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In pursuit of the limit Maserati MCXtrema

●Exclusive collector's car for the track

●High output tuned Neptune engine with a maximum horsepower of 730 horsepower

●Monobody carbon fiber body creates extreme lightweight

●Limited to 62 pieces worldwide and all sold out

Before its official debut, Maserati’s brand new track machine was called Project24. Until now we didn’t know its real name was MCXtrema. Of course, MC is the consistent prefix of the Italian car factory, and Xtrema represents the intention of pursuing the limit. The launch of MCXtrema is to avoid being regulated by road driving regulations, so it is only used as a speed machine for pure track use. Of course, this is why this car is so sought after and concerned by car fans.

The body of MCXtrema is made of extremely lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, and the appearance is the standard factory car appearance, even better, including a powerful aerodynamic package. The air intake duct extending from the front bumper air dam to the front windshield, together with the exaggerated air intakes on the roof and rear wheel arches, just look at it and make your blood boil. At the rear of the car, the huge rear wing is connected with the body in a way similar to a trident, and below it is a mesh rear bumper that fully realizes the heat dissipation effect, as well as an exaggerated lower splitter and a central double-outlet tailpipe, all of which are displayed MCXtrema has worked hard to pursue track control. Although it has nothing to do with the pursuit of speed, the taillights of MCXtrema are completely modeled after the Poseidon Trident, which really adds a strong family image and handsomeness to this legal racing car that has no chance to go on the road.

The adjustable rear wing has an exaggerated size, and aerodynamics is the magic weapon for MCXtrema to pursue lap times.
The whole car is made of carbon fiber monocoque, and the air intake on the roof is specially designed for engine air intake.

In terms of power system, MCXtrema continues to use the Neptune engine of MC20. This engine is developed and built by Maserati. The 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged configuration can squeeze out a maximum horsepower of 730 horsepower and a peak torque of 74.4 kg. There are 110 more horsepower, which can be released at 7500 rpm, and the torque peaks at 3000 rpm. The engine efficiency is as high as 240 horsepower per liter, which is indeed quite impressive.

MCXtrema is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine, but it can squeeze out an exaggerated performance of 730 hp/74.4 kg.

For the chassis and suspension, Maserati engineers created a new double A-arm system for MCXtrema, which can further obtain road surface information. At the same time, the damping, springs, and anti-roll bars of the four shock absorbers can be adjusted independently to meet different race conditions. The most appropriate allocation of the track, coupled with the carbon fiber brake system, is MCXtrema's weapon to conquer the track.

In terms of the cockpit, the MCXtrema natural single-seater configuration specially designed for the race track, the instrument panel is a 5-inch digital screen, a racing steering wheel with suede grips and a large number of customizable shortcut buttons, including steering calibration and traction control System, braking system, engine power, etc. can all be adjusted directly from the cockpit, in order to pursue the fastest lap time to the greatest extent. Maserati will only produce 62 MCXtremas in the world, and they have long been famous. It can be seen that such a rare gem will definitely not be a buyer.

The cockpit is full of a strong combat atmosphere, and a large number of buttons on the steering wheel can directly operate multiple vehicle systems.

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