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Innovative craftsmanship insists on sustainable exploration of new areas of whiskey top ideasThe Macallan Annual PresentationThe Harmony Collection Arabica Tour

The Macallan Master Brewer joins hands with 5 world-renowned coffee experts to explore the wonderful journey of the coffee world, perfectly presenting Macallan's "Journey to Abica".

Macallan joins hands with world coffee champion Master Wang Ce and ingredients curator Thomas YehCreate a New Sensory Experience of Whiskey Tasting

Macallan Annual Limited Editionseries"The Harmony Collection", launched the second series of "The Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica", which was inspired by Macallan's innate curiosity, innovation and creative thinking. The brand-new "Arabica Journey" is a whiskey brewed to lead drinkers on a magical journey of coffee. Each of the fine wines in this series is based on the integration of innovative thinking and resource regeneration technology to explore sustainable In the world of packaging, the design of the outer box of the wine is made of recycled coffee husks. In addition to the unique meaning in the heart, it also shows Macallan's unshakable determination and efforts for the sustainable development of the world.

In order to present an unparalleled sensory experience in terms of taste and aroma, The Macallan teamed up with Wang Ce, the champion of the 2017 WBrC World Cup Brewing Competition, and Thomas Yeh, Taiwan's first food curator, to drink whiskey with the aroma of coffee, together with Taiwan's local ingredients The original style embellishes the characteristics and flavor of Macallan's "Journey to Arabica".

This time, in order to pay tribute to the inspiration from coffee, Macallan teamed up with the world coffee champion Wang Ce and ingredients curator Thomas Yeh to jointly create a Taiwan-limited , hoping to use Taiwanese people's love for coffee culture , and the creative sparks colliding with Taiwanese local ingredients to create a new sensory experience of whiskey tasting.

The Macallan Master Distiller joins hands5world-renowned coffee expert Perfect presentArabica tour

To create this extraordinary single malt whiskey, Steven Bremner, Master Distiller of The Macallan, invited five world-renowned coffee experts to hold a master summit at the Macallan estate, including: Ethiopian coffee cultivation The owner, Kenean Asefa Dukamo, has many varieties of Arabica coffee beans grown by his family estate, which are fully reflected in this whiskey brew; Lisa, a highly acclaimed Scottish coffee roaster for advocating natural baking techniques and exquisite craftsmanship Lawson; and Andrea Allen, an award-winning American barista known for his superb coffee cupping skills. The other two co-participating coffee masters are Dhan Tamang, a coffee latte art artist from the United Kingdom. The role it plays in society, Professor Jonathan Morris, a leading coffee historian with unique insights.

Macallan's annual grand presentation of the second wine of The Harmony Collection series "Journey to Arabica", adheres to sustainability with innovative craftsmanship, and explores the top creativity in a new field of whiskey.

Macallan master brewer Steven Bremner fully immerses himself in the mysterious field of coffee art. From the farm field where the coffee is grown to the coffee full of rich aroma, he has personally studied and understood every stage, so that he can personally Realizing the various flavor characteristics developed in the whole process of specialty coffee, heSaid: "During our wonderful journey of exploring the coffee world with five industry masters, all of them have selflessly shared their rich knowledge, creativity and infinite love for art accumulated over the years. This is not only a kind of education, but also a kind of Magical effect of inspiration."

Steven Bremner further stated: "In order to brew Macallan's "Arabica Journey" inspired by coffee flavors,

We specifically selected Arabica coffee beans grown in Ethiopia, known as the birthplace of coffee, as a source of inspiration, and worked hard to find the rich aroma in Macallan's traditional European oak Sherry casks, which not only can It brings an extremely rich and satisfying coffee sensory surprise, and because it is also influenced by American oak sherry casks, it adds a little sweetness and extra delicate and soft vanilla flavor, harmoniously blending the unique flavor of single malt whiskey, making it is reminiscent of mellow and full-bodied espresso. When you raise your glass to taste this fine wine, pair it with Ethiopian coffee from different varieties, and the unique flavor contained in the whiskey will be released magically, creating a surprising Macallan A new sensory experience. "

The Macallan joins hands with craftsmen to explore the top ideas in the new field of tasting

Macallan's annual presentation "Arabica Journey" is a food and wine pairing, presenting an unparalleled sensory experience in taste buds and aromas. Join hands with Wang Ce, the champion of the 2017 WBrC World Cup Brewing Competition and the manager of VWI by CHADWANG, and Thomas Yeh, the first food curator in Taiwan and the founder of "Food Season Cola", a top food consultant, drinks whiskey with the aroma of coffee, together with the original style of Taiwan's local ingredients, it aptly embellishes the Macallan "Arabica" Journey>Characteristics and flavors of craftsmanship.

Macallan's "Arabica Journey" uses Arabica coffee beans as a source of inspiration, and through Macallan master brewer Steven Bremner, harmoniously blends the latest masterpiece of the Harmony Collection in pure sherry barrels.

