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In summer, the site of hair removal is hot on the Internet

According to the day beforeThe "OpView Community Word-of-Mouth Database" tracked the online voice performance of the topic of "hair removal" in the past three months. With summer coming, either for looks? There are other reasons. In recent years, hair removal has become one of the more and more hot topics discussed on the Internet every spring and summer.

Through Internet statistics, it is found that many girls may wear bikinis in summer, and they are embarrassed and afraid that they will accidentally reveal the hair in their private parts. Therefore, related articles have appeared many times in the discussion area, and a considerable proportion of pregnant mothers have discussed related issues. It is also for the sake of Prepare for production. But whether or not this is the reason why hair removal in private parts has become a hot topic on the Internet. This time, I invited Dr. Liu Sihui (Supervisor of the Republic of China Aesthetic Medicine and Medical Association) from Vixin Clinic to help you solve this interesting topic and phenomenon.

Dr. Liu Sihui of Weixin Institute said that girls not only think of hair removal because they wear swimsuits, but it can also reduce the risk of inflammation and infection in their private parts, and they will be cleaner and more comfortable during their menstrual period, which is considered a polite gesture !

Why is the first place in the hair removal hot debate is the private part? Really because it's a swimsuit? or other reasons? Does the boy have more private parts?

Dr. Liu Sihui said that hair removal in private parts has become popular in recent years from abroad to domestic! As a result, Chinese people gradually have the awareness of hair removal in private parts. Not only do girls think of hair removal because they wear swimsuits, it can also reduce the risk of inflammation and infection in the private parts, and when the menstrual period comes, it will be cleaner and more comfortable, which is considered a courtesy! As for the hair removal part of the private parts of boys, there are very few parts at present. Maybe boys' awareness of hair removal in the private parts has not yet risen! I am also embarrassed to go to the laser clinic because of my shyness.

Laser hair removal in Internet statistics? Hot wax for hair removal? Home hair remover? What are the characteristics or advantages and disadvantages of each? And what are the precautions?

Physician Liu Sihui helped you organize some information, so that the public can clearly understand the different hair removal methods and hair removal conditions and phenomena.

Laser hair removal: Shrinks hair follicles, hair becomes thinner, growth cycle becomes slow, skin becomes white, and comfort is high.

hot wax hair removal: Hair follicles will not shrink, the growth cycle will be the same as the original, and the pain will be stronger.

Common household hair removal devices:

Hair removal knife: Convenient and fast, but easy to shave and thicker, leaving black hair on the skin, making the skin look dirty and not beautiful, the most important thing is that the hair will grow quickly in about 3 days, and the pores are easy to keratinize Thickening, frequent use of a razor to remove hair can cause the risk of folliculitis, which needs to be removed every 2-3 days.

Hair removal cream: Hair removal cream is short-term hair removal, but like a hair removal knife, hair will grow in about 3 days, and hair removal creams are mostly chemical ingredients, which can easily cause skin sensitivity.

Tweezers for hair removal: It takes a lot of time, and in some places, it is not easy to pull out by yourself, and there is a risk of inflammation of the hair follicles.

Notes: In addition to using hair removal knife to avoid injury, after use, strengthen moisturizing and sun protection to avoid skin contact with too many sources of irritation and reduce other skin problems.

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more ways of hair removal. Among the many discussions on hair removal, the common methods used by everyone are nothing more than the common ones mentioned above. But no matter which method is used for hair removal, you must be careful about the risk of hair follicle inflammation and skin condition. In the end, if you want to become the "exquisite girl" or "refreshing boy" in everyone's mind in the summer, the care for the skin after hair removal, but not sloppy at all.


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