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[IAA Mobility 2023]Renault Scenic, the most popular electric car

  • ●Official transformation from sedan MPV to SUV model setting
  • ●Two power and battery capacity combinations, built using the CMF-EV platform
  • ●Still focusing on practical style, the rear compartment space is 545~1670 liters
  • ●Introduction time: Not introduced

Following the Vision Scenic concept car that was promoted with hydrogen fuel cell power in 2022, Scenic is also expected to be officially launched in 2024 as announced at the time. The original manufacturer chose to release the mass production model at this IAA auto show and confirmed that it will start next year. Launched in Europe.

The new car is still controlled within 4.5 meters, but adopts a 2780mm long wheelbase setting in response to electrification.

The change in model is the biggest breakthrough of the fifth-generation Scenic. The past four generations have been sold using the MPV architecture, but it has not been able to defeat the overall SUV trend. Following the example of old friends from France, the Scenic has fully invested in SUV development. However, Scenic actually used the MPV architecture in the first-generation model. At that time, the high-chassis model of RX4 was extended, which can be regarded as a re-application of this concept 20 years later. The overall size of the new car is still controlled within 4.5 meters, but due to the electrification, it adopts a long wheelbase of 2780mm, so it also has nearly 28cm of rear knee room and more than 88cm of headroom, and the rear compartment also retains 545 liters of lift. The passenger capacity is still the same as that of an MPV.

The console configuration is also based on family design, but the seating space is expected to be good.

The cabin has two 12-inch screens as the main axis, the driving instrument is a horizontal design, and the central multimedia is a straight structure. The overall interface is not far from that of the Megane. It is also worth mentioning that the original manufacturer stated that the new car will be made of zero leather materials. The entire car will use a large amount of recycled plastics and fabrics, and depending on the selected package, different materials made of sustainable materials will be provided, such as Esprit. Alpine is a textile material made of 80% recycled PET bottles and 20% recycled seat belts. At the same time, 24% of the entire car will be made of recycled materials, including 80% aluminum in the aluminum alloy front hatch and doors. , the original manufacturer stated that 80% of the materials in the console will be recycled and reused, and the brand’s ultimate goal in the future will be that 90% of the materials in the entire car, including batteries, can be recycled and reused, which also demonstrates Renault’s commitment to environmentally friendly car manufacturing. s hard work.

The panoramic sunroof provides zoned variable light and dark functions, making it easy to adjust the required lighting effect in the car.

In terms of power, all models are front-wheel drive, but provide an output of 167hp with a 60kWh battery or 215hp with an 87kWh battery. The former can have a driving range of 420 kilometers and is compatible with 130kW DC fast charging. The latter has a powerful driving range of up to 619 kilometers and is suitable for 150kW DC fast charging. Both can freely choose 7kW or 22kW AC charging. It is expected to be priced at about 40,000 pounds when it goes on sale next year, which is much cheaper than its rivals at the same level. It also shows the original manufacturer's intention to build a popular electric car.

Renault Grand Kangoo

Content = In addition to general passenger cars, Renault also simultaneously released an extended version of the brand's classic commercial vehicle, the Grand Kangoo, and also continued to provide pure electric models. The new car can provide a cabin depth of 3.11 meters when the seats are fully folded. The two doors are also 10 centimeters larger than the standard Kangoo. The seating configuration in the car is naturally a 7-seater plan. In addition, the rear tailgate also provides lift-up. Or split design. The power system is a 45kWh battery, the motor output is 120hp/24.5kgm, and the range is 265 kilometers.

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