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Hundreds of days left, sign up now! The Wings for Life global road race starts on May 8 with zero time difference

East Olympic rock climbing gold medal male god,Red Bull Racing F1Team chairman and five-time champion tennis player support the research on spinal injuries and jointly run for those who cannot run

The world's largest "Wings For Life Global Road Run" hosted by the Wings For Life Spinal Cord Injury Research Foundation will invite runners to run for those who can't run at 7pm Taiwan time on May 8, 2022. Athletes and drivers from all over the world, regardless of faction, competed to support the Wings For Life global road race, including East Olympic gold medalist Alberto Ginés López, Red Bull Racing F1 team chairman Christian Horner, Belgian ace Thierry Neuville, Italian professional tennis star Matteo Berrettini, who has won five championship trophies, and others, call on everyone to respond to this global event! Now, just download the "Wings For Life World Run" APP on your mobile phone, you can register and reserve the event, and one person can complete the event through the APP RUN.

Christian Horner, Chairman and CEO of Red Bull Racing F1 Team, shared: "Wings for Life is an event that everyone can participate in, even if I am not a professional runner, I can guarantee it will be a great experience. Red The Bull Racing team is very proud to be an official partner of Wings for Life, and this year the entire team will once again support running for those who can't."

You can run alone!Wings For Life Global Road RunAPP RUNOriginal sound experience, allowing runners to freely choose mileage and route

The Wings For Life global road running APP RUN allows runners to freely choose the track, even if only one person can participate in the event, whether it is the riverside park where they usually practice running, or the track and field near their home, they can be the exclusive track. When the race begins, the APP will let runners feel the tension before the countdown to the race and the excitement of the global runner movement through a unique sound experience. The most well-known "Terminator" in Wings For Life's global road running will also begin to move with a "virtual clone" and gradually accelerate 30 minutes after the runners start running. Once the runners are chased on the map, their personal performance It will also appear on the global rankings instantly.

Wings For Life Global Road Running Taiwan Champion Li Zhiqun said, "I have participated in many Wings For Life global road running, and the APP RUN started two years ago, not only can I see the global and Taiwan runners participating in the competition more directly, The unique sound experience also makes online road running even more exciting!”

Wings For LifeGlobal Road Run APP RUNRun with zero-day difference, run together for those who can't run

In the face of the global epidemic, the Wings For Life global road race last year successfully called for more than 180,000 people from 195 countries to participate in the APP road race. With 4.1 million euros raised, the registration fee and fundraising for the event will be used for spinal cord injury research to help spinal cord injury patients regain their lives. This year, Wings For Life global road running will also continue to encourage runners to participate in the APP road running, and jointly run for those who cannot run.

Anita Gerhardter, CEO of Wings For Life, added: “The best part about the Wings for Life Global Road Run is that it is an event that anyone, young or old, can participate in. This year we hope to grow even bigger, Wings for Life Global All registration fees and donations for the road run will be 100% fully invested in the laboratory or clinic that studies or cures spinal cord injuries. We have seen amazing results in the past few years, and we will continue and never give up research on spinal cord injuries. Looking forward to new breakthroughs in the future.”

Registration for one of the world's largest road running events is now open. Welcome to start from the track of your choice at the same time and run for those who can't run!For more event information, please visit the event

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