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Hyundai announces the design of a new generation of BEV "IONIQ 6"!

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●Announced the design of IONIQ 6
●A streamlined body that reduces air resistance
●Comfortable interior space based on "cocoon"
●Expected world premiere in July 2022

Announced the design of the IONIQ 6

South Korean automaker "Hyundai" announced on June 28, 2022 the design of the second model "IONIQ 6" of the battery-powered EV brand "IONIQ".

Based on the unique streamline outline of aerodynamics, the cockpit adopts a personal space design with a "cocoon" as the prototype.

In addition, Hyundai uses sustainable materials inside and outside the IONIQ 6, making it an eco-friendly battery EV.

Streamlined body for reduced air resistance

The IONIQ 6 body adopts the design of low head, Active Air Flap (AAF, Active Air Flap), and reducing wheel clearance to reduce air resistance.

The aerodynamic performance such as the gap of the wheel spokes and the underbody cover is optimized, and the wind resistance coefficient (Cd value) is only 0.21.

The front and rear lights of the IONIQ 6 adopt the common design "pixel matrix element" introduced from the new generation of Hyundai models. When the third brake light on the rear wing is on, it can deduce an eye-catching lighting effect.

The IONIQ 6 continues the battery EV chassis platform "E-GMP" that is very popular in Japan and is also used in the IONIQ 5.

A comfortable interior space based on a "cocoon"

The IONIQ 6 cockpit design is inspired by the "cocoon" and uses the E-GMP chassis platform to create a flat and wide space. The control unit configuration based on ergonomic design reduces distraction while driving and assists safe driving.

The two-color mood lighting that illuminates the IONIQ 6 cabin has a total of 64 colors and 6 themes to choose from, creating an interior space where both the driver and passengers can relax.

World premiere expected in July 2022

The IONIQ 6 is expected to have its world premiere in July 2022, and more detailed features and advanced features will be revealed at that time.

In addition, the 3D design video of IONIQ 6 can be seen at K-POP Plaza in Seoul, South Korea, Piccadilly Circus in London, UK, and Billboard in Times Square, New York, USA.

The unique design of the IONIQ 6 has been criticized in two extremes. Some people think that "it has a Hyundai feeling", "the side profile is the most beautiful part of the whole car", and "it is the best design in Hyundai's history", but others criticized "it looks like a copy of the Porsche Taycan". , "Looks like Infiniti J30 (Nissan Leopard J.Ferie) and Mercedes-Benz CLS", "Hyundai's design is not original".

Original source:Hyundai unveils the design of the new BEV "Ionic 6"! "Pakuri of that car" and burning
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