

Finally, to sum up, the cost of participating in the track walking meeting for the first time is the highest, because there are many things to strengthen or buy, and it is not necessary to spend more money on the subsequent sessions. There are a lot of people in the eight festivals. In short, the preparation of people and vehicles before the event is very important. It is recommended that everyone participate in the package group activities of modified stores or clubs. Some stores will have education courses before the event. They are all acquaintances, and there is a tacit understanding and there will be less pressure to open up. The above information is provided to everyone, I hope everyone can have a good time.

Remember what the flags of different colors represent, because any situation on the racing track is communicated to the drivers on the track through the flags. If you don’t pay attention to or don’t understand the flags, in case there is a crash ahead , if the speed is not slowed down, the consequences are quite serious.
APR Taiwan will regularly call on the riders to participate in the track walking meeting, and will provide racing training, vehicle maintenance and technician maintenance services on the day of the event. More importantly, other riders in the same group know each other, so running will be less stressful , you can pay more attention to the information on its FB.

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