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Hyundai Ioniq 5 800V ultra-fast fast charging pre-sale

Hyundai Ioniq 5

●Ioniq brand's first electric vehicle

●EV400, EV500 and EV500 Performance three models sold

●Equipped with E-GMP electric vehicle global modular platform

800V ultra-fast DC charging, 10%~80% charging in 18 minutes

●Provide V2L external power supply function

● Domestic pre-sale price EV400, EV500: 1.45/1.69 million yuan

EV500 Performance: 1.89 million yuan

In order to prevent the younger brother Kia EV6 from being exclusively beautiful, Hyundai Automobile Taiwan's general agent, Nanyang Industrial, announced the 2022 domestic new car introduction schedule and also released the Ioniq through the Chinese New Year press conference on 3/2. "Ioniq 5", the first electric vehicle under the electric energy brand, is available in three models including EV400, EV500 and EV500 Performance. The current pre-sale prices are 1.45 million, 1.69 million and 1.89 million respectively. According to Nanyang Industrial, because the current global market of the Ioniq 5 is still in short supply, the quota for this year is only 120, and the buyers who place the order are expected to start delivering the cars in early April. In addition, the "eTry" experience project was also launched for the first time for IONIQ 5. You can freely choose a one-day short-term rental experience, a subscription-type quarterly rental experience, or a low-monthly long-term rental experience, and the rent can be directly discounted when the quarterly rental period expires. The car purchase price is the first to meet the future pure electric mobile life.

Combining retro and avant-garde styling, Ioniq 5 brings a very futuristic and sci-fi look.

Futuristic styling that blends classic and avant-garde

The appearance of the Ioniq 5 adopts the design vocabulary of "Sensuous Sportiness" and the parametric design of "Parametric Pixels" to simulate three-dimensional lines, surfaces, angles and shapes, thus creating an appearance that combines classic reproductions with an avant-garde and futuristic look. In particular, the high-tech digital pixel LED daytime running lights and taillights are equipped with V-Shape digital impression recognition lights, Z-Shape impression sheet lines, Dynamic C-pillar shapes and 20-inch Parametric Pixel diamond-cut aluminum rings with low wind resistance. Bring the future sci-fi sense to the extreme and bring an aesthetic vision that is different from electric vehicles of the same level.

The body length/width/height size is 4635/1890/1605mm, which belongs to the mid-size hatchback class, but it has a long wheelbase of 3000mm.
The rather fancy 20-inch Parametric Pixel diamond-cut low-drag aluminum ring is an exclusive configuration for the top-gauge EV500 Performance.
The body lines made of Z-Shape impression-like sheet lines and the design of digital pixel head and tail lights create an avant-garde high-tech visual experience.

The interior layout is also presented with an ultra-technical sense, with a dual 12.25-inch digital instrument panel and EV information center control display screen (Apple CarPlay & Android Auto) and the newly imported Column Rotary knob-type transmission gear system, plus PDS three-stage kinetic energy regenerative braking system (with control paddles), i-PEDAL single-pedal driving mode, CCC intelligent energy monitoring system (with energy consumption ratio / preset charging time / charging upper limit adjustable) and VESS virtual engine sound effects The system, Qi wireless charging stand and 64-color ring cabin atmosphere lights, etc., can be said to show the power technology to the fullest. In addition, it also provides V2L (Vehicle To Land) external power supply function, with two-way power supply capability, which can be used to charge other electrical appliances anytime and anywhere, and even support household electricity, so that the electric power life field can be extended infinitely.

The interior also has a retro and technologically laid-out atmosphere. The dual 12.25-inch digital instrument panel and EV information display screen are the main highlights.
In addition to the large panoramic electric sunroof, it is also equipped with dual front 12-way full tilt electric seats, and the rear seats can also be slid forward and backward and tilted. The rear luggage compartment has a volume performance of 527~1587 liters.
In addition to the large panoramic electric sunroof, it is also equipped with dual front 12-way full tilt electric seats, and the rear seats can also be slid forward and backward and tilted. The rear luggage compartment has a volume performance of 527~1587 liters.
In addition to the large panoramic electric sunroof, it is also equipped with dual front 12-way full tilt electric seats, and the rear seats can also be slid forward and backward and tilted. The rear luggage compartment has a volume performance of 527~1587 liters.

Level 2 SmartSense

In terms of safety technology, all Ioniq 5 models are equipped with SmartSense Level 2 semi-autonomous active safety assistance systems as standard, including SCC intelligent active distance maintenance, LFA full-speed lane maintenance assistance, and FCA front active braking Assist (including pedestrian/FCA-JX intersection detection), BCA blind spot collision avoidance assist, as well as BVM blind spot image assist, SVM surround view image assist and SEA safe exit assist that are standard on EV500 and above; in addition, RSPA is also introduced for the first time. The intelligent remote parking assist system allows car owners to easily control entering and leaving the parking space.

As for the performance of the passenger space in the cabin, it also benefits from the design of the new E-GMP electric vehicle chassis platform, which enables it to have a wheelbase of 3000mm under the body length of 4635mm, which can maximize the passenger space in the car. Because of its modern design, the passenger space in the rear seat and the luggage compartment are both excellent. In addition, EV500 and above are also equipped with 12-way dual front seat premium full-tilt electric seats (additional heating/ventilation function) as standard, and the center armrest also has a sliding function, and even the rear seat can be slid back and forth and the seat back can be tilted. It can provide a spacious and comfortable ride experience for the occupants in the car. The rear luggage space is 527 liters under standard conditions, and can be expanded to 1587 liters after the rear row is flattened.

It is built on the new E-GMP electric vehicle modular platform and is equipped with a high-density battery pack, which can bring the advantages of high cruising range and ultra-fast charging.

800V DC super fast charging

In terms of power and cruising range, the EV400 and EV500 models are both equipped with a single high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, which outputs a maximum horsepower of 169hp and 217hp respectively, and the peak torque is both 35.6kgm; as for the EV500 Performance version is equipped with two front and rear. The electric motor has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 306hp and 61.9kgm. As for battery capacity and cruising range, the battery capacities of the EV400 and EV500 are 58.0 kWh and 72.6 kWh, respectively. The maximum cruising range (NEDC test standard) is 438 kilometers for the EV400, 567 kilometers for the EV500, and 496 kilometers for the EV500 Performance. In terms of battery charging, Ioniq 5 has the current maximum 800V DC fast charging system, which can support 400V/800V input voltage and is compatible with 350kW ultra-high-speed charging piles. Officially measured 5 minutes can supplement more than 110km of cruising range, 18 minutes 10% to 80% charging can be completed within the vehicle, which can be said to greatly improve the convenience of car use.


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