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Hyundai QT500, the 5-ton commercial vehicle king, is launched

●European-style domineering front styling

●The largest cargo bed in its class is 2.22 meters wide

●Heavy vehicle grade air pressure braking system + air pressure hand brake

●Equipped with 2.8L turbo diesel engine (146hp/40.8kgm)

In view of the substantial increase in logistics and transportation demand after the liberalization of domestic commercial vehicle regulations, domestic Hyundai general agent Nanyang Industrial officially released the 5-ton Dabawang QT500 new commercial vehicle model on December 13, including a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed bottom bracket. There are 4 models to choose from, including automatic manual transmission, long-axle 6-speed manual transmission, and long-axle 6-speed automatic transmission. The price of a new car starts from 1.5 million yuan (empty chassis price), but the price of the finished car will depend on the buyer’s choice. The configurations required vary, so the starting price of each model has not been communicated to the outside world. According to Nanyang Industrial, it has now set up vehicle body building cooperatives across Taiwan to provide companies with one-stop completed vehicle manufacturing operations including frame-type wooden beds, van types, refrigeration, hydraulic tailgates or special specifications.

The new 5-ton commercial vehicle QT500 adopts a wide body design, and uses the European Crossed Dynamic dynamic crossover design vocabulary to create a front shape that is both domineering and powerful for the QT500, while creating a low drag coefficient of only 0.659Cd. In addition, the QT500 also has a luxurious and spacious cabin comparable to heavy-duty vehicles. In addition to providing comfortable seating for three people, the driver's seat also has a 38-degree backward adjustment and a 225mm front and rear sliding function, which can bring the most comfortable riding posture for driving. .

In addition to convenient equipment such as two-color leather seats, four-way adjustment of the steering wheel, automatic opening and closing of headlights, host audio, heating and cooling air conditioning, automatic shut-off of the headlights when the engine is turned off, and lockable doors when the engine is started, it also comes standard with a 7-inch The full-color multi-function digital instrument can display a wealth of driving information, including main air pressure, urea level, engine water temperature and other information at a glance. In addition, QT500 also introduces SmartSense active safety technology, including LDWS lane departure warning, FCWS forward collision warning and AEBS emergency braking assist system, etc., coupled with VDC body dynamic stability, EHS hill start assist and legal and standard four-way driving recorders, etc., providing a high level of protection.

The QT500 has a luxurious and spacious cabin comparable to heavy-duty vehicles, including two-color leather seats, a 7-inch full-color multi-function digital instrument, a four-way adjustment steering wheel, automatic opening and closing headlights, and host audio, etc. are all standard.

In terms of carrying capacity, the QT500 has the largest 2.22-meter-wide cargo bed in its class. Therefore, using the common 1.1-meter-wide pallet in China, it can easily double the cargo volume, achieving one trip and two trips. Delivery benefits. In terms of power, the QT500 is equipped with a 2.8-liter diesel turbine engine, matched with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 146hp and 40.8kgm. In addition, the QT500 is also equipped with a heavy-duty vehicle-level air pressure brake system and air pressure hand brake, which can not only reduce the braking distance by about 20%, but also enhance the parking ability on slopes, greatly improving driving safety.

The QT500 has the largest 2.22-meter-wide cargo bed in its class, and can only accommodate 1.1-meter double pallets, making it easy to complete one trip instead of two.
The QT500 is equipped with a heavy-duty vehicle-grade air pressure braking system, which can reduce the braking distance by about 20%, greatly improving driving safety.
Equipped with a 2.8-liter diesel turbine engine, it has a maximum power output of 146hp and 40.8kgm, and is powerful and aggressive enough to carry a load uphill.

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