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"If One Day I Will Leave You" Zhang Aijia is in a foreign country, abandoning her husband and abandoning her daughter to be herself

Up-and-coming director Li Gen has a strong aura Even the international famous director and co-stars are afraid

The theme song of the film with the same name by Tan Weiwei, a certified talent singer of the Golden Horse Awards, has been exposed!

The movie scene is in a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo's "Fuinobe", front row: Qi Xi, Chen Yongzhong, Matsumoto Junko, Xie Chengze
Zhang Aijia plays Li Lili, a school teacher, whose husband and daughter both leave her side

This spring's warmest and freshest movie "If One Day I Will Leave You" was directed by up-and-coming director Li Gen, produced by Wang Hongwei and Zhuang Lizhen, and starred by powerful actors Qi Xi, Xie Chengze, Niu Chao, Qiu Tian, ​​Song Ningfeng and Chen Yongzhong. The actress Zhang Aijia will star in a special role and will be officially released on March 25. Today, the behind-the-scenes film and the theme song of the same name will be revealed. The story of the movie is inspired by the real experience of director Li Gen. Since the memories of studying abroad are very deep, many real scenes and characters are set in the movie, except Qi Xi, who plays the role of Daozizuidouxin, the store manager Guan Wei and other colleagues in the restaurant. Li Lili, a teacher who had a deep influence on him, hired Zhang Aijia, the actress from the Golden Horse Film Festival, to perform. Director Li Gen recalled that the prototype of Teacher Lily often gave him a lot of ideas at that time, and Zhang Aijia also gave Teacher Lily more flavor. In the film, Li Lili, the teacher played by Zhang Aijia, chooses to live alone in Japan, separated from her husband and daughter, and enjoys her loneliness after the passage of time; Be yourself, be yourself, Lily's truth, I believe it is of great significance to the director." Qi Xi added: "When I first saw the prototype of each character, I cried, there was that kind of common emotion, Because I know too much that Director Li Gen has invested so deeply.”

[If one day I will leave you]personal poster
[If one day I will leave you]personal poster
[If one day I will leave you]personal poster

Behind the Scenes - The Origin of Creation:

Powerful actor Qi Xi once collaborated with international famous director Lou Ye
People who have the pain of parting in their hearts give each other warmth at the Chinese restaurant "Nanguotei", from left: Junko Matsumoto, Qi Xi, Xie Chengze

Tan Weiwei, a female singer shortlisted for the golden song, felt: "When I parted, I realized that there are too many things to say."

The production team is composed of voice director Du Duzhi, art director Wen Nianzhong, photography director Yao Hongyi and Golden Horse Award winner Matthew Laclau for the best editing. The theme song of the film of the same name is composed by Tan Weiwei, who was nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Best Female Singer. Sing, who sang the original song "Meeting" for the best film at the Golden Horse Awards, her voice is full of emotion and resonates with the movie: "When we met, I always thought that there was still a lot of time, but when we parted, I realized that, There are too many things to say yet, this time I put everything about parting in the song." In the theme song of the same name, the story of the gathering and separation of this group of "foreigners" slowly unfolds in Tan Weiwei's healing singing, as if Following the time-limited one-year exchange study abroad time, the lyrics "If we will eventually be separated and end this long and short period, the brilliance in the memory will remind me to be brave" echoes the scenes in the MV, knowing that this will end in the end. The short-lived relationship between the two, the male protagonist Li Xiaoli has already had a wonderful emotional connection with everyone, exchanging the most inconspicuous warmth and kindness with each other, and becoming the strength to continue to live well.

Tan Weiwei sings the theme song of the movie of the same name:

Powerful actors Qi Xi and Song Ningfeng play couples who are actively fighting for Japanese visas
Qi Xi and Song Ningfeng have strong acting skills, perfectly interpreting the struggle and pain of survival in a foreign country

Director Li Gen's script is full of notes Qi Xi said with a smile: "I always feel that I am not dedicated enough."

What's interesting is that Qi Xi, the heroine of "Mystery of the Floating City" who once collaborated with the international famous director Lou Ye, originally had a good friendship with director Li Gen as a sister and brother. When they met, they were taken care of by this younger brother. The process is very afraid of him, because the script in the hands of director Li Gen is densely written, and she seems to be lazy, so she can't help laughing: "I will feel that I am not dedicated enough, in fact, I am already very dedicated, but When you are with him, you will never feel that you are not dedicated enough." He also praised that Li Gen was very careful and considerate as a friend, as close as his own brother, but when he arrived on the set, he transformed himself into a decisive leader. The movie "If One Day I Will Leave You" will be released in theaters on March 25.

Maybe from the moment we met, the farewell also came secretly

Exchange student Li Xiaoli (played by Xie Chengze) went to study abroad for a year in the remote "Yuan Yebian" in Tokyo, Japan. With a dull personality, he wanted to work but repeatedly ran into obstacles, and finally found a family with the help of his old classmate Qiu Qiu (played by Qiu Tian). Chinese restaurant. The acting store manager Guan Wei (played by Qi Xi) took care of him, the clerk Aoki (played by Niu Chao) regarded him as a rival in love, the master kitchen master Lao Wan (played by Chen Yongzhong), and the young master Song Ge (played by Song Ningfeng) all ignored him... ...Li Xiaoli's arrival broke the silence and got involved in everyone's life. Time is fleeting. Before the next spring, some people stay and some people leave, and what will happen to those "limited family relationships, temporary friendships, and similar love" that have been quietly formed?

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