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In the hot summer, the temperature inside the car is as high as nearly 80 degrees... What are the items that will explode, ignite, catch fire and malfunction due to high temperature?

In summer, the temperature inside the car will rise sharply, and it is more likely to be dangerous during this period. It is possible to get heat stroke while driving, and some items placed in the car can be dangerous at high temperature.

In the end, what is not suitable for putting in the car in hot weather?

table of contents
●Beverages (carbonated drinks, PET bottles)
●Aerosol cans, lighters, alcohol for disinfection, etc.
●Electronics such as smartphones and tablets

Beverages (carbonated drinks, PET bottles)

The most indispensable part of driving in hot summer is a cold drink. If you drink it quickly after buying it, there will be no problem, but if you want to buy it and drink it at home, put it in a car that maintains a high temperature for a long time, and the carbonated drink may explode.

Leaving carbonated beverages in a car for extended periods of time, whether in cans or bottles, is quite dangerous.


In addition, non-carbonated bottled beverages also have some points to pay attention to.

Recently, cup holders have been installed at the air-conditioning outlet, and the air-conditioning outlet is used to keep drinks cold while drinking. This design has gradually been finalized. But everyone must remember that if the bottle is placed in the sun, it may cause a fire depending on the situation.

The bottle containing the liquid has the function of a convex lens, which concentrates the light in one point. If the strong light in summer is concentrated on one point, and there are flammable objects placed there, it may cause a fire.

Sunlight from the front windshield or car window passes through the bottle and concentrates on the seats and other fabrics to cause fires, which is one of the most common accidents in summer.

When leaving the vehicle for a long time during the day, pay attention to the placement of the half-drinking bottle.

Spray cans, lighters, alcohol for disinfection, etc.

Although this has become a representative of the prohibition on high temperature, there are still many people who forget and put it in the car.

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In addition to leftover gas cans and lighters for leisure activities, there are also many spray cans in car wash supplies. If you have always been used to putting tire wax and anti-splash spray in the car, remember to change the placement in summer.

In addition, there is alcohol for disinfection of epidemic necessities that needs attention. Avoid placing it in a car in summer.

At high temperature, alcohol will vaporize and lose its disinfection function. The vaporized alcohol will catch fire due to small sparks such as cigarettes and static electricity, which may cause explosions and fires.

Electronic products such as smartphones and tablets

Using a smartphone instead of car navigation, and using a tablet instead of a rear-seat screen to play videos, these electronic appliances that can play multiple functions in the car are not recommended for use in high temperatures.

In summer, the temperature inside the car may be higher than 50 degrees, and the temperature near the dashboard will be higher. Depending on the situation, the temperature may rise to about 70 degrees to 80 degrees. Even if the temperature inside the car drops, it will still take a long time to cool the dashboard.


Use double-sided tape to place the phone on the phone holder in front of the driver's seat. The phone may overheat due to sunlight and the temperature of the dashboard.

Not only will it cause the phone to malfunction, but decorations such as the phone case may also melt. Therefore, the placement of electronic equipment in the car in summer also needs to be carefully considered.

Explosion, ignition, fire, malfunction, etc., there are many dangers lurking in the car in summer. If you want to use the car safely, you must be very careful about the contents of the vehicle. Let's spend the hotter summer together safely.

Original source:The inside of a car under the scorching sun is close to 80 degrees Celsius... What are the things that explode, ignite, ignite, and break down at high temperatures?
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