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ID.X Concept - Volkswagen ID.3 for lease drivers who like to hurry up

Volkswagen has not yet officially unveiled the ID.X Concept. These photos come from the Linkedin page of CEO Ralf Brandstätter, who was allowed to take a detour in the prototype. After the ride he was obviously 'excited', because the ID.X is 200 kilograms lighter than the Volkswagen ID.3 and has 333 hp and four-wheel drive. The Volkswagen ID.X thus sprints to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. And it even has a drift mode!

Volkswagen ID.X as a driving highlighter

According to Brandstätter, the ID.X is based on an ID.3 with a 62 kWh battery. It is equipped with ID.4 GTX technology, but has not received the 77 kWh battery of the sporty electric SUV. Volkswagen opted for an 82 kWh copy. And as you can see from the pictures, the Volkswagen ID.X stands on sturdy alloy wheels and has been treated with a fluorescent marker. It is not yet certain whether the ID.X will reach the production stage, according to Brandstätter.

Electric Volkswagen ID.4 GTX with 299 hp

The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, introduced at the end of April, is the first model under the new sporty GTX label. It has a range of 480 kilometers on a full 77 kWh battery and has no rear-wheel drive - like the already available ID.4 models - but four-wheel drive. With its 299 hp power, the ID.4 GTX accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds. The limiter now intervenes at 180 km / h, not at 160 km / h, as with the other ID.4's.

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