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Inheriting the spirit of century-old Australian art, matured in unique fortified sweet wine barrels

Australian Morris Whisky debuts in Taiwan

Australia, located in the southern hemisphere, is not only famous for its wine, but also the third largest whisky producer in the world. The number of whiskey distilleries is second only to Scotland and the United States. The most promising New World whisky producing country. Seeing the continuous growth trend of the whisky market, the Australian wine giant Casella Family joined hands with the Morris family, which has inherited six generations of fortified wine brewing techniques, to establish Copper & Grain Distilling Co., creating a new star of whisky in the southern hemisphere – Morris Whisky, Australia. Inheriting the century-old winemaking process, using Australia's unique wine barrels and fortified sweet wine barrels to mature, creating a unique "Australian Art Spirit".

A winemaking family reborn from the ashes

The rise of Australia's gold rush in the 18th century also drove the development of surrounding industries. Among them, about 4 hours' drive from Melbourne, located in the Rutherglen area in the northeast of Victoria, has become an Australian fortified grape liqueur. center of origin.

The Morris family, who began brewing fortified wine locally in 1859, has become the most well-known brand of fortified wine in Rutherglen thanks to its excellent winemaking process. It has won more than 4,000 international and Australian wine competition awards, including 316. Trophy and 1,339 gold medals.

However, with the change of the times, the fortified wine market has gradually been replaced by other wines and gradually declined. The Casella family, who has a long-term friendship with the Morris family, in order to retain this historic and legendary winery and make full use of its huge and high-quality assets, So in 2016, they co-founded Copper & Grain Distilling Co. and started anew with the brand of "Australian Morris Whisky", allowing the Morris family, who value traditional craftsmanship and maintain enthusiasm and curiosity, to develop a unique and innovative style of whisky to share with the whole world. world.

The family's senior cooper team strictly controls and maintains Morris' huge oak barrel assets

Unique Macao Art Interpret the terroir

In order to reorganize the existing equipment and establish the Australian Moris Whisky Distillery, two industry legends, John McDougall and the late Dr. Jim Swan, have been specially hired since 2016 as the distillery's founding and production consultants. Among them, Jim Swan assisted in the establishment of Kavalan Distillery; and John McDougall, who has more than 64 years of experience, has experienced 37 Scottish distilleries, including well-known distilleries such as The Balvenie and Genting, and still serves as a whisky production consultant for the distillery. .

They restored the 1941 hybrid copper still, and developed guidelines for the use of oak barrels most suitable for Morris for the vast oak barrel storage. These important assets are strictly controlled and maintained by the family's team of senior coopers.

Australian Moris whisky continues the terroir spirit of the wine industry, 100% brewed with local raw materials, pure water from the Snowy Mountains and Murray River, not only to provide clean water for whisky brewing, but also to cultivate High-quality Australian barley.

Rutherglen means "red valley", and the barley used in Australian Moritz whisky is planted in this red soil. The harvested barley is germinated, roasted, saccharified and fermented in the family's own fermenting plant.

Australian Morris Whisky debuts in Taiwan

Subverting the traditional Australian fortified sweet wine barrel

Mastering the rich and diverse sources of oak barrels, Mores Whisky Australia takes advantage of this advantage, using Shiha and Carbone wine barrels from the well-known Australian wine-producing regions of Barossa and Coonawarra. For maturation, these casks are composed of French oak and American oak, giving Australian Moritz whiskey a balanced berry flavour and mild woody tones.

After aging in wine barrels, it will be passed through barrels according to the product characteristics to the fortified sweet wine barrels that the Morris family is proud of, giving rich flavors such as dried fruit, nuts, caramel, etc. Mores Australian Whisky delivers a unique flavour expression and pioneered the creation of a whole new category of Australian whisky.

Moris craftsmen carefully select single malt whiskies and use the distillery's unique fortified casks for maturation to create a beautifully rounded and balanced sweetness.

Asian debut Dedicated to the Taiwan market

Dongshunxing Trading Company, which has a long-term cooperative relationship with the Casella family, adheres to the spirit of inheritance of family management, and is very compatible in business philosophy. Taiwan is also an indicator whisky consumer market, so Australian Moris whisky selected Taiwan as the company. For the first Asian market.

For the first time in 2022, Dongshunxing will introduce two debut single malt whiskies. Among them, "Morris craftsmen carefully selected single malt whisky", which represents the core style of the distillery, makes innovations and breakthroughs on the basis of traditional winemaking techniques, and uses the distillery's unique 15 to 20-year-old fortified wine barrels for aging. Creates a wonderfully rounded and balanced sweetness.

The "Morris Muscat Cask Single Malt Whisky", which shows the spirit of Australian art, is first matured in Australian wine barrels composed of French oak and American oak, and then in rare Morris Muscat fortified sweet wine barrels. Depicts a multi-layered Australian style whisky. Moris whisky has been handed down to six generations of centuries-old craftsmanship, creating a new style of whisky with the spirit of winemaking.

Morris-Muscat cask single malt whisky, cask in rare Morris-Muscat fortified liqueur casks, outlines a multi-layered Australian style whisky


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