Wei Yicheng, Marketing Manager of The Macallan, said: "Taiwan has the highest density of bakery cafes in the world, which shows the enthusiasm of Taiwanese people for coffee. Many consumers have already had a deep understanding of coffee, know some technical terms, and also know The same is true for whiskey as to what kind of flavor you like. The combination of whiskey and coffee is really a match made in heaven. Ingeniously blended together. And Macallan's new annual limited edition "Journey to Arabica" is a new movement for taste buds exploring the perfect fusion of "coffee" and "Macallan single malt whiskey". The delicate layers of middle and aftertaste are injected into the top wines, sublimating the tasting experience to a higher level. "

World coffee champion Wang Ce: "Everyone has different preferences for coffee, and there is no absolute superiority or superiority. This time, we joined hands with Macallan brand ambassador Huang Weilun to experience the step-by-step drinking process from Plant to Bean, Bean to Cup, Cup to Glass, etc. Tell the elegant details of Macallan's "Arabica Journey", the coffee journey with stories and temperature, and lead consumers to explore the aroma of whiskey and coffee, so that taste can enter life more naturally, It’s very ingenious and meaningful.” Wang Ce further pointed out: “In fact, drinking whiskey is similar to drinking coffee. The aroma of coffee enters from the nasal cavity, touches the olfactory nerve and then stimulates the brain to feel excited, and the taste is warm when it enters the throat. And smooth, breaking through the framework of tasting, exploring a new field of five-sense experience.”

The food curator Thomas Yeh specially visited Taiwanese farms in the interpretation of Macallan's "Arabica Tour" feast, carefully selected fresh vegetables and fruits and miniature plants from all over the world, and designed 5 exquisite and varied dishes. The delicacies with authentic Taiwanese style are perfectly integrated with . Thomas said: "This time, in order to find more innovative possibilities for Taiwanese ingredients and the balance between food and land, more than 16 kinds of micro-vegetables are specially selected for the appetizers, bringing out the situation of exploring the Arabica garden, and in the ingredients. The soil and sprouts made of beans are placed in the container, supplemented by the way of digging the soil, bringing out the image of sowing, planting and the growth of all things; the soup is made of cold spring trout from Yangmingshan, embellished with a quenched woody flavor Oil, presenting the meaning of extraction and purity; the main course uses the classic rouge duck with special coffee sauce to bring the flavor back to the main axis of coffee; the final dessert is a sweet but not greasy coffee cake kickback theme, which symbolizes the sensory exploration of delicate flavors Let’s stay in the best moments of this “Arabica Journey” of whiskey and food.” For more information, please visit Macallan’s official

Whiskey Master Distiller Notes:

Macallan The Harmony Collection〈Arabica Tour〉

Alcohol concentration44%

Color: Golden Bubble

Aroma: tiramisu, cappuccino, gingerbread, raisins, almonds, sweet oak and vanilla.

Palate: Espresso, dark chocolate, raisins, tiramisu, blackberries, vanilla, Brazil nuts and sweet oak.

Aftertaste: A long and mellow roasted coffee aroma with a harmonious and sweet flavor.

About The Macallan

Founded in 1824 in the Highlands overlooking the River Spey in north-east Scotland, The Macallan is known worldwide for its exceptional single malt whiskey. Its excellent quality and unique and distinctive flavor fully demonstrate the spirit of uncompromising pursuit of excellence since the establishment of the winery by Alexander Reid.

In 2018, the grand opening of the world-award-winning Speyside Distillery opened a new page for The Macallan. The building was designed by an internationally renowned architect, inspired by the surrounding ancient Scottish hills, and advocated a sustainable environment. Target. Built in 1700, Easter Elchies House, the highland mansion adjoining the distillery, has remained Macallan's spiritual home and remains the pulsating center of Macallan's beautiful 485-acre estate.

About Wang Ce

After winning the WBrC championship (World Brewing Competition) in 2017, Wang Ce did not choose the easy path - receiving endorsements and being a consultant. Instead, with his obsession with coffee, he decided to step off the stage and take the aesthetics of coffee, And share the knowledge and experience of specialty coffee, so VWI by CHADWANG was born single-handedly. From the positioning and tonality of the brand, the setting of beans and utensils, to the selection and training of baristas, Wang Ce does not pretend to be anyone else, and personally participates in all of them, hoping to convey the "human flavor in coffee" in his mind through the brand of VWI by CHADWANG communicated to each consumer.

About Thomas Yeh

Thomas Yeh, who has a philosophical background, believes that "this is an era when everyone is a creator, and eating has evolved into an act of beauty. Cooking is also a way of presenting artistic creation." He was trained in high-end French restaurants when he was young. Therefore, I realized that ingredients are the source of inspiration for the chef, and cooking is the process of creation. Afterwards, I communicated with chefs from various countries in Taiwan, and led them on a farm trip to the mountains and seas, and developed special flavor ingredients that belong to Taiwan. FoodCurator curated ingredients People combine ingredients and five-sense experience to complete the flavor dialogue on the table.


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