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INEOS Grenadier's first flagship display and service center in Taiwan grandly opens with 100 square meters of all-round display space, leading the top hardcore off-road trend

The Taipei display and service center of INEOS Grenadier, a British off-road station wagon brand owned by Yongsan Automobile Group, opened grandly today. The first flagship center was chosen as the starting point for Taiwan’s adventure journey in Neihu, Taipei City, a luxury car brand’s first-level theater. It continues the brand identity and uses the core concept of INEOS Grenadier’s Original Built On Purpose to create a neat, textured space and style experience.

Order of officers (from left to right) INEOS Automotive Head Of APAC – Justin Hocevar General Manager of Yongsan International – Mr. Lin Zhiming INEOS Automotive CEO – Lynn Calder Chairman of Yongsan International – Mr. Zhang Dingmin INEOS Automotive Commercial Director – George Ratcliffe INEOS Grenadier Taiwan Brand Director Manager – Ms. Zhang Qiuyi

Adhering to Yongsan Automobile Group's consistent provision of excellent customer service and consumer experience, the new display area is equipped with four-meter-high floor-to-ceiling windows for lighting, and is designed with warm white pure tones to create a bright and transparent spacious car viewing space, where you can fully enjoy the INEOS Grenadier unique charm. The VIP lounge area combines warm wood with metal iron parts, and calm gray walls to provide a comfortable environment and exquisite hospitality that is close to people's hearts. In addition, INEOS Grenadier Taiwan will organize diverse theme activities and exclusive gift programs for car owners from time to time, striving to establish long-term and ultimate customer relationships.
In order to meet the more convenient maintenance and repair needs of car owners, the INEOS Grenadier Taipei flagship display center provides comprehensive warranty support in conjunction with after-sales service at the same location. The spacious factory area of ​​more than 100 square meters is equipped with sufficient maintenance stations, equipped with top-notch tools and equipment that meet the British original factory specifications for optimal efficiency, and provides complete machine configurations. A team of professional technicians who have been trained by the original factory provide Grenadier owners with Provide the most reliable and secure backup service.

INEOS Automotive specially arranged for CEO - Lynn Calder and Commercial Director - George Ratcliffe to participate in this grand opening event, highlighting the great importance it attaches to the Taiwan market. At the same time, as the Lunar New Year is approaching, INEOS Grenadier Taiwan has specially cooperated with paper-cut art masters to design a large-scale paper-cut creation for the Year of the Dragon that combines classic traditional techniques with Grenadier models to commemorate the grand opening of Taiwan's first display center and symbolize prosperity and blessings in the Year of the Dragon. meaning.

Echoing the rugged British design vocabulary of the exhibition center, the Icefield White diesel-powered version of Grenadier on display this time was inspired by off-road adventures. It uses a standard vehicle as a carrier and is equipped with a heightened air intake duct, car side protection bars, and an aluminum alloy front fender grille. Adventure accessories such as tread plates provide more complete body protection when traversing varied terrains. It also increases the load-bearing capacity of the front fenders on one side to 150 kg. It perfectly combines hard-core visual style with functionality; derived from Grenadier's proud dynamic and static vehicles. With top load capacity, the vehicle is equipped with a full-width roof rack developed and produced by INEOS Grenadier in cooperation with Rhino Rack, a well-known Australian vehicle accessories brand, which combines the multi-functional fixed guide rails and quick-release fixing buckles on the vehicle side, as well as the rear compartment partition grille, Practical designs such as tactical slats give the vehicle greater flexibility in loading and space configuration, making it more adaptable to all-terrain adventure needs.

At the same time, the petrol version of the Grenadier, dressed in Kenya Blue, aspires to a high-quality lifestyle. It is equipped with an original-style accessory cross-bar roof rack also developed for RhinoRack, combined with a canoe fixed saddle, a bicycle fixed set and the first-ever The 270° bat-style side tent on display, with camping-style materials and optional tailgate dual-purpose folding side table, allows you to experience luxury camping wherever you go. Whether you are driving for leisurely travels or exploring mountains and seas, Grenadier's practical style options closely follow the brand's Built on Purpose design concept, providing personalized and exclusive configurations to meet diverse usage scenarios.
With the introduction of INEOS Grenadier, it has brought more diversified and unique brand choices to Taiwan's luxury car market. We look forward to the grand opening of the flagship display and service center in Taipei, where we can create more exciting and interesting adventure trails with friends who love extraordinary car owners. Welcome to come and experience the charming British charm of INEOS Grenadier!

For more information please contact:
INEOS Grenadier Taipei
No. 118, Xinhu 1st Road, Neihu District, Taipei City
(02) 2657 6888
INEOS Grenadier Taichung
No. 60, Wenxin South Road, Nantun District, Taichung City
(04) 2472 9988

